100 thoughts on “11Y GK Bobby – Best GK River Cup Ergolding – Amazing Saves

  1. I'm actually a scout for the Houston Dynamo and he or she has potential shes good at everything only thing she could work at a bit and catching a ball but a goalkeeper with skill can only do it but ur really great goalkeeper btw don't tell the Dynamo goalkeeper that he's kind of bad he plays likes karius but this is my first clip of watching you so I will see more clips because 2 saves u made inpressed me

  2. Yo soy portero del atleti de fútbol 11 tengo 12 años soy to bueno igual que este chaval pero el en fútbol sala

  3. du bist der beste torwart den ich je gesehen habe 🏃‍♂️❤❤

  4. Kannst du bitte mal ein video machen über deine torwarthandschuhe😊

  5. Ich spiele beim FCD und ergolding wird von ganz Dingolfing gehasst respect Bobby

  6. La faccia quando fa vedere che ha il trofeo e più brutta della 💩 sei scarso

  7. You have a lot of talent but you need to learn how to hold the ball

  8. Man his team sucks if there’s that many highlights in one game

  9. Ur good but you need to learn to hold the ball or else good strikers will follow their shot and score

  10. Pa ako ste hteli da ga pohvalite sto ste stavili ove primljene golove

  11. Заебал фотографию с кубком каждые 15 секунд сука диз я лучше могу тащить и монтаж говно 👎

  12. Il se la pète trop ce petit gamin qu il redescend sur terre tu es une grosse merde tu captes 2 ballons sur 20

  13. 100% most overrated kid i've ever seen. for an 11 year olds goalie he is a little above average.

  14. Most of the so called saves just hit the post/cross bar or him coming out of the box and grabbing it.

  15. Bobby ich hab ne Frage:könntest du vllt mal helfen oder so?bin auch Keeper,11(bald 12) und bin meiner Meinung nach ganz ok. Hab gegen Vereine wie Gladbach und Düsseldorf zu 0 gespielt (DFB Stützpunkt) aber spiele in dem Amateur Team.. könntest du mir mal nen gutes Wort einlegen?

  16. You future is incredible
    You Best goalkeeper kid In the world

  17. I am a goalie and I am just as good as you maybe we could meet up one day I’m 11 to

  18. Chill.Bobby you got good talent you are from Germany 1860 is in the country I hope you will play really well

  19. I’m a goalie as well but in school I never get a chance to dive due to the goal hangers mans

  20. Je suis française et je regarde ça car ce petit a beaucoup de talent il est plus fort que tout les petit que je connaisse moi je lui dis ( bravo Billy Bob )

    Continu comme ça 👍👍

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