15 Miscellaneous Settlement Building Tips 👷 Fallout 4 No Mods Shop Class

What’s up class and welcome to another lesson in
the No Mods Shop Class here on the Skooled Zone. Today I have a compilation video for you. It’s a menagerie, a smorgasbord, a veritable
buffet of miscellaneous building tips. 15 of them in fact, and this is only Part 1. I’ve mentioned in a few past videos and in
the comment section that I was going to be assembling these tips based on both viewer suggestions as well as follow-ups to my past lessons. These are discoveries I made after I posted
a video on a particular topic but they didn’t merit their own isolated videos. Instead, I wrote them down so I
could compile them into this video. I’ll mention which video it stemmed from
so you can go check that out if you want if you haven’t already seen it. I’ll also credit the people in the description of the video that contributed some of these suggestions. Not all of them came from viewer
suggestions, but a lot of them did. With some of the tips there were like a dozen
or more people that made the exact same suggestion. But if they were singular suggestions in the
comment sections of those videos, then you’ll see your name down below as
a token of my appreciation. So let’s get started… Tip #1… So the first follow-up tip actually
comes from my first tips video. In tip #2 of that video, I mentioned you can
add the left bumper and hold the bottom button to move settlement objects up and down, and
you can hold the right bumper and the bottom button to move things forward and back. Well, it seems in most cases, you
don’t actually need the right bumper. You can skip that and just hold the bottom button
to move things around on a horizontal plane. You will need the left bumper,
though, to move things vertically. Tip #2… comes from my follow up video about the settlement
size glitch where I showed you how you can use folders to reduce the size meter. It was all part of a fun experiment to get
down to what was really the computational value for the size meter. Well, something else that’s also weightless
and much more likely to be in your inventory is… ammo. In fact, missiles and mini-nukes are really
good at reducing the size meter because of their polygon complexity. Tip #3… I also mentioned in that video how you can
speed up the menu selection by holding the arrow on the d-pad as well as the bumper. Well, turns out holding the
trigger will speed it up as well. Tip #4… comes from my video on how to get a
glowing mutant wolf for your settlement. Turns out that you can actually get a
glowing mutant hound from Erickson as well. If you buy Gracie and you return at a higher
level, the next mutant hound might be glowing. Unfortunately, however, it
won’t actually be glowing. The “glowing” title is a strength designation
not a physical characteristic. So it’ll look the same as a regular mutant hound, but it’ll be tougher and deal more damage. I still like the wolves better for the aesthetics
for my settlements, but the mutant hounds may have one advantage over
both the dogs and the wolves. I have a mutant hound at one of my settlements
and whenever she howls at enemies, it acts like a siren for the other settlers. So they’ll draw their guns
faster and rush to her aid. Now I can’t confirm that’s an actual game
function so don’t quote me on that, but that’s what I’ve directly observed every
time the settlement gets attacked. And that could very well be one of the
special attributes of a mutant hound. Tip #5… comes from my video on neon lighting. In the video I mentioned that you can’t combine
complementary colors to any particular effect. Well, that is true if were dealing
directly with color theory. You know, mixing paints with complementary colors,
for example, will just result in brown. But because we’re also dealing with the RBG
model of color since it’s digitally light based, you can actually
combine complementary colors. I don’t have nifty names for the
colors like I did in that video. But I do have an example, the Catmeat neon
sign at my Jamaica Plain schoolhouse is a combination of orange and purple, I think,
to create this sort of salmon color. So feel free to give those other
color combinations try as well. In fact, if you want to head over to my subreddit
and make up some names for particular color combinations, ya know, start a new thread with that. Help some other people out as well. Tip #6… isn’t actually a tip so much as a follow-up
to my neon symbols video that I did. At the end of the video, I asked for viewer
suggestions and actually got several that were totally doable. So I thought I’d show them off you here. Names of those who suggested
these in the description below. Tip #7… I made a video on an easy way to figure out
which way your furniture is facing when it comes to interactive items
like benches, stools and beds. That sort of thing. Well after posting that video I got flooded
with comments about an even easier way to my easier way. Turns out if you align an item in your workshop
menu it’ll align all the items that way when placing them. This was a great example of something I learned
from you guys along with the very next tip… Tip #8… In my pillar glitch video I asked if anyone
had a suggestion for preventing the annoying item popping effect that happens
when you group select. And again, after a flood of comments, turns
out the solution is so simple. You just have to make sure the item that you’re about to group select is the
last item you’ve selected. There’s something about group selecting focusing
on the last item you built or selected. So the jumping effect only happens when you’ve
