100 thoughts on “12/29/2016 — Dutchsinse makes INTERNATIONAL NEWS in Europe / Romania :) — Global wave MIMIC and EQ

  1. Master Milleniumsaid : Here is the translation RO-EN:

    woman’s voice:
    300 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5 or greater on the Richter scale in 9 days – these are hallucinatory figures unknown until now! Specialists whose found these tectonic movements says that all are linked. All would be caused by a kind of global shockwave.

    man’s voice:
    Hallucinatory discovery was made using a device designed to study water vapors, precipitations and microwaves. To the surprise of specialists, this device has detected more energy disturbances at ground level.

    …Dutchsinse voice and video…

    man’s voice:
    Within a few hours, this wave of energy rotates around the planet, the exact damages that may occur being unknown. If it was not an error of the device, then there is a possibility that this energy to create an unprecedented shock wave. This could cause impressive volcanic and tectonic activity. The impact of wave energy seems to already be observed in terms of seismic activity. In 9 days from discovery occurred no less than 257 earthquakes with a magnitude above 5 on the Richter scale. The strongest occurred on Christmas Day in Chile, and reached magnitude 7.6 on the Richter scale.

  2. Way to go Dutch! With great powers come great responsibility! Keep it up and keep safe!

  3. give God thanks. but again with all that is happening. brother I highly encourage you to repent of your sins and get right with God. some of us are blessed with a future beyond this world. but we have the unique ability to share that and be able to explain the present due to God's word and revelation. you want proof of God. look at Israel and read Zachariah 12. Joel 3. psalms 2. Ezekiel 38 and Isaiah 17. Hosea 4:3… If I died today. and you never seen a comment from me again. these are what I would want you to check out. romans 10:9. God bless you

  4. Subs should go from 180,000 to 1,8M now ….. Lets see how Google and Google-You Tube deal with that !!! Sent same vid to ARRL (american ham radio group) for their discussion of what this atmospheric energy force could be.

  5. long time brother long time no see glad I caught up with I have been with u since day one

  6. My compliments Dutch! Well deserved!
    It's time the people research on their own and forget the corporate controlled Government agencies!

  7. Way to go Dutch!!! Finally, you are recognized globally for your hard work and genius. What a gift you contribute to the United States and the world! Freedom allows the mind to thrive in creativity. LET FREEDOM ALWAYS RING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

  8. alright, this had been pass 26 december and i aint feel anything. is it normal (Human can't feel it) or its doesn't get hit? because for 10 hours at 26th December I'm sitting in outside for something weird to happen but nothing…

  9. dutch you're the best in what you do, sending you good vibes here from portugal and wish you a happy new year 😀

  10. congrats Dutch I am a loyal watcher and have been for a long time. we all new you would make it

  11. Congrats Dutch! This is well deserved recognition for all the hard work you put into figuring out how to consistently raise awareness for future earthquakes!!!

  12. Congratulations! We've been sharing your info and links here in SoCal… 12 miles from Malibu as the crow flies….keep an eye on the transverse at Pt. Dume. 4 Fault lines meetup there. If you stand on the shore, you can see the strata cliffside…all swirly and cool. The Chumash found the area quite sacred. Will send a pic.

  13. Excellent work!!! Portland Oregon /pacific city Oregon (coast right by the action!!) hereThank you!! QuestionShould I move? Being serious

  14. Greetings from Romania!
    I saw the news live on TV :)).You are doing a great job and you have a wonderful channel.Thanks you for all your work.

  15. Awesome! Very proud of you Dutchsinse! Your work is exceptionally superior and easily understood.

  16. That's Awesomeness man, obviously you are doing something RIGHT!!!! Peace & Love

  17. Hey there Dutch, well done bro , good to see you going global and mentioned in the news, your dedication will pay off in time :-))

  18. Great. now we need to try to get thru on coast to coast am for minimum exposure! Friday it's on folks. Call in I will try to get the numbers up. Dutch needs to get the word out guys!! Friday night open lines. 40 million listeners tho…

  19. Excellent work brother! You are a true pioneer and I'm proud to be a dedicated listener. Show the rest of these censored media outlets what's up. Haha

  20. So very glad for you! Congratulations! The more we learn, the more they can't hide.

  21. That's so #AWESOME. I have been a sub for so long, I never comment or look at the description but always new you were on to something. Congrats for the well deserved recognition Dutch. Many more to come for 2017.

  22. Wow!!!!! Awesome Dutch.. I am so glad for you.. You deserve this recognition… I wish you much success and I'm so grateful I started following you many years ago.

  23. Heehee Go ahead Dutch bet dem muther puckers like I wish I would have made a connection to it

  24. That was a really interesting video that you posted. I'm not surprised that people paid attention. Good job and thanks for posting it.

  25. lets hope president trump has the people to look into mattters. one of the first things is looking into gov. fraud done by gov. agencies sush as usgs and the cover up of not reporting earthquakes. cern project shooting plasma into the ground, and the fracking mess we have out there. I wonder when president tump does his youtube video's to get his true news out there and not use our wasted media well the president get a pay check from youtube, or will he get ripped off like dutchsinse

  26. Just want to say congratulations Dutch. I have been following your channel since I found it and consider it a key tool of mine as a watchman. Thank you for your effort and service to the people. As a former geology student I knew how sound you were off top. Truly keep up the good work.

  27. pure speculation here ok? could this be linked to some of the recent celebrity deaths? if they had the cardiostimulator for example. just a theory

  28. i truly hope that you eventually get the recognition that you deserve. it is sad that the small minds of those that should be able to understand what you have discovered are too afraid of saying they were wrong. Keep doing what you are doing. it is impossible to deny the truth forever.


  30. stand firm dutch get it out there one way or another even though your live stream is offline do not give up or give into them and happy new year dutch and family 🙂

  31. I love how they refer to you DUTCHSINSE as a specialist, several times!!! This is awesome!!!

  32. more people to know about the stuff so you can save more lifes, congrats

  33. Nice to See your Reserving Positive Things From World over. Remember that the Next Time Some Clown Opens up his Yap and gives ya Hard Time.
    DAM at this Rate you will see Home Land Coming to you for Earthquake Advice.
    Put that in your Pipe smoke it ya Bunch Dink's who gave Dutch Hard time…
    way to Go Dutch what A nice way to start 2017

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