11 Easy Steps to Prevent Home Invasion

Hello youtube its chris here and in today’s episode we’re gonna be discussing my top home security hacks and fortifying your home So stick with me Welcome back everybody and thank you for sticking with me Like I said today we’re gonna be discussing my top home security hacks and also fortifying your home now We do want to let you guys know that we have an awesome sponsor for today’s episode, which is simply safe. They are actually our Personal in home security system that we’ve been using for a couple months now After we had an attempted robbery which kind of Cynthia Larne bells ringing but with that said The fact that I’ve reached out to us kind of made sense for this particular episode since we’re already gonna do it anyway “www.simplisafe.com/dropforgedsurvival” “www.simplisafe.com/dropforgedsurvival” “www.simplisafe.com/dropforgedsurvival” They offer 24 hour twenty seven days a week monitoring clear in idiot-proof instructions Me and my wife were able to get our security system set up in about 20 minutes, which was super awesome Their security solutions they packages that you can buy for them to get your stuffs into your home is really really really affordable But the best thing that I like that had me the most nervous out for the price point of everything is they absolutely offer no Contracts so if you can’t pay you want to quit you’re not happy with them You can just quit anytime you want which is really really nice, which is why we chose them But like I said, we’re very happy that they chose to sponsor us for this particular episode now for reference What is spurring this particular episode is the fact that my family a few months back? We had a and attempted breaking into our home which kind of rocked me mentally and emotionally because I kind of thought I had my ducks in a row and I had pretty good OPSEC But like I said pride cometh before a fall and woo Will it put you in check when you realize that someone try to take your stuff? So we got a simple checklist as this we’re not gonna let this video take too long But some of the concepts that are quote-unquote like security hacks are basic common-sense things that you can do to just kind of keep a mental checklist even write it down if you so choose to make sure that You’re not going to get yourself screwed up. So like I said, we already covered the very first thing which is a security system It’s kind of like for me the blanket Lair whether you decide to use a surveillance system with security cameras infrared go all crazy Or you have a home security system now if you live in an apartment Like we do a security system is really not that easy That’s why simply safe was such a good choice for us because even if you live in an apartment I think there’s like 53 million Americans that live in an apartment. So in home security systems are not very easy That’s why I like them I know that sounds like use cars marseilles plug but it’s the truth where the fact that we can able to run it We don’t have to worry about hard installs was really really nice. Like it was super awesome. The next thing is Pets like a dog a barking barking dog That is the next thing that I would suggest as for fortifying your home a security hack as it were so I believe personally in my heart of hearts that the reason why the Attempted robbery failed was because of the two dogs. I have in my house that caused a ruckus and we’re barking I don’t know because I was home but my dog Markie barks at absolutely everything and want to give you a little like taste of that here in a moment, but Another thing you can do to fortify your home is door armor Which is what these beautiful little things are been sitting here. This stuff comes from a company called armor concepts Like I said after we had our attempted break-in it sent the alarm bells ringing man We decided to get our house in order and we looked up online in door And armor concepts was the one of the first websites that popped up in our Google search, but they were super cheap, too Which is why I decided to get them for like 90 95 bucks. I was able to get this set of plates installed So you basically get two of these on your door that will help you with your your deadbolts in your normal key ways this is actually a really cool system the design for your door hinges and These plates don’t aren’t what protect the system. It’s the armor plates With this right here This is what is the magic four door armor one of these three and a half inch Screws that go into the studs inside the walls and actually strengthen the whole structure in the system for your door Another thing you can do to actually fortify your home that is on the cheap But just super cheap because for us I think the lock is only like 15 16 bucks our high security locks Now these particular locks will function in the same capacity to complement things like a deadbolt without a key They are really really awesome. They have this big huge latch that clamps down And if sadly guess it only works when you’re home but it can handle like 800 foot pounds of pressure and force Being smacked into that door and that door is not going to open We have two of them installed on our front door now a lot of the hacks tips in tricks that we’re going to be going over are in my opinion common sense a lot of the things we were doing Naturally, but this will also apply people in a home that you can do to just it’s more of like an OPSEC thing to make Sure that you’re gonna keep yourself protected in a scenario. So the number one thing you can do is like lock your door dummy Is check your locks in your windows and your doors you’re gonna leave your home for an extended amount of time Make sure you are going through Check listing all of the windows and doors that you have in your home and making sure they are closed and locked before you leave That is a big big big thing that home intruder the Robbers look for they go and they will check your windows and doors and see if they’re unlocked because if they don’t have to do Any work at all? They can just walk right in they’re