built or selected something else and then try to group select on a previous item. So all you have to do is re-pin the focus,
so to speak, on the item you’re about to group select and you’re golden. So just quickly select it and unselect it. Then you can group select and you
won’t have that jumping effect. It’s become such a habit for me now that it’s
almost like clearing your palette, ya know? Tip #9… You’ve probably learned through my lessons that
you can’t rug glitch items that are snappable. But once in a while you might think you have
an item that doesn’t snap to anything but it still can’t be rug-glitched. Well, this exclusion of the rug glitch is
remarkably consistent in the workshop system. So if you think something can’t snap something
and yet it can’t be rug glitched, chances are it actually does snap to something. But what you may not realize is that this
principle also applies to items that snap to themselves or don’t snap to anything but
can be snapped to, as in they are snappee. Which is a brand new word I just
made up for items like this post. Tip #10… In case you were ever curious which item in
your workshop came from which DLC, there is a little symbol in the upper right hand corner of
the item that indicates which dlc. I knew about that, I just never bothered to look up what the
symbols represented. So in my earlier videos, I was always guessing. Why Bethesda couldn’t put a little key
legend in there somewhere is beyond me. But here’s what each symbol represents… Tip #11… My Gun Rack video is where I first broke out the
cycling lights to use in a video for you guys. I explained quite a bit about them, but one
thing I forgot to mention was the order of the colors has a logic behind it. The order of the colors corresponds to the
order of frequencies in the visible light spectrum. You may remember ROYGBIV from your science class, or you’ll
learn it if you’re not there yet. That stands for red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, and violet. That’s an easy mnemonic to remember when you’re
searching for the perfect color in the cycling lights and you keep scrolling [cycling] through
forgetting where the color you want is placed. Tip #12… I like to use the various nuclear-type generators
for powering my settlements because, ya know, they generate more power
and are generally silent. But if you like to use the gas-powered generators
for whatever reason, maybe it fits along with the style of your build, then there’s a way to
ever so slightly reduce the noise they make, if that annoys you. If you activate the generator on and off,
it cycles through various sound patterns. It’s super-duper subtle so you may not notice
it at first, but if you play with it for a bit you may find a more pleasant
hum that isn’t so annoying. You know what I’m saying? Tip #13… In the video I posted about where your junk is
safe, one of the topics I covered was settlers stealing your stash. Mostly weapons, but settlers do steal stuff. It’s just a fact. If it hasn’t happened to you
yet, consider yourself lucky. Some people say it’s because they’re under-equipped. But I have literally found settlers with dozens
and dozens of weapons that they’re not even using in their inventory that they took from
containers where I had stored stuff to sell. It’s hard to say what the AI
was thinking in those cases. Maybe settlers have personalities and “hoarder”
is one of the personality types they can acquire. But there’s a way you can prevent it. Two things I’ve found settlers unable to interact
with are switches and mannequin racks. So if you build an armory behind a powered
door with a switch, they should be safe. That way you might still be able to still
display your items. But if you want to be even safer about it,
you can actually store weapons, not just armor, on the mannequins. It won’t display the weapons,
but they’re safe in there. There are certainly other ways like creating
a safe room that can only be accessed through workshop mode. But if you want to stay in the immersion
of it, try these first two methods. Tip #14… I also mentioned in that video that the table
where I had placed all the tools was safe because it was from the newer Vault-Tec DLC. However, I spoke too soon. Because literally a day after I posted that
video, I came back to the schoolhouse and all the tools had fallen through to the floor. So here’s what I did. I pillar glitched in a couple rubber mats
into the table to create an extra catch-all mesh and so far it’s worked like a charm. So this technique might also work for display
cases and other places where you can hide a mat. I can’t guarantee it for you, but it very
well could be the next best solution other than a mod. Tip #15… Lastly in my Spark creation video, I mentioned
in my technique that you need to exit workshop mode in order to trigger it. Turns out that you only need to hit the cancel
button instead of exiting completely out of workshop. So much faster and easier than
going in and out of workshop mode. All right class, that’s 15 miscellaneous tips
to make your settlement building easier. I’ll come out with a part two at the end of
the No Mods Shop Class series with 15 more tips that I compile. Some from videos I haven’t even made yet. It’s been awesome learning things from you
guys through this series and even though I consider myself an expert, I certainly
don’t know everything. As my old Kung Fu teacher once told me when I got my black belt
years ago (or sash as they call it in Kung Fu), “Mastery is a continuous journey,
never a destination.” Thanks so much for watching guys. Be sure to throw a like on the
video and share it around. Sub for more awesome settlement
tips like this… See ya in the next video. Happy building and class dismissed.

