76 thoughts on “100-ton runaway ship barrels down Sacramento River

  1. for a state that prides them self's on ecology they have and been doing a bad job. AKA: Salton Sea, the Delta, Homeless Camps Every where, now this 1 boat they can't cut it up for scrape ? wtf? California is one fuxxed up state. oh yea. MoonBeam, Wacko Waters, Harris, Feinstein, and Nutty Nancy what a crew ??????

  2. Barrels down Sacremto river..? ..or it drifted & got stuck on a tree?

  3. So three public agencies show up (and how much payroll?) to do nothing…it takes private folks to tow it and secure it to a dock and store it. Typical California Government at work.

  4. "…..and then homeless started living on it" He says that like these people are a disease! Whoever this lowlife scum of the earth reporter is, talking about these people like that should be fired!! These people are victims and the deserve our sympathy and compassion NOT to be treated and talked about like garbage! This ignorant piece of human garbage should be fired for that kind of attitude!

  5. Ship? Looks like a fishing boat to me. And what's all this about it "barreling" down the river? Some idiot has a powerful imagination. Typical uneducated amateur You Tuber.

  6. Morons don’t understand the law but want to yap yap yap sound like these kids telling us what to do but snorting condoms and eating tide pods last week

  7. Hobo's tried to make it to the next county! I bet they saved good money too!

  8. Somebodies interpretation of barreling is way out in left field somewhere!

  9. They don't have funds t take care of it but the have billions for illegal aliens. California has lost its mind . Deport all the illegals and the state would have billions to care for their state.

  10. "There was nobody at the wheel"
    As if it would have made a difference on a boat that was floating scrap iron.

  11. Typical idiotic reaction from the governmnet spokes person…. this and that reasosn why they cant do a damned thing with this wreck so nature takes the decistion out of their hands,
    tow it out to sea and scuttle the damned thing along with all the "homeless" garbage!

  12. And thus lies the problem with giving the state any responsibility, when they don't do what they're supposed to their is no legal recourse. If a private individual left a boat in this situation bet you backside there'd be county officials all over waving paper around and talking about "public endangerment" and trying to seize everything the boat owner had. I hope the marina owner gets to bill the state/county for the boat storage and when they don't pay can offset the storage fees against any taxes they are required to pay.

  13. That's your so called homeless for you. Breaking into abandoned houses and now boats and destroying them in the process. Stop calling them feel good names like homeless and call them what they are, criminals.

  14. How come the government has tons of money for illegals but can't come up with any to handle this problem?

  15. garbage story and misleading attention grabbing headlines,,pure garbage your company should be ashamed of, unsubed and unfaved

  16. no money sounds like Canada our crime minister handing out millions to refugees and 10.5 million to a terrorist.but cant help homeless war veterans i guess its who we all voted in..homeless people living in a old steal run down boat total disgrace.

  17. Is this a news story? Or the unreleased 70's disaster movie MARINA '75?

    It was a warm weekend, so lots of people were on the water… oh no, how ever will they escape this "100 ton marine wrecking ball", barreling towards them at what? 2 knots?

    It's a dead ship, drifting in a river current. It's not an asteroid with a nuclear warhead attached to it.

  18. Maybe Cali. should raise the taxes even more………………. Better hurry though might not be anymore tax payers left!

  19. "steel wrecking ball" moving at the barreling speed of a drift. I hope the poor barnacles on the bottom had time to escape


  21. Maybe you should threaten to not pay taxes on that area until they actually do their jobs

  22. Seems it would be easy for the Coast Guard to tow it out in the sea and use it for target practice and to create a reef…

  23. They're making hay with whatever they can. "See See!! We can't let people use boats on the river!!" And the government steps in to "save the day"

  24. 😂Think the guy was overstating the danger. It was more dangerous towing a larger vessel downstream with a single rope and without a spotter vessel than it was lazily floating down a slow moving river on its own.

  25. Oh wow, I saw this a while ago. Glad something was done with it.

  26. May as well sink about $500,000 into interior design and call it Obama affordable housing. It already looks like the ones here in NJ

  27. KCRA News… You are FAKE NEWS
    18 days earlier the same reporter said there were legal issues removing the ship. Now he says there is no money. This is a link to his story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcP7kRZjeEs
    The media twisting the facts to push the editors agenda.

  28. Another SENSATIONAL news story, completely WRONG about what actually happened. A boat that size can't "barrel" down anything. They werent originally powerful enough to break 18 Kts, which was the maritime law for shrimp vessels at that time

  29. 100 ton well if half that is metal that should pay for whats needed to scrap it . Boooom prob solved your welcome next.

  30. Untie it-and send it down the rive, kill 2 birds with one stone get rid of the eyesore, and a boat full of homeless. The new boat people in California the homeless. Dumping trash and raw sewage into the river, not only that but chemicals used to cook meth.

  31. So the ship was sold to someone from Stockton. Why don’t they pursue the owner for abandoning the ship?

  32. People don't care about abandoned things except if homeless people take claim of it

  33. wow im happy i dont have to deal with these bs views

  34. Homeless on boats is the most hilarious ideas ever. Just ship them all to Mexico. They already did the hard part of finding a craft and loading up.

  35. Who owned it.?? Seize assets or at least freeze them till cleanup is paid for.

  36. The original scrap company that bought it,promptly went out of business once all their piles had been crapped. I hear they also relined driveways with "special asphalt" made from PCB oil from transformers. A company owned by FEINSTEIN Marine scrap holdingsLIMITED L.L.C. !!! HUBBY DONE IT !!!

  37. I will be happy if I got a vessel like this… For free! Best regards from Nuremburg Germany

  38. And its no longer a whenever thing to a now thing with rent being paid to others. Barrels wallow like dead pigs down the Yangtze right?

  39. Democrats here in CA care nothing about the environment. It's all about squeezing more money out of the dwindling taxpayers. They cry, no money for this or that, so lets raise more taxes to waste on homeless and illegals.

  40. Typical local news doing their best to make a mountain out of a wheel barrow of dirt. Thanks to the private guy who at his expense solves problem.

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