gonna do it The second thing you can choose to do is cover your stuff had it keep it out of visual. Do not let robbers Window-shop your home because that’s what they like to do they like the case the joint first typically usually so by not being Macy’s through your neighborhood and keeping all your windows and crazy stuff open Close them blinds hide your kids hide your wife The next thing you can do if you own a home or motion detection lights there honestly, you’re really really cheap They can be hardwired in but something that a lot of robbers who utilize the night time to Steal stuff from people or when you know, they’re on vacation They want cover concealment and Opportunity and the best thing you can do is try to take as many of those things away from them as humanly possible So with motion detection lights You are gonna help remove cover and concealment from their opportunity to go take things from your home Another common sense tip hack is don’t open your door dummy Don’t open your front door Now what I mean by that obviously, if you’ve got to leave you’re going to open your you’re expecting packages yada yada, okay So how that falls into if it’s late at night if you’re not expecting a delivery If you don’t know who it is coming to your door, you’re not familiar with that delivery driver You don’t know that mail person. You don’t know the neighbor coming to your front door If you don’t feel safe literally simply don’t open your door even if you’re someone who can legally or does own a firearm, that is not guarantee your safety that Door is going to be your first barrier and line of defense to keep you and your home and your family your body your life Safe, the next thing is tender your home. Don’t be nasty Basically what I mean is clean your stuff up make it look like you are very clean and organized and you have your stuff together Because if you are really disorganized and things are just strewn all over the place You could still have nice stuff in the house if you may not even notice So if like I said opportunity they see that things are all strewn around and messed up. They got grass growing Every bushes are all out of whack tend to your home Another tip hack is keep your garage door closed and lock it now That sounds like it’s super common sense and everyone would do it But I can’t tell you how many friends of mine that I’ve gone over to the house and I am not kidding We pull up into their driveway They don’t press any buttons. They don’t do anything they get out of their vehicle and they literally can open their garage door Just by lifting up on it the door that was connected from their garage to their home was literally unlocked I’m like dude hold up. So you got like I’ve actually had conversations with my friends I’m like dude you do to hold on really this is what you’re doing Their garage door wasn’t locked the other door to their home wasn’t locked But they had like a super hardcore door a super hardcore lock and a home security system that they activated But I guess they were hoping that was gonna do the trick because they didn’t lock anything I’m like dude someone could just walk into your house and take your stuff keeping your doors and windows and everything locked That is that the first simple silly step is so important because I can’t tell you how many times those Criminals who are looking to break into your house will literally just they’ll check everything They’ll check all your window is your garage door? They’ll just look for easy access and they can slip in slip out and take some stuff They’re gonna do it and maybe the first time they might take something small You don’t even notice it you’re like, oh this is missing that could have been a home invasion Didn’t know what they were kind of casing it to see if you would notice call the cops things change then they might come back later and go big the next time now the last and final thing to tie everything up in a nice little pretty frickin bow is What do you do when you go on vacation vacation but evasive when you’re home and your family you’re on vacation mode? You’re gone. You are not at your Casa de castle protecting it with your shotguns remotes your sharks You’re crazy alligators and your piranhas. How do you keep it safe? Well, obviously the one big thing you can do is don’t go advertise in a town everybody leaving on vacation another thing you can do is Find create a plan before you go on vacation create a plan with a to keep your home tended do you have it looked after if you can talk to your security company if you can talk to a Trusted friend or family member who will watch your home tend to your stuff Mow your lawn do all that stuff that make it look like your home make it look like you’re active. That’s good Now what I mean by is don’t advertise you’re going on vacation. Just don’t go posting on social media Don’t go letting everybody know yo, we’re leaving on vacation. We’re gonna be gone for two months. We’re going to Tahiti That is a super big whip Whip whip whip whip it is not too far-fetched to see Some random person who happens to be a home invader a robber someone looking to rob someone’s home going. Hmm This person said they’re going on vacation that I follow they look up your information They figure out what town you live in they look you up in the phone book and wham bam. Thank you, ma’am They know where you are. And before you know it your stuff is gone and it was all your fault Silly with that said those are all of my tips tricks and hacks For home security and fortifying your home If you enjoyed this video definitely this video a big thumbs up and share the set with you friends and family in your social media Drivers, so we keep growing thriving and making awesome videos for you guys, but that is supposed for now Hope you guys have an absolute wonderful day. I’m

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  2. "53,000,000 Americans live in an apartment."

    They must LOVE roommates 😂

  3. Thanks for this vid. Did not know about some of these products.

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