100 thoughts on “15 Miscellaneous Settlement Building Tips 👷 Fallout 4 No Mods Shop Class

  1. I'd dearly love to see a playthrough guide for the 'peaceful' ending with all of the DLC missions included. I mention it as this channel is still actively pushing out FO4 content while others have moved on.

    Great content.

  2. I've watched all the videos in this series in a couple of days and they're great and very helpful, thanks!

  3. ~Quick Reference Time Stamps~
    1. 1:09 Multiple buttons allow you to move settlement objects independently of you on a horizontal plane by holding them: activate or reload
    2. 1:36 Storing ammo you drop on the ground in Settlements quickly reduces settlement size: especially missiles and mini nukes due to the complexity of their models
    3. 2:10 In addition to scrolling faster through a list by pressing down on the d-pad(or mousewheel) you can select quantities of stuff quickly by tapping the shoulder buttons(or pg up and pg dwn)
    4. 2:26 Erikson in Far Harbor can also sell a 'Glowing Mutant Hound' after you purchase his first Mutant Hound, Mutant Hound howls seem work to draw your Settlers to combat the same way they draw Super Mutants
    5. 3:19 Since neon lights function on RGB lighting you can combine similar colors without ending up with brown as you would with natural colors
    6. 4:05 Less a tip and more a showcase of viewer submitted neon symbols
    7. 4:27 Lining up one item in a category for workshop mode lines up the rest, e.g. beds or benches can be lined up by picking something with a top or back and spinning it into alignment before selecting what you want to place
    8. 4:53 Solution to item pop up when selecting a group is to force focus on a particular item by selecting it individually first and cancelling before doing the group select
    9. 5:38 Items that don't seem to snap yet cannot be rug glitched might be snap-receivers, such as the sign posts for Nuka World
    10. 6:19 workshop items from DLC have icons next to them representing which DLC they come from: a deathclaw head for Wasteland, a gear for Vault-Tec, a boat for Far Harbor, a wrench for Contraptions, a lightning bolt for Creation Club, a bottle for Nuka World, and the Mechanist's Helmet for Automatron
    11. 6:50 The cycling light colors are ordered according to their frequency, like a rainbow you can reference ROYGBV
    12. 7:25 Gas generators have different sound signatures you can cycle by toggling them on and off repeatedly, good to find a slightly quieter pattern
    13. 7:56 Settlers don't interact with Armor Mannequins(probably due to them being DLC) so you can store weapons on them too and Settlers won't steal them
    14. 9:03 You can 'pillar glitch' rubber mats inside of your tables and other display objects to create an extra mesh that might catch loose objects that would otherwise fall through when the Settlement loads
    15. 9:41 When setting the loose spark animations in workshop mode you only need to cancel the placement and not exit workshop mode

  4. Another good video! However, the safe storage solutions isn't quite right. While settlers can't operate switches, that only works for things like your weapon rack display. If you use a switch to open a door to a secure room, that will not prevent settlers from entering. Same goes for making a room that has no door. Settlers randomly spawn when you enter the area. That is why it is common for settlers to be found on the roofs of houses in Sanctuary Hills. This will nullify any "safe room", as they can spawn inside them, if there is enough room for the program to place them there. And that isn't even true either, since I still have settlers spawn inside walls at my Sanctuary settlement. The closest to a safe room, would be one that is outside the spawn distance. So, like others have suggested before, place this room in the air. But, again, if it is too close to where you spawn in, the settlers will get there.

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  6. Forgive me if you've already covered this:

    Rug-glitching generators into each other is a great way to save space.

