107 Destiny 2 Facts You Should Know: From Destiny 2 to Season of the Worthy

– [Kyle] Eyes up, Guardians. We got 107 more facts about
Destiny 2 for you today. We haven’t given you Destiny 2 facts since the game’s launch in 2017, and a lot has happened in three years. So we thought we’d take
another swing at it and bring you even more trivia. I’m your host, Kyle, with The Leaderboard and we’re looking to
brighten some New Lights, but hopefully Veterans will learn something from this as well. Prepare to launch and
subscribe to the Leaderboard. Number one, lets start with the biggest and best news to hit
Destiny 2 since it’s launch. On January 10th, 2019,
Bungie announced its split with Activision to assume
full publishing rights for the Destiny franchise. Number two, after the
split from Activision, Bungie wanted to work
more with the community saying “there are only two
groups that are gonna decide what happens to Destiny next. Bungie, and the players who play Destiny.” Number three, in Bungie’s
ViDoc, The Road Ahead, Bungie stated they would
be moving away from DLCs, and replace them with
Seasons of sustained content. Eric Osborne, Head of Community said, “players want to be able
to experience the game. Not just in day one feast mode, they want that buffet to
last throughout the year.” Number four, the following
year in the ViDoc, “The Moon and Beyond,”
Bungie changed it up. They said each year would
have an Expansion set that comes out, followed by four “follow-on” Seasons of content. The expansions are meant to be an anchor that sets the year’s arc in a place that will allow the seasons to grow, evolve, and change the game. For example, Year two, we were on Destiny 2:
Forsaken with the 4 seasons, Season of the Outlaw, Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter
and Season of Opulence before moving to Destiny 2:
Shadowkeep in Year three. Number five, later that same year, Bungie announced Destiny
2 was going free to play with Destiny 2: New Light. This bundle includes all
Year one content, PvP modes, Gambit, and an open ticket
to explore all Destinations. Number six, in a behind the scenes shot, a chart showing the
upcoming seasons can be seen with rows for number,
name, player fantasy, and more used to map the
seasons and future years. You can clearly see season
8, Season of the Undying. According to the board,
Season 8 was set to deliver the player fantasy “Dam the Flood” while season of Dawn’s
fantasy is “Fix the Timeline.” I’d say they accomplished
both of those tasks. Number seven, Bungie
devs stated that quote “Season 8 is the catalyst, Season 9 is really where
things start to build, and then season 10 is
where things start to get pretty intense, and then, season 11, everything is going to come together. And you’re gonna want to
be there to see it happen. It’s gonna be like no
other time in destiny.” During the segment about
Season nine though, we see a 3D model of A
Obelisk being worked on, so there may be more secrets
hiding in plain sight. Number eight, thanks to some leaks and some data miners like
Ginsor, we knew Season 10 was going to be called
Season of the Worthy. Season of the Worthy is also bringing back the fan favorite and heavily requested, Trials of Osiris PvP event
and Gear from Destiny 1. Number nine, the same
white board can be seen listing Year Four to Year
Seven, which makes sense. Bungie has gone on record
that they want to continue Destiny 2 for another three to five years. So it looks like we may not
see a Destiny 3 anytime soon. Number 10, of course, Shadowkeep
did launch with some flaws. Players were able to completely bypass the mechanics of Argos, the boss in The Eater of Worlds Raid Lair. Using the newly introduced
Anti-Barrier mod brought with Shadowkeep,
players were able to shoot right through the barrier and deal damage directly to Argoes, skipping multiple mechanics and puzzles. Number 11, finishers were
introduced in Shadow Keep giving players some extra style when they finished off an enemy. But, thanks to a glitch
with with the finishers, Titans and Hunters were
able to save a finisher and Boop enemies off the
world to their death, including Strike and Raid Bosses. Number 12, in 2020, a player discovered a glitch with the Dawnblade. While your Dawnblade was active, if you went into your inventory
