14 Amazing Frozen 2 DELETED SCENES You Never Got To See!

Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m revealing 14 incredible scenes cut from Frozen 2, plus the amazing Anna and
Olaf songs that you’ll wish had been in the movie. If you want to jump to any individual deleted
scenes or songs, there’s timestamps in the video description. There’s an intriguing deleted scene from early
in the movie called “Elsa’s Dream” which was the original inspiration for Elsa’s big ballad
“Into The Unknown”. The scene takes place just after the sisters
fall asleep together following their game of charades;
then Anna is woken up by snowflakes falling from a cloud created by Elsa’s dream. This deleted scene shows how Elsa’s ice magic
can manifest physically even when she’s sleeping, and that she can unconsciously project moving
images from her dreams. The images of Iduna and the Enchanted Forest
from this discarded scene became the basis for the dream-like memories and visions that
appear to Elsa during Into The Unknown. Elsa’s dream continues and takes a nightmarish
turn as images of Arendellian soldiers appear in the forest. And the strong emotions this generates in
Elsa bring out more of her magic, creating a mini-storm inside the bedroom. In that final moment, Elsa literally freezes
the rain outside the castle into thousands of ice crystals, which was where the idea
came from to fill the sky in Arendelle with crystals at the end of Into The Unknown. Another fascinating deleted scene from early
in the movie sees Elsa and Anna discover a hidden room inside Arendelle castle, where
they uncover secret studies being carried out into the origins of Elsa’s powers. “Magical arts. Dangers of dark magic. Father was studying magic.” “Ooh. Oh!” “He was studying me too.” “Wait, what?” “This is some sort of journal. I can find no record of a human with power
like hers but for the ancient myths with their tragic fates.” “Wait a minute, this isn’t father’s handwriting,
it’s mother’s.” If we look more closely at the journal, we
can see a page about the white gloves Elsa’s father gave her in the first movie in an attempt
to supress her ice magic. “The gloves will help. See? Conceal it.” “Don’t feel it.” And the journal entry which mentions “the
ancient myths with their tragic fates” helps us understand why Elsa’s parents wanted to
try and contain their daughter’s powers for fear that her magical nature would lead her
to tragedy. This moment would also have set up the idea
of Elsa as a mythical being and foreshadowed her fate later in the movie when she freezes
deep inside Ahtohallan. The final part of the deleted scene gives
the sisters another shocking revelation: “These next pages are in English, but also.. Northuldrian.” “Northuldrian? But that language is forbidden. Why would mother know it? Or dare use it?” “Whatever evil my people did, whatever darkness
still roams our forest, I can no longer turn my back on the past.” This tells us that Northuldra culture was
actively suppressed inside Arendelle and that’s probably why Iduna kept her research secret
including writing in her own language, and perhaps why she hadn’t yet told her daughters
that she was Northuldra. The deleted scene helps explain just how much
Iduna and Agnarr were searching for answers about how to deal with Elsa’s magic and shows
why they attempted the voyage to Ahtohallan. It also reveals how the sisters ended up with
their mother’s Northuldra scarf. This is also likely where Elsa and Anna would
have sung the deleted song “I Seek The Truth” in which they try to understand the meaning
of the messages hidden in this secret room. A wonderful song deleted from the beginning
of the movie was a solo for Anna called “Home” in which she sings about how much she loves
Arendelle. Let’s take a look. The intention behind this beautiful number
was to establish how Anna will be the perfect Queen for Arendelle by the end of the film. It shows how she is completely at ease and
loves everything about her kingdom. “Either way, for what it’s worth, this perfect
corner of the Earth Is home
My home.” And it would also have highlighted just how