    I've seen several comments on other vids asking about the working streetlamps that come with a dlc. Light bulbs can actually be placed in/on pre-existing streetlamps, and powered from conduits attached at the base.

    Love your vids, Paul. I've learned a lot from them, and they've really inspired my settlement building. 🖒

  7. This has to be one of my favorite themed videos on YouTube. Keep it up because you are doing a great job Paul.

  8. In relation to tip no. 13: my settlers stopped stealing weapon once I actively equipped them with a weapon by entering the trade menu.

  9. I still have yet to EVER have a settler steal weapons I put in a steamer trunk that I built (on the PC). I used display rooms for my first few characters, but after that I just stuck with a steamer trunk, magazine racks, and a bobblehead stand. Usually I just put them in Sanctuary in the kitchen next to the work station. And this includes 4 complete run throughs without add ons with all bobbleheads and comic books… and 4 more run throughs as the expansions came out with at least 80% of the comic books and bobbleheads. All of them had ever settlement built up and I like running high charisma so they typically run with 24 settlers each. They never took anything out of my display rooms, but I never had anything they could interact with to draw them in there (a workstation or even a chair) and maybe they will not take legendary items. They will also leave the power armor alone if you take the fusion cores out of them. I did have problems with a follower going into the display rooms with me and knocking things off the tables and shelves.

    I never got the addons with the Vault Tec, contraptions, or workstation as I considered them pretty much no better than a free mod when they do not add content. Far Harbor was by far the best and the only one worth the money.

  10. After reading some of the other comments about the settlers spawning in random locations, I guess my idea of moving all of my stuff to the Red Rocket Garage isn't a bad idea. Since I have no settlers assigned there.
    Thanks for of the Fallout4 tips Paul.

  11. As I was building one of my settlements today I noticed that the concrete powered doors don't snap properly, I think it would be a great thing to cover in the no-mods shop class. I have found a fix to this bug. But it's hard to describe. Alot of double snapping. But I got it to work for me! I've become inspired to build more thanks to your videos, I hope to hear from you about this.

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  14. I'm so glad that you are still doing these for us, once I play through a game I'm going back to fallout and starting from scratch using these tips and tricks…..not gonna lie my current settlements are a wreck

  15. Settlers will frequently acquire superior weapons. The weapons in the inventory will always have a lower DPS than their currently equipped weapon. At least, that's my given theory based on my observations.

  16. Awesome tips and I love them being all in one video.
    Only one I have a problem with is the settlers not using a switch. I have a two way switch in Warwick Homestead to keep them out of the off and off the water tanks but twice it has been opened and couple times they even glitched right through the powered door. First time I came and it was opened a settler was in there. Second time McCready was. Both had trouble getting out, even though the door was now open. 🙂

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  20. Have you noticed that armor mannequins that have a mining helmet with light on will shine at night and go off by day on its own? I made one last nite and thought it was so funny.

  21. The settler will compare it's equipped items to what's in containers (only the equipped items), if you have something "better" (higher base armor or base damage) the settler will take that item and equip it. This is why there are settlers wandering around with massive inventories. Take all the stuff they don't have equipped and put them in a container, they won't touch the items they don't have equipped.

  22. I cant seem to get any rug glitches or things like that to work.
    I have watched people glitch generators into walls and hide the wireing inside the walls but the glitching just seems to hate me on ps4 if that maters. Any suggestions?

  23. I confess, I haven't seen all of your videos (there are a lot of them!), so I'm not in a position to know which subjects you covered and which you did not.

    So, I'm offering a suggestion without knowing if you'll find it valuable.

    It concerns concrete buildings.

    It's easy to place plain wood walls in interiors. But there aren't any vanilla wood walls with doorways that can be placed inside a structure unless you rug-glitch them. They also look terrible.

    With concrete, however, you can create rooms with interior walls and doorways and doors that snap right into place – no rug glitches required. Concrete walls also come with a couple of window options that look better than any of the wood walls; another reason to build with concrete.

    My concrete buildings have interior bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, utility rooms, shops, restaurants, all with interior doors… the sky's the limit. I never have to resort to outhouses for bathrooms.

    How do I do it?