and swapped out your weapon, you now had infinite Dawnblades. You could use this to either
set the crucible ablaze or melt some bosses. This isn’t the first time
an infinite super glitch has appeared in Destiny though. Number 13, during the first days when the Mayhem gametype came to Destiny 2, there was a glitch that allowed Warlocks to fire their Nova Bombs without
using their Super energy. Mayhem matches with
Warlocks suddenly turned into games of dodge ball. Number 14, Destiny 2
launched with each subclass only having two branching paths. Up until Forsaken, there
was no Blade Barrage, no Kamehameha waves, and titan
hammers were only one-handed. Number 15, Forsaken
added in a third branch to each Subclass. The team looked at what
power fantasy each class provided and either
filled in the missing gaps or approached a similar vibe
but with a different spin. For example, the Hunter’s
Way of the Wraith was about giving the mostly
tactical Night stalker subclass a more raw damage option
that still had utility. Number 16, another good example
is the Sunbreaker Titan. Devastating, raw, explosive
power, Code of the Siege breaker and the Fire-Forged both accomplish this, but in a bombardier-style where you played at a distance raining down
hellfire from the back lines. So, the Code of the
Devastator was built to feel like the Guardian that charges the castle and breaks down the door. Number 17, similarly,
the Attunement of Fission for Voidwalker Warlocks gave a class with a ranged Super some
more front-line flair with Nova Warp and Handheld Supernova. Number 18, meanwhile,
the Arcstrider Hunter has that martial arts
master vibe with each path. So, Bungie simply altered
what the form could do and offering the Hunter
their own version of the titan’s Shoulder charge
with the tempest strike. Number 19, fun fact,
the Hunter’s golden gun has a different model depending
on which branch you choose. If you go with way of the Outlaw, it’s the model of the Last Word. But if you choose Way of the Sharpshooter, it’s the model of the Eyasluna,
a hand canon from Destiny 1. Number 20, Stormcaller Warlock’s
new Attunement of Control was designed to tap into the leyline, the ambient energy in the universe that only Warlocks can use. The Ionic Trace passive
grants ability energy from defeating enemies and
capturing their energy. Number 21, Dawnblade
Warlocks activate their Super to become a bright burning Angel, but the Attunement of Grace shifts you from an Angel of Death to
a Benevolent Guardian Angel with the Well of Radiance
and Divine Protection. Number 22, in comparison,
the Gunslinger Hunter’s Way of a Thousand Cuts is a
completely different subclass. This subclass is known
for its hyper precise, skill-focused Super, but now
it has a much easier option for new players to learn
that still has depth. Number 23, Destiny 2
launched with 52 exotics, 11 exotic armor pieces for each class and 19 exotic weapons to collect, though some like the Coldheart weren’t exactly immediately available. As of Year 3 season two, the
amount has nearly tripled to 145 exotic items to collect. Number 24, Season of the Outlaw, the season that launched
alongside Forsaken, was the most generous expansion so far, dropping 24 exotics for
Guardians to add to their armory, 12 of which were armor,
12 of which were armaments including the coveted 1000 voices and the infamous Lord Of Wolves. Number 25, ironically, Season of the Forge had the least amount of exotics, adding only five new exotic weapons. To be fair, it just
followed a major expansion and brought a bounty of
Legendary armors and weapons. Currently the only seasons to contain no new exotic armor pieces
are Season of the Forge and Season of the Undying. Number 26, The Forsaken
expansion added the Bow weapon to the Guardian armory,
putting some fantasy flavor into your sci-fi load out. Number 27, to better
understand the way of the bow, Bungie took their entire
team to the archery range. From artists, to
animators, to programmers, the whole team tried out the various kinds of bows and styles of shooting to find something fast and powerful
while still conveying that bow and arrow fantasy. Number 28, for a lot of
its development period, the bow was actually consider overpowered. Ironic, considering they are the least used weapon class currently. Number 29, The Wish-Ender exotic bow was doing insane damage. It’s exclusive Broadhed
