15 Questions for Nissan e.dams driver Oliver Rowland

Ayrton Senna Monaco Here in Tokyo The biggest difference is the noise of the engine the way the power’s delivered Yeah, I often get nervous Over the years of trying you learn to deal with different nerves and turn it into positive energy And that’s the key to success is to turn it into positive energy I don’t have one I just go out there and always do my best I like to be quite natural and go out there and just drive and it’s always been quite successful Now with this new project in Nissan I want to become Formula E world champion that’s clear And who knows where it can go after that? I’ve never thought about it because it’s never crossed my mind not to be a racecar driver I have a go-kart team where I help kids so I like to spend time doing that And also generally spending time with family and friends cycling, running Probably sushi Anything. I’m not the type of guy that has a certain type of music that I like I tend to put Spotify on I just let it play itself Racing, motorsport, family Probably check my phone It’s a bad habit but every time I wake up, I check my phone sometimes my cats are asleep by my feet so I just play with them a little bit My mind wants to tell me I want to win the championship so it’s going to be quite difficult but I have to aim for that

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