much Anna had to lose by her decision to destroy the dam that threatens to flood Arendelle. “The merchants haggling over fish reminding
me I have what I wish ‘Cause I’m not alone anymore.” The sweetness of this song also contrasts
perfectly with her much sadder song “The Next Right Thing” which she sings at her absolute
lowest after realising that both her sister and Olaf are gone. “Home” would have also contrasted more with
Elsa’s big number “Into The Unknown”, highlighting the differences between the sisters and foreshadowing
the end of the movie. In other words, Anna loves her kingdom and
her place is there. “Hey, come ‘ere. Take this coin and go buy a custard bun for
everyone.” “OK.” Whereas Elsa is drawn by a call from afar
and her destiny lies outside Arendelle. Sadly, the filmmakers had to cut the song
and replace it with the ensemble number “Some Things Never Change” when they realised they
still hadn’t set things up sufficiently to show what was at stake for Elsa, Kristoff
and Olaf when Arendelle came under threat. However, they did take the overall theme of
the deleted song and one of its lyrics and compressed it into the line that Anna says
to Olaf just before they sing “Some Things Never Change”:
“I have you and Elsa and Kristoff and Sven… and the gates are open wide…
and I’m not alone anymore.” “Unmeltable Me” is a great song by Olaf that
ended up being cut from the final film. It was the movie’s original way to explain
why the magical snowman no longer needed the little snow flurry that Elsa gave him in the
first movie to stop him from melting. “Who is present, but not liquescent? That’s right, I just learned to read
And I like the big words.” I imagine a lot of fans would have loved to
have seen it in the movie. In the final film, this song was replaced
with the scene where Anna visits the little snowman and casually asks him about his new
“permafrost” while he basks in the warmth of an autumn day. There’s a great shot in the first teaser trailer
for Frozen 2 of Anna grabbing Kristoff’s sword and attacking someone off camera. That scene never made it into the final movie
because the story changed and it wasn’t needed any longer. However, when the filmmakers discovered just
how much fans loved seeing Anna wield a sword, they made sure she had one in the movie, albeit
in a slightly different way. In the final film, when the gang are scared
by the noise of approaching strangers in the forest, Anna grabs an ice sword from one of
Elsa’s ice memory statues and uses it to defend the group against the Northuldra and Arendellians
who suddenly appear. Kristoff’s part in Frozen 2 underwent some
major changes as the movie developed. At the beginning of the original story, Kristoff
was a lord in Arendelle, having been promoted again from his official title of “Ice Master
and Deliverer” that Elsa gave him at the end of the first film. However, given Kristoff’s humble origins,
he was finding it difficult fitting into Arendellian high society. And he was keeping his feelings about this
a secret, presumably to avoid upsetting Anna. The truth would eventually come out though
in a deleted scene with Kristoff and the Nokk water spirit. “I think he’s offering you a ride.” “Are you afraid?” “No, afraid of what?” “Afraid he won’t see truth in your heart and
he’ll drown you?” “Er.” “Are you?” “What? No. Course not.” “Then get on.” “See, I knew it would be fine. Kristoff!” “I’m OK. I’m..” “Except the part where his heart’s full of
lies apparently.” “Are you OK? Are you good?” “I’m good. Thank you.” “Except you’re lying about something.” “I don’t like fancy shoes or regal jackets.” “Not a problem.” “I don’t like ceremonies or polite conversations.” “How about ice mastering and delivering?” “No, cos it’s not a thing.” “Formal dinners and ballroom dancing?” “No, and no.” “Do you even like your life in Arendelle at
all? Just tell me the truth.” “No I don’t like my life in Arendelle.” “So, it was all a lie, all of it? “Anna, I..” “I don’t think we should get married.” I think this scene would have come around
the middle of the movie after the gang enter the Enchanted Forest. The Nokk did appear briefly to Olaf in the