perk registered extra hits on each shot, so Penetrating
arrows dealt triple damage. The bow could even reach
almost 29000 damage per shot. Before Bungie fixed it, you could only get those kinds of numbers in open world, strikes and Raids, but not Crucible or while you’re
invading in Gambit luckily. Number 30, of course, players found an even more powerful exploit that allowed Wish Ender
to do even more damage. If you fired a shot through
a penetrable piece of cover, like a plant or a curtain, you could do up to 16x more damage. Number 31, several
weapons have hidden perks, that are not listed in
their weapon description. For example, Linear fusion rifles all have armor piercing rounds, meaning you’re not only shooting that Guardian with the obelisk,
but you’re also shooting the Guardian behind them. Number 32, the exotic
auto rifle Cerberus +1 has reverse damage fall off. The Cerberus +1 does more
damage the farther the target is up to 20 meters away. Beyond that, the damage
caps up until 50 meters where it falls off once again. Number 33, while the Rat King perk, “Rat Pack” doesn’t increase damage, it does increase firing
rate and magazine size for each Rat King equipped nearby up to a magazine of 20. While this one isn’t so much hidden, it’s rather poorly listed. Number 34, Skyburner’s
Oath on the other hand, has no damage drop off at all. Whether you’re point blank
or from across the map, its projectiles will
still hurt just the same. Combine that the perk Explosive rounds which also has zero drop off, and you are covered at all
ranges with this weapon. Number 35, the exotic
fusion rifle, Merciless, has the hidden perk feeding frenzy, featured in other fusion rifles, that allows it reload
faster after getting a kill. Number 36, Outbreak Perfected has a perk that increases accuracy
as you fire the weapon. Bringing some to believe
the gun has the perk Persistence from Destiny 1
which had the followed effect: accuracy increases as you fire
the weapon, up to 20 percent. Number 37, when Destiny 2 launched, Bungie decided to remove
random rolls on weapons. So, every version of a
weapon was the exact same and players got bored with weapons fast. No matter how many better devils you got, it was the same better devils. So, they introduced random
rolls back into the game with Forsaken and let players grind for those coveted god rolls like
they used to in Destiny 1. Number 38, Guardian’s load
outs were vastly different at launch than what they look like now. Most notably, Destiny 2
launched with Power weapons instead of Heavy weapons,
and all shotguns, fusion rifles, and sniper
rifles, were in that slot. Then, when Forsaken launched, Bungie moved all the
slots back to the days of D1 with Kinetic,
Energy and Heavy weapons. But they added a twist to the formula. All weapon types can now be
slotted into any weapon slot. Certain weapons were
kept to the heavy slot like Legend of Acrius
and Wisper of the Worm due to how powerful they were. Number 39, machine Guns
were not in Destiny 2 until 2018’s Festival of the Lost, when Guardians could
bring down the Thunderlord by completing the Journal of
the Reef Cryptarch quest line. This exotic Heavy weapon
was the only Machine Gun until Season of the Forge
released Dec 4th 2018, and brought the Hamerhead. Number 40, Gambit was added
to Destiny 2 in Forsaken and Senior Sandbox Designer, Greg Peng described it as “adding bacon
to peanut butter and jelly”. Number 41, Gambit was
born from Bungie’s desire for a new activity that brought together all the best elements of Destiny, enabling players to enjoy PvE AND PVP. They began with two parts;
telling a darker story and the concept of competitive co-op. Number 42, With Forsaken,
Bungie introduced a new type of activity
into Destiny: dungeons. As of right now there are
only two dungeons in the game, the Shattered Throne
that came with Forsaken, and the Pit of Heresy which
came with Shadow Keep. Number 43, the design of
the Forsaken expansion was supposed to give a grittier, Revenge Western vibe including hunting, a reverse Deadly 7, taking
back an iconic revolver, and of course, tumble weeds. Number 44, Bungie also
used Cayde’s death to show that “even the mightiest of heroes” still have to face consequences
in Destiny going forward. Immortality can only get you so far kids. Number 45, with the death of Cayde-6, Bungie hoped the players
