16 Turkey’s Nest Dam

Turkey’s Nest Dam This is an image of a turkey’s nest pond
found at Taranackey Farm in Victoria, Australia. A turkey nest’s pond is an excavated tank
placed at the top of a hill. A turkey’s nest is not filled by drainage
from the landscape or road diversion, a turkey’s nest is filled with a pump from another reservoir
or stream and placed at a high point in the landscape in order for gravity distribution
of water. It can be placed at a higher location than
any other pond, above the saddle, above the keypoint, above the valley, but you need to
use energy to get water into it because there’s no storm runoff channeled into it. You could accomplish the same thing with a water
tank on the top of a hill, but you can store much more water in an earthen structure for
less money. The pressure in your water system depends
on how high up above your fields the water is stored. To have enough pressure to run drip irrigation,
the water has to be 24 feet, or above 7 meters above the drip line. To run sprinklers, the water level needs to
be 56 feet, or 17 meters, above the sprinkler. So pumping up to a high reservoir, like a
turkey’s nest, could be a crucial component to your irrigation system.

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