forest in the final film, and this break-up between Anna and Kristoff would have been
an alternate way to separate them. Overall, this unused scene feels just a little
too unhappy though compared to the final movie where the couple are split up in the forest
more because they are a little of out of sync with each other and because Anna is focussed
on helping her sister with her quest to Ahtohallan. However, there is another deleted Kristoff
and Anna scene in which he proposes to her in a grand, glorious and hilarious way when
he sings to her. You can watch my full breakdown of that in
my Frozen 2 Deleted Ending video. The opening scene and prologue of Frozen 2
which tells the story of young Iduna and Agnarr and the Enchanted Forest was changed many
times during the movie’s development as it had to match up with any other story changes
in the main part of the film. On the Blu-ray, there’s an alternate prologue
that would have shown how Iduna and Agnarr escaped the fighting between the Arendellians
and the Northuldra. In this version, when the spirits are angered,
young Agnarr almost falls off a cliff before Iduna rescues him. Mattias then picks them both up and puts them
on a cart fleeing the chaos inside the forest and heading back to Arendelle. In the final film, Agnarr says he never knew
who saved him that day, and instead of the deleted scene, what we get is Elsa seeing
memories of the past inside Ahtohallan and learning that it was Iduna who smuggled herself
and an unconscious Agnarr on to a cart that took them out of the forest. An interesting detail in this alternate prologue
is that there’s a mysterious human character in the forest who can either shapeshift or
moves with the appearance of a reindeer. This mystery human saves Iduna at one point
and is also attacked by Agnarr’s father, the King of Arendelle. This Is Us star Sterling K Brown’s character
Mattias also had a different storyline in earlier versions of the film. Originally, the high-ranking military man
was going to be trapped in the Enchanted Forest all by himself, rather than with his fellow
Arendellians as happens in the final film. Mattias’s original story would have included
him singing a song, though that ended up being deleted from the movie as, ultimately, it
‘didn’t fit in with the story’. The trailer scene of the wind spirit Gale
uncovering young Agnarr from a bed of leaves in the forest and blowing him into the air
didn’t make it into the final film either. The reason for that is the scene is actually
part of a test that the animators did to learn how to animate the personality of the wind
spirit. The longer version of this scene is on the
Blu-ray which also shows some cute moments between young Iduna and Agnarr. Another cut trailer scene shows a young Iduna
carrying a baby reindeer as the Northuldra cross over the dam to greet the Arendellians. And this trailer scene of Kristoff riding
a herd of charging reindeer wasn’t in the final movie either. The trailer scene of Olaf standing next to
Elsa as she tries to put out the fires in the forest was altered for the final movie
where Elsa fights the fire spirit alone. And in another change from the trailers, this
shot of Queen Iduna looking out of the bedroom window at the Northern Lights was replaced
with Iduna carrying young Elsa to look out of the window together. There’s also a much darker original ending
to Frozen 2 in which Disney almost killed off Elsa and destroyed Arendelle. To learn all about that as well as Kristoff’s
alternate proposal to Anna, tap here or follow the link in the video description. And if you want to see all the deleted scenes
in full, check out the Blu-ray – I’ve added links to that in the description. So, which of these deleted scenes and songs
do you wish had been in the movie and which are you glad were cut? Leave your thoughts in comments below! If you enjoyed this, then a share and a like
are hugely appreciated. Tap left to watch another Frozen 2 video or
tap right for something else you’re sure to like. Thanks for watching and see ya next time. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers!