would immediately know that the Scorn are not
to be taken lightly, and Cayde’s end would lead
players down a path of revenge. Number 46, and just so you know, Luke Smith confirmed that yes, Exo’s do eat food. Exo’s are supposed to
function just like people including having senses and
eating anything humans eat. So yes, Cayde-6 did in
fact enjoy spicy ramen. Number 47, Nathan Fillion was
the original voice of Cayde-6, but Nolan North took over for Cayde’s last dance in Forsaken. Now that’s TWO Destiny
characters Nolan North has taken over from previous actors. And when you think about it
in The Prison Riot Mission, there are multiple times that your Ghost and Cayde talk to each other, so Nolan North must have had a very interesting time
in the booth that day. Number 48, you don’t hear your own character’s voice too often, but your Guardian does
have a different voice depending on your race and gender. Grey Griffen plays an Awoken Female, while Crispin Freeman
voices every Awoken Male. All of the female Exo guardians
are voiced by Cree Summer and Male Exo’s are played by Peter Jessop. For Humans, Susan
Eisenberg plays the women and Matt Mercer plays the men. Number 49, The Guardians of Destiny 2 have always proven
themselves to be talented. A live action trailer of Destiny 2, that was exclusive to Japan unfortunately, showed cosplayers having
a dance-off in full armor, it was awesome. Number 50, Destiny is also
getting its own Official Cookbook that includes recipes from
the unofficial grandaunt of Guardians, Eva Levante. It’s written by Victoria Rosenthal, who’s done other video
game-inspired cookbooks as well. The Book will be filled with
meals of Multifaceted Flavors, Delicious Explosions, with
just a splash of Vex Milk, but I think we can all agree that it better have Cayde’s
favorite spicy ramen or I’m returning my copy. Number 51, if you’re
making Cayde’s spicy ramen, it’ll go perfectly with
the Cayde-6 Cooking mitt and tea towels available
thanks to The Coop. Number 52, Gambit Prime went live six months after Gambit debuted with Season of the
Drifter and was described as the more intense and
sweatty version of Gambit. Number 53, Bungie’s Art
Director, Rob Adams, described the Gambit Prime weapons as being designed by a “space biker rebel guy who seen mysterious [Bleep]” I’ve never heard Drifter
more perfectly summed up. Number 54, The Drifter is one of the oldest light bearers that we know, he comes all way from the
Dark Age to current time, doing what he can to stay
alive, and from his tapes, we know he has been through alot. Number 55, The Drifter previously ran with a band of Lightbearers
known as the Shadows of Yor. These guys leaned toward the Darkness and idolized the infamous Dredgen Yor. And during that time, Drifter
used the title Dredgen Hope. Number 56, Drifter refused to adopt a name when he was first risen, and has since gone through several others, including Germain, Eli,
Dredgen Hope, and Wu Ming, that can be read as
“Nameless” or “No Name” in Mandarin Chinese. Number 57, in fact, the
name “The Drifter” started as a nickname given to
him by some other people. After a while, he decided
to keep it and now uses it in the third person a lot. And Kyle understands, the pull of speaking in the third person. Number 58, The Cabal invasion
that started the Red War started in the Destiny 1
expansion, The Taken King. When the Guardian
investigated a Cabal ship that had crashed into the Hive Dreadnought in Saturn’s rings, they
noticed an outbound signal that went to the Cabal home world and guess who picked up. Number 59 Back during
Taken King’s development, Bungie knew they wanted their next event to be about the Cabal. Number 60, to get into the mindset of the Red War’s main villain,
Bungie internally discussed what music Ghual would listen to. The figured he would listen to “music that would
make him feel superior.” In other words, jazz, and prog
rock from the 60s and 70s. Number 61, in the very beginning
of the Red War campaign, players run into Shaxx
helping a crowd of civilians with a Raze Lighter sword on his back. Bungie wanted to show new Guardians just how cool this
one-horned flying Titan is. They couldn’t give him a light saber, so they gave him the next best thing. A sword that’s constantly on fire. Number 62, The Raze