    Let's say you want to add an interior wall in the middle of a run of full-sized ground-level floor pieces. Put a wall in place on the edge where you want to start a run of interior walls, then add a wall pylon so the next outside wall piece snaps a little further, off-center of the floor piece. Run walls to the end of the floor pieces; you should see the last wall piece stick out a little way from the floor. The floor piece next to the last wall piece can be snapped forward to match the wall. Go back and snap all of the floor pieces forward a nudge. Now you have a break for a wall right where you need it. Add interior wall pieces, and if you did it correctly, roof pieces will snap right into place.

    You can use this trick in multiple directions, so there's really no limit to interior wall building using concrete, all without rug-glitching and entirely using snapping objects. Once the ground floor is arranged with rooms, building additional levels is easy as pie, everything snaps into place and you'll get rooms on higher levels.

    With concrete buildings, there will be some jagged outside corners. Fill them in with concrete wall pylons and the buildings will look complete.

    I got tired of building barracks; I just had to figure out a way to get interior rooms so I could create buildings I would want to live in. It can be done, and once you're accustomed to using the trick, it goes pretty fast.

    Unrelated: there are, in some settlements, doorways with no doors where you might want to add a door (example: Croup Manor). You could rug-glitch in any door you want. But there's an option that requires no rug-glitching. Warehouse doors are quite forgiving of collision. I've been able to place warehouse doors into most of those pre-existing doorways. They don't snap, but they'll usually fit pretty closely.

    Also unrelated: I like to provide settlers with multiple options for reaching higher levels, and so I use interior wood stairways and exterior stairways with landings (small concrete floor pieces) and entryways (concrete walls with doorways) into upper floors. The exterior stairways run right alongside the building. It's a nice look, much nicer than external stairways running 90 degrees to the structure. I add railings at landings to prevent settlers from falling off, which they most certainly will do if no railings are used. Adding lighting to the railings is a nice touch, too.

  24. dude, hope you can help me out, something happened to my game, i am unable to proceed in the game because i can't save new data and i can't either start a new game, do you have any idea what could have happenend?

  25. yes you can cycle the generators to reduce noice, but if you leave and come back, the noise is reset! so basically you have to do it every time

  26. Regarding tip 13 with settlers taking weapons from containers or work bench.
    If you place two cabinets high on a wall and place weapons in one and ammo in the other they won't grab them. At least in my experience.

  27. One thing that has always bugged me. I would like a plow type tool to till out nice rows for crops to give it a proper look and a shovel type tool option to excavate a basement or in some areas a side of a hill. Wish Bethesda would of put this in.

  28. I just want to say, thank you for all of your tips. There was one in particular that helped with a project of mine. I never knew about the interval pylon until I saw your videos that brought it up. Thanks to that one item and the wire glitch you brought up I was able to make a working lighthouse.

    I have an awesome idea!
    You could make a month the "Viewer-based title" month, where the viewers make up a title name for future videos for that week or month, and you choose if they are appropriate (Allowed on YT…)! Would be AWESOME!!

  30. It's easy. Just store everything in the workshop settlers have never stolen from any of my workshops. Also everything he posted I've figured out a year ago. It's all really simple. And this guy is just another player like the rest of us so every thing he posted you can figure out for yourself without watcgung any youtube videos. Also I have limitless caps. And have figured out how to build as much as I want in every settlement where ever I want without mods

  31. Settlers do take things alright. I had one funny incident happen where Raiders attacked my Sanctuary settlement. I had a box filled with Lightsabers from a mod sitting next to the Workshop Bench. I stood there and watched all my settlers run over to the box, grab the Lightsabers, then run all the way back to the Raiders and kill them. It was night time, so you could clearly see the Lightsabers flashing around in the dark. The mod that let's you lock doors and containers does wonders to prevent these incidents.

  32. Not sure how much experimentation you have done with settlement size reduction "glitch", but from my experience the actual item VALUE is directly proportional to how much of the build bar is reduced when scrapping. I'll be honest that I haven't fully tested that theory, but I've seen more than a few others that claim it's the case also. Here's what I do to manage the Build Bar:

    1) Any armor or weapon that has a mod in the name I pick up….later in the game, pipe weapons not so much.
    2) Next settlement you visit, build a SCRAP bin and toss everything with less than 100 cap value in it (this can be higher later in the game when you don't need caps).
    3) Sell all the higher value stuff you don't want to merchants. EXCEPTION: you DRASTICALLY need to reduce the build size of a settlement, then those items may go in the scrap bin as well.
    4) When you need build size reduction at a settlement (or just periodically), drop all the stuff in the scrap bin on the ground, enter workshop mode and scrap it. Bar goes down and components end up in the workshop. This is best done (for best return) after you get some levels of SCRAPPER.
    5) WARNING: NEVER EVER empty the build bar completely….game crash is guaranteed.

