130 | SOZINHA no Barco enquanto o Beto TRABALHA de Skipper – Sailing Around the World

Thaís was alone for a week
while I worked as a skipper, Then we went to enjoy beautiful beaches! All this in this episode! Look at the sea color we will have to leave to go to Olbia, which is totally brown! But tomorrow is my doctor appointment so we’re going today to anchor and everything because the doctor is 8 am and
we will have to catch a Bus 7 am the dog has a little inflamed paw so I also let him run out of water to improve because it was a lot of water for him this summer so he enjoyed it a lot And if we jump in the water, he will want to jump poorly! Are you excited to go back to Olbia? It’s part of life !! But there is good! The city has everything … Oh, yes! You will be able to stay there quiet! Easy to go out with Google Only our hull right ?! Wow !! But then we come back here and the fish eat! Well we came to a gas station because we had no water, we zeroed the water, even more on the way that we showered, we wash our hair .. all to spend all the water and here in Italy almost every gas station gives water for free we paid only once, we paid 10 euros to supply a water tank but other times it’s always been free! We almost never complete the gasoline because if we need water we supply
and put water for free. So water, diesel … We also filled the gas tank Ready? Of corse I didn’t sleep Good Morning !! I woke up at half past three in the morning and stayed up … Now it’s seven and we’re going to take the bus to go to the hospital, where will be the appointment this time because it will do some different exam that I don’t really know what it is because I don’t understand anything! The heart is like …. hitting fast! We literally just go! I took blood, I didn’t even know I was going to take blood, and people are in a hurry, there are a lot of people to attend to .. then my name goes wrong they can’t write my name then write my last name instead of my first name … Then they said “Now Pay” Then we will “pay”! We paid 70 euros for this exam They ask me to eat I had already eaten but they ask me to eat, let’s eat right There is one more process I know we went in about four rooms where they send us, we go! We finish the exams we heard the little heart beat it was the most beautiful thing, the most beautiful, the most beautiful And he stirring like that … And we could see him, who has little hands he has a nose he has a little mouth he has his little legs he is perfect! I went to talk to my doctor from Brazil about the test I did today because in Brasil doesn’t do this kind of exam because abortion is not released and how abortion is released here I think you can tell if your child will have down syndrome or something like that and you have the option to abort There goes each one is the criterion of each I would never do that the people from Brazil I was going to do a
such a test chromosomal and I don’t know what so nobody knew very well We were totally lost in the hospital We didn’t even know what we were doing Rodolfo rented a Bavaria 45 with us and also hired me as a skipper as we sail along the emerald coast Thaís was alone in Ólbia for a week at Shogun Good Morning! Good thing we started well! It’s 9:30 am And look who’s here! Look that! Can you see? Even smoke out of the loader I tried to pass clean contact which is what Beto always does I tried to get the toothpick which is what Beto always does I was trying to clear it but, like … The time I opened here which is the place that I protect smoke was coming out Thais will set fire to the boat I made a wonderful pot meat Betinho was going to love this food Just me and Google What a sad Guys! It seems that Beto died Let’s raise this astral, for God’s sake how many days left for Papi to arrive, Google? Only about 5! Let’s think he’s working He is making money are doing his job and we are here too we are also working We are subtitling video and doing things My internet is over I have no internet today and I came in a square A Google square for you to play with! There is internet here But he stands here on my
side Thais took the opportunity to take Google to the vet and do a little cleaning on the boat Look at this guys! For those who think the boat has no dust Only here from these sides … Very dirty! Before leaving I tied the ropes well because there was forecast of strong winds We also stopped near Murillo Novaes who stayed around these days giving assistance to Thaís Wow! Yesterday a rain fell here A rain! A flood! A wind came for two minutes The boat laid down It was time to get worried and call Beto and make him worried, right Because there was a lot of wind started to pour dirt, leaf, everything but then it stopped but it rained a lot For you to have idea even clogged here the cockpit The doggy? Huh? Look, he pretends it’s not him, right? Because this here must be clogged because there must be hair here What’s the chance? to be hair … On the last day Rodolfo invited us for dinner and we said goodbye to him We are here with Rodolfo in a super typical place and are serving various typical foods here The Fregolla that we are going to eat this time is cold What else Rodolfo? Here is a unique menu, you don’t ask for anything Come the typical dishes of the place so there are six entries Two first dish and two seconds after a candy let’s see what comes, total surprise We are delivered Congratulations Beto! We have been here for a week tan total paradise Wonderful Sardinia, even more in Beto’s hand that I didn’t have to think about anything Took us in the most beautiful places of the emerald coast and speechless Really congratulations Beto Exceeded Expectations Note 1000! Really awesome! The Italians! Saw? Betinho left me for a good reason! By the way it got 10 grade! If you want to rent a boat in Europe in ours groups or to sail alone with your tribe Send a whatsapp to 11 30 42 32 20 that we organize everything for you Look who’s back my grocery mate Charger right? I even bought a trolley to not carry too much weight my love is liking the trolley too go Federica’s father Franco It’s our address here in Sardinia so we bought a baby stroller He weighs like 6 quilos he is this size closed nothing absurd just push this button here And then it opens Only I couldn’t get it locked yet Beto arrived and on time he made the stroller mount Tchram! So this here you hold And the stroller closed Now I will open because I learned to open To open you release here and press here You have to squeeze both together Tchram! Bye Olbia! Bye ferris wheel! Oh, how delicious, I’m leaving here! We arrived here Thursday Almost ten days stopped here in Olbia I’m going to sunbathe and Google you will get in the water son You will get in the water! stocked from
food we have the water, we have diesel, we have sun So let’s enjoy! Because summer is ending You have to enjoy it because there are only two months left for us to leave Google! Two months goes by very fast Looks like summer started yesterday Paradise of place, my God! pretty! pretty! pretty! Still having place that we didn’t know in Sardinia good it will be impossible to pass at all But here is a place very close to Olbia and super close to an island we’ve been to twice which is Tavolara But we had never stopped here on this island called Molara then we moved to Capo Cavalo, a very sheltered place of almost all winds where we spent a few days there enjoying What are we with? 6 meters Amor? And look how the dog sits The tail is on the first step the butt is in the second and the front paws are on the first step Oh the big belly! so we went to the other side of
mountain in Cala Brandinchi where I also took the time to do some maintenance among them tidy up the water maker But this you will see in the next episode thanks for following our videos And if you like it don’t forget to like, comment and share, also consider
be a supporter and help we invest more and more in quality content. See you next week Bye fair winds.

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  1. muito bom video ! Parabens ! Vcs ja pesquisaram sobe antenas de WI-FI naval tem um alcansce grande e vcs poderiam utilizar free WI-FI das marinas ou dos bares na praia ouvi falar de um BadBoy xtreme WI-FI acho que pode ser uma opcao viavel Grande abraco !!

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  15. Que legal + 1 video. Ai pessoal, o problema de grana não tem como resolver, se vocês continuarem a contar exclusivamente com favor de simpatizantes. O apelo de marketing de ter um cão no entretenimento, é limitado, não sustentável para o vosso crucial crescimento de receita. Estratégia de médio e longo prazos, são fundamentais para a continuidade e conforto de vocês. Sorte e Sucesso!

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