Lighter sword is currently a Destiny 1 exclusive weapon, but that’s not Shaxx’s only rare weapon. On his thigh you can see
Shaxx has an Imago Loop, a legendary hand cannon from Destiny 1. Number 63, Telesto, an exotic
Fusion Rifle from Destiny 1 made its return in Destiny
2 and has been the source of a myriad of game-breaking exploits, including infinite super, infinite ammo, and many other bugs. Number 64, there was
a glitch where players could instantly gain full Super energy by simply throwing a grenade
at the Telesto projectiles. When the grenade detonates a projectile, it counts as an enemy kill. So, if you properly
stack the Ashes to Assets perk on your armor, you’d get a ton of Super energy all at once. All it cost you was a grenade
and some special ammo. Number 65, if a throwing
hammer or grenade explodes on a Telesto shot, the player will receive three stacks of the Roaring Flames buff, and PVP that can could
turn throwing hammers into one-hit kill weapons. Number 66, if a Titan
Sentinel chucks a grenade at a Telesto shot, they
will restore health. Number 67, Middle-tree Gunslinger Hunters can get their Playing with Fire buff by using their Knife
Trick on a Telesto shot, allowing them to stack the boosts and keep them going indefinitely. Number 68, Jotunn which was introduced in the Season of the Forge,
could demolish raid bosses in just eight shots. If fired from point-blank range, the weapon’s damage increases to seven or eight times normal on
the PC version, at least. On consoles, the damage
would simply double. Either way, Jotunn was way too powerful, so Bungie disabled the weapon during the first 24 hours of the raid to not give an unfair advantage to anyone competing for worlds first completion. Number 69, the community affectionately refers to Jotunn as a toaster and Bungie internally knew it as the arm blaster. Number 70, when asked what weapons he’ll miss most in Destiny 2, Luke Smith said was the Legendary
Handcannon, Fatebringer. A Destiny 1-exclusive
weapon you could earn by completing Destiny 1’s
first raid, Vault of Glass. When he got the weapon
he jumped up and down in his living room excited because he had wanted the
gun since they developed it. Number 71, when developing Warmind, Bungie had said they wanted to bring back “the big boss fight” so
they made the expansion with Xol’s literally
massive fight in mind. And I ask you, whats bigger
than a Hive worm God? I mean, we’ll kill that
too, but for now not much. Number 72, with Warmind,
Bungie added Pinnacle weapons into Destiny 2, the first
being the Redrixs Claymore. This weapon had a unique
perk set with Outlaw, letting you reload
faster after a head shot and a unique perk called Desperado. When you get a headshot,
Desperado raises the rate of fire to match the faster pulse rifles while keeping the same dps. The only way you could get this weapon was to reach 2100 points
in the seasonal ranks in the comp playlist. At the max rank of 5500,
players received an ornament for the weapon to show
off their achievement. Number 73, if you want to get
the Redrix, you still can. Bungie reprised the weapon when Forsaken came out with a long quest to
get the Redrix’s Broadsword. It was the exact same as the claymore but you could equip new year 2 mods. You can also roll a small
batch of randomly rolled perks, but still keep the
Outlaw, Desperado combo. Number 74, from each
season on, Bungie brought in a new set of pinnacle weapons for Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit. These weapons became some of the most sought after weapons like the Luna’s How, the Not
Forgotten, the Recluse, 21% Delirium, Loaded
Question, and so many more. Number 75, Season of
the Forge introduced us to the Black Armory and Ada-1. Ada-1 has been the keeper
of the Black Armory secrets from Guardians and the
Vangard since the golden age due to a lack of trust
she has with Guardians. Number 76, The Black Armory
was founded by three families, the House of Meyrin, the Rasmussen Clan, and the Satou Tribe; each brings elements of their native heritage
to the Armory’s designs. Number 77, The Black Armory
Exotic Bow Le Monarque comes from the house of Meyrin, while the Jotunn came
from the Rasmussen Clan. The Izanagi Burden was
from the Satou Tribe. Number 78, in ShadowKeep, the
weapons you craft on the moon like the Loud Lullaby have a
special little touch to them. The runes that cover