  33. I have one settlement with nothing but water, food and beds. I strip all settlers to their underwear, remove all weapons and send them here for "The Games". If a settler looks at me funny, I send them to fight off raiders and super mutants in their underwear barehanded.

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    My Commonwealth settlements have been getting attacked constantly since I've been in Far Harbor. I don't want to leave just to go defend them. Especially if I'm in the middle of a quest.

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  36. Hey great vids your my most used videos….anyways I was listening on how to protect your things and I've noticed at my main settlement I glitched in a door that appeared to hinge to a concrete pillar….none of any of the NPC will even touch the door…I even went as far to put a store in there and sleep many times and to my surprise he portals through the door instead of opening it..yet I can open and shut it no problem..Not sure if that's a real thing but they sure won't use the area now that the glitched in door is there

  37. I need tips about non-DLC stuff, got no WiFi for any of that 🙁
    Though in my opinion, if you need a better light instead of the pipboy, get a mining helmet

  38. Note: Concerning the glowing hound and mutant hound, they let off rads, which in turn can and often will piss off traders that come through your settlements. Also npcs such as those who help you set up the item needed to enter the institute. I wrote it that way as to not put spoilers in for those who are yet to do it.

    I had Desdemona & Tinker Tom with my first play through. The glowing wolf kept passing by them and Desdemona & Tinker Tom would go ape shit & start shooting at the wolf. When this happens my advise is fast travel away and come back & the fighting will have stopped.

    The dog & npc fight can & will sometimes re-start again, if that happens and is an ongoing issue then try to build the object away from where the wolf & hound wander, or if possible send them to another settlement. I tried the latter, the option appears to be available but mine would not relocate.

  39. Scrapping items like Weapons and Armour will in the Workshop mode, also lowers your Size meter in the settlements too

  40. Huge fan of the videos! Question though. I tried building a stand alone player house in Vault 88, using a mix of utility, domestic, and overseer office parts. I connected a reactor to the floor and made sure there were no breaks. Power works in some places using the wall conduits but it's spotty. Is there a known bug preventing power to pass through different floor types?

  41. Mutant hound: i am pretty sure thats a thing, because the do the same for supermutants (wiki). They callout so the others know there is danger (nearly ended really badly for me, always take out the dogs first if your trying to be stealthy)

  42. I love this channel. I have the PS4 pro but I don't plan on using any mods, I heard they can crash your console .. so I find a way around mods and I'm doing great thanks to channels like this.

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  45. Great Vids!
    You mentioned that settlers keep stealing your stuff ie. weapons; I haven't been playing this game as long as most, so i could be wrong, but my experience is settlers don't steal weapons, they actually grab them off of dead bodies after a settlement raid is over (the enemies steal them then the settles take them back). I've only ever seen a settler with a gun from a container after a raid has occurred (I have seen raiders take things right out of containers in front of me).
    In any event, I now put containers with special items out of reach of raiders and settlers alike.

    Ps. I'm on a PC.

  46. Stealing/borrowing. It's true! One time I fast travel back to Red Rocket, and some guy is running around in my power armour. It gave me a dialogue: "I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the Power Armour," or something like that. It's never happened again, but maybe they take it out for a spin when I'm not looking, haha.

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  49. Okay here you go guys one more tip that is very useful. You have built Your settlement put in crops and because of lack of water you put your electric water pump on the surface of your land you build your concrete building two three stories high and then when you leave your settlement gets attacked only for you to come back and find you have to repair the water pump and you have to replace your crops. Here is a tip that will prevent that from happening. After you build your concrete building three stories high and you have a flat roof take a garden plot from the menu and place your crops and your electric water pump on it then pick up a plot go up to the roof and set it down. If you haven't done Planet crops or put electric pump on your settlement are yet go to the roof with a garden plot set it down put your crops in your electric pump on top of it.

  50. Question on the settlers stealing stuff from your containers… If you put the container in an out of reach place (ie roof of a building) could they still gain access to it?

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