14 Keypoint Dam

Keypoint Dam The next lowest pond location is in what P.A. Yeomans referred to as the keypoint. The keypoint is the location in the landscape
where the terrain goes from steep to gentle, or convex to concave. That inflection point is the keypoint, and
it’s a good location to examine for reservoir possibility. This is a vineyard design installed by Dennis
Dowerty in SW Australia. You can see the main ridge, and then keypoint
locations in what is termed, “the primary valleys”. Reservoirs have been built in the keypoints,
overflowing one to the next at a slight drop across the hillside. And then finally wrapping around the hill
into a ridge or contour dam. Lower than the keypoint, we find the valley
dam. Below the reservoirs is a forestry planting
and a vineyard. Notice how the vineyard and forestry rows
are following the keyline pattern cultivation geometry, where they’re sloping from the
valleys out towards the ridges. This is so any movement of water during large
storm events will drift out towards the ridges for a more even soakage into the landscape,
because of greater surface area contact between soil and water.

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