the weapon start to glow when they are near Nightmares giving you a little visual representation of when you are getting close. Number 79, the map of
the moon in Destiny 2 is about twice as big as
its Destiny 1 counterpart. It has the newly-renovated Scarlet Keep, and lost sectors that
allow you to dive deep into unexplored areas of the moon. But there are still
familiar areas of the moon from Destiny 1 guardians that received a face lift for Shadow Keep. Number 80, if you listen
to eerie yet beautiful soundtrack for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, you can hear the singing
voice of Laura Intravia from Video Games Live. Number 81, the legendary
Halo composer Marty O’Donnell also composed Destiny’s soundtrack. Unfortunately, he left Bungie after being “terminated without cause.” Although his departure
reportedly won’t negatively impact the remaining development, we also like to thank him
for bringing his creativity to the sounds of the galaxy. Number 82, if you ever wanted
to go back to the Farm, Destiny 2’s original social space, there are tons of little
secret buffs hidden around the space, just like in the tower, including a jumping puzzle that increases your
agility and jumping height called “Scouting Commander”. It will last throughout
the time you’re at the farm and will reset when you go to
orbit, just like in the tower, but we’re not gonna tell
you how to actually get it, look it up. Number 83, or if you’re looking for random things to do in social spaces, there’s a tire mini game on
the moon to play as well. Number 84, when the Curse of
Osiris expansion launched, the Prometheus Lens could kill
Guardians almost instantly, and from a great distance
away on top of that. Bungie couldn’t patch the
bug in time for the weekend, so they just added it to
Xur’s inventory that week. This weapon took over the
crucible and Trials that weekend that became known as Laser Tag weekend. If you participated in the activities, Bungie created a special
emblem two years later, that players can show off. Number 85, on January 14th,
Destiny 2 players were surprised to see a new quest from Osiris called “Explore the Corridors of time.” Players quickly figured out
that it was a big puzzle that they had to solve,
but they didn’t realize how big it was gonna be at first. Number 86, players were
quick to start trying to figure out how to solve this puzzle. And sure enough, they found out that each of the planetary
obelisks had a set of symbols that would change every hour. Number 87, turns out that those symbols were actually the path you needed to take to complete part of the puzzle. There were 19 different
different codes needed and each of them came out every hour. Number 88, after all 19 codes were found and plugged in the corridors, players found the puzzle
was still not finished. Sure they got an emblem for their efforts, but the quest was still not complete. There was also a new
symbol in the final room that was unique to each player. So, the hunt began again
to finish this puzzle. Number 89, it took the Destiny community six days of sleep
deprivation, google sheets, streaming and tons of pictures to finally solve this massive puzzle. If you want to see how
all of this went down, I highly recommend
evanf1997’s video about it. Number 90, Devrim Kay
is Destiny and Bungie’s first gay character to mention
his partner in dialogue. Stick around Devrim long enough
to hear his ambient speech; he’ll discuss his love of tea, his loneliness being stuck in the wild, his lack of ammunition, and
sometimes he’ll mention Marc. Number 91, one of the Daily Bounties available in the EDZ references Devrim and Marc’s relationship. There’s a bounty to get
15 Sniper Rifle kills in the EDZ entitled “Marc’s
Man,” a play on Marksman. Number 92, plenty of other
LGBT characters exist in the Destiny universe as well. Oryx, The Taken King,
previously went by Aurash and used feminine pronouns. On taking the “King-Morph,” he chose the name Auryx,
Later Oryx when Taken, and started using masculine
pronouns from then on. Number 93, The Emissary of the Nine was a Sunbreaker Titan
in her previous life, when she was Nasan Ar,
and was a true friend to the Awoken Queen, Mara Sov. Number 94, it seems the MIDA
Multi-tool and MIDA mini-tool were pulled from the Marathon universe into the Destiny universe