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  1. Everyone’s talking about the dream scene but the journal about their mom watching Elsa THAT would’ve been interesting

  2. I feel like more could have been done with Kristoff and the Nokk. I do appreciate that they didn't use that as the way to separate him and Anna, since her reaction seems a bit harsh: "It was ALL a lie?" He was uncomfortable with the nobility life and chose not to tell her out of politeness and/or shyness. That's understandable. What's not understandable is how Anna's all "wow, you lied to me and you don't like the lifestyle I have no choice but to lead, so I don't want to be together anymore". It just seems kinda whiny and out of character for her.
    What they could have done, was to have Kristoff be worried that he isn't good enough for Anna, because he's inexperienced with the aristocratic lifestyle. The thing he's hiding, instead of resentment over being a nobleman, is insecurity–he thinks she won't want to stay with him because he doesn't know all the little details and formalities of castle life, or that she won't be allowed to marry someone from so common a background. That's what the Nokk zeroes in on, because it knows that his fears aren't justified–after all, a lot of why Anna likes Kristoff is because he's adventurous like her, not all stuffy and proper. That way, we could still get that cute little comedic bit where Kristoff goes "The truth? The truth is, I don't like silk pants!" leading into Anna's "I prefer you in leather…wait that came out wrong" line that they did end up using in the final movie. Once Kristoff spills the truth, the Nokk tries to carry them both to shore, but they're getting sort of close to the dam which saps its strength (one thing I felt was too rushed was the explanation of why the dam needed to be destroyed) and Kristoff realizes it can only carry one of them. He gets to shore okay and the Nokk does better with only one rider, but Anna is curious about its sudden lack of power, since it was able to throw both of them around earlier. She steers it towards the dam and it begins to falter. Then Olaf brings the little ice canoe Elsa had made (I've put this scene in place of the bit where he and Anna find the earth giants in the river) and rows out to rescue Anna because the boat's too small for Kristoff. Anna says something like "meet you at the Northuldra village", so Kristoff returns there. Then that leads to the whole part with the cave and Olaf dissolving, like what actually got put in the movie. Meanwhile , Kristoff asks a Northuldra villager where Anna is, to be told she left with Elsa (which she did, before the whole Nokk sequence, but Kristoff assumes the villager means Anna left again). This sets up that bit of distance between Kristoff and Anna, because he might think she left him, like he'd feared, after what he told her.
    I dunno, it's just my idea. I do like the Nokk being able to sense when someone is hiding something…and I also kind of wanted to see Kristoff with wet hair…but that's another story.

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  18. I hated some things never change. It really made no sense in the start of the movie. The theme of the song was so different from the rest of the film.

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  28. Maybe if Elsa stayed frozen in the sort of the cryogenic state and did not saved Arendelle from being flooded when the dam destroyed, then she should've stay the same in her youth.

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    Elsa was freed back to life but she is still young in her youth.

    Eventually, Anna and everybody else have grew old, some things has change and Olaf have been resurrected.

  29. I am glad that they didn't listen to people online insisting that there had to be a love interest for Elsa, and they didn't use the whole Tarzan is their brother crap. It was a good story for the most part. I smell a third part though, just has a lot of unanswered stuff.

  30. i think out of all of these the hidden room scene should’ve been in. it’s interesting how iduna was studying elsa all this time and builds up to the boat trip + foreshadowing her northuldran (northuldrian? i have no idea) heritage in a clever way (though it wasn’t hard to figure out she was one in the actual movie before they revealed it lol). not to mention actually giving the parents some characterization. like even in this movie where they’re more important i feel that their characters felt just as hollow as before… and also explains how anna got the scarf instead of just… randomly having it and it being conviniently important lol it makes more sense that their mother would hide the scarf instead in case people happened to figure out her past through the symbols. though with all that said and done this scene would kinda remove the mystery aspect to the plot with the voice calling elsa not really being a thing anymore. so idk

    the alternate opening scene is very interesting too, it explains why iduna just left without putting her family into question and a better explanation as to why she stayed in the cart in the first place. she was looking for her mother but never could find her. and she couldn’t exactly leave or they’d catch her again. (also does away with her hiding in a goddamn blanket?? how did the soldiers not find her lmao) and reindeer man is cool and all but it would’ve been hard to include him in and not spend a moderate amount of runtime explaining him so i get why it was cut. but taking him out and having the scene remain the same would’ve made for a cool opening especially when followed by transitioning into the actual opening scene they went with showing where they are now… shame

    as interesting as the idea of the dream scene is (cmon, dreams materializing into snow? rad) and that anna is the first one to find out what’s happening, it meant into the unknown wouldn’t have made it in and that would’ve been a crime so i’m fine with it not being in. everything else while engaging and funny is kinda just… fluff or doesn’t really fit with the movie’s narrative so. self explanatory why they aren’t in

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    Home is my favorite song, but I always felt like it would fit more at the ending of the movie with Anna singing as queen and settling down after the incidents of the movie. Especially since „Home“ would come directly after „Next right thing“

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