via an experiment. MIDA is a nod to the history explained in the level “The Rose” from
Bungie’s Marathon series. There was a government coup that failed and went underground. One survivor, Strauss fled the planet, but the other traveled
beneath Mars’ surface and found a temporal anomaly that allowed the weapons to travel
to the Destiny universe. Number 95, originally, Eriana’s Vow set the user on fire after every shot. After some play tests,
they decided to removed it. But boy would that have
given me old Halo 3 vibes. Number 96, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep brought about Armor 2.0. Previously, armor only gave
points towards Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery
and had random perks. Armor 2.0 added more variety to armor by letting you slot in mod perks that you want on your armor. It also brought back the stats for Discipline, Intellect and Strength. Number 97, shouldn’t be too surprising there are monsters flying
under the radar in Destiny. The Ahamkara have just
about anything beat. They’re mysterious and
powerful Wish Dragons that could bend reality to
fulfill your deepest desire, so anything’s possible. The Ahamkara seem to be aware they’re in a video game as well; and in several lore tabs, they
even break the fourth wall. Number 98, Mara Sov once
used a wish to summon Shaxx to the Reef to read her a bedtime story. The details are a little
unclear but the last line of the lore entry simply
reads “The helmet stayed on.” Number 99, players went to
slay the Last Wish Dragon in the aptly named raid, the Last Wish. When it went live on Friday, Sept 14th, Guardians rushed to see who
could complete it first. Bungie confirmed the first
completion the next morning, after it had been live for
18 hours and 48 minutes, breaking the record for the longest, undefeated Destiny raid by 4 hours. Number 100, Destiny 2 made
an appearance at AGDQ 2020 with a speed run of the Last Wish raid. The runner completed it in
30 minutes and 24 seconds, which is just insane because
the first clear of this raid took over 36 times that. I know practice makes
perfect but like folks. Number 101, on January 30, 2020, players were challenged to help rebuild the Imperium Foundation by
donating fractiline by the 100s. On February 25, almost a month later, Bungie announced Guardians had reached the final stretch goal
of 9777777700 fractiline. Number 102, World Record
for the fastest completion of The Whisper was three
minutes and twenty-nine seconds. In December 2019 Granger, Claw
and Treezy set the record. Number 103, The Garden of Salvation, the latest raid to be added to Destiny 2 was first completed in
six hours and 13 minutes. According to Bungie, the
first-place team beat the second-place team by just
two minutes and 33 seconds. Number 104, The Hunter
class’ Card Shuffle emote turned your Guardian into an
unstoppable killing machine. You pulled off a complicated
combo of sword swings and dodges, becoming invulnerable to enemy and environmental damage,
including raid wipe mechanics. It basically activated God Mode, allowing players to solo Raid bosses. Number 105, Bungie was
under fire after players found that their Xp was being throttled if they grinded the same
event over and over again. When you hit max level, you would receive a seasonal engram for the Eververse Store. You could use the engrams
to unlock cosmetics that were behind the
paywall or earn Bright Dust, an in-game currency to used
purchase Eververse items that were being offered for Dust directly. After players found out
about the throttling, Bungie turned it off, but
players were still quite upset. Number 106, this is even after issues Destiny 2 had on launch. The game had PlayStation 4
version had exclusive content including a multiplayer map, the Borealis sniper rifle and a strike which didn’t come to other
platform until a year later. Number 107, a couple
years later and Destiny 2 even won The Game Award for “the best community support” in 2019. And Bungie earned it. Bungie had a pretty good 2019. And did a lot of listening
to its community. So here’s looking to a
good 2020 for Destiny 2 and many years to come. I’ve been your host,
Kyle with The Leaderboard and thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe to the channel. From indie to triple-A, we
love the games you play.

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