170 Alba Weinman – The Tsunami of Spiritual Energy

Would you tell me why you brought Marco here today To answer his questions. Very good So, what kind of journey is Marco in? For healing. mm-hmm can you tell me when that was decided that he would be here for healing Before Before mm-hmm Would it be appropriate for you to show him? Some of this agreement? or would you like to just talk about it? It´s not necessary. Okay so Tell me a little bit about what Marco Decided to do when he came here What was his mission and purpose? Healing. mm-hmm What kind of healing does he use? He knows. Well just for the record, so that he has it on the recording would you answer his question so that he can have it as a kind of like a souvenir of He uses his hands His mind. His light? His mind. mm-hmm Is this something that he knows how to do? or is he like an instrument that? He knows. He’s learning Does he use both of his hands or just one of them? Both of them So what happens when someone comes near him that needs healing? He feels it. Himself? He feels what the other person needs. Yes. and does he know how to heal them, or is that something automatic? He knows, he feels the part That he needs to work on He knows where to put his hands, so he can heal them. Is this something that Marco has done in previous lives? Yes. mm-hmm Has it been on Earth or elsewhere? Other planets. Is this Marco’s first life on this Earth? or has he been here before? He’s been here before, different Not as a human, as energy Okay. Was it a long time ago? Yes The Mayas time So he was energy during the Mayas time? He was a teacher during the Mayas time Just by chance, did we know each other in that time? Yes. mmm interesting So we had a connection in the Mayan times? Yes. Okay, good So what was he teaching in that time? How to manipulate energy. hmm And he was teaching the others? He was teaching the priest Can you tell me more about that? Yes, the priests They didn’t really understand how to use Energy they confused They used to sacrifice people to as a point for them to to allow the gods For them to benefit somehow from it But Marco, when he was Energy he actually was through a person, through a body. mm-hmm it was how do you say that? He would He would use he would manipulate the body of this person and as a conductor as See he knew that as energy he wouldn’t be able to To communicate with them so that’s why he used this person And who was the person that he used? He was some He was Not a king, but he was a person of power within the Mayas Somebody they all listened to A powerful priest, a leader? A leader, yes So he was able to teach through this leader? Yes, uh-huh and what did they learn? What did they learn to do? They learned how to heal They learned how to use energy different types, even astrology they figured out how to how to stars would move, what they meant See, the stars are alive They didn’t know that they just knew there were stars They would just admire them They didn’t know what they mean but see The pyramids that they built they didn’t build them, we did We build them about They didn’t Everything was for us to teach them To teach them how to help themselves How to use that energy to To benefit them, their civilization Did you build all the Mayan pyramids? yes How did you build them? What did you use to build them? We use some It’s a the same energy that Marco feels We can feel where to where we need to set up, the size difficult to explain Let me put it in better words We know how the How the stars, I mean we know the kind of energy that it’s bringing To this planet, to Mother Gaia So The pyramids They need to be in specific places in specific angles. That’s why the That’s why the scientists can’t figure out…there’s nothing to figure out about the pyramids It’s technology from other planets They wouldn’t understand it the See, Marco is feeling the energy right now that’s why he’s shaking mm-hmm He’s feeling that That energy. See the pyramids are just conductors. They receive the energy, they They…what do you call it? It’s difficult because You guys have schemas Things have to make sense for you guys You guys need to feel more things Don’t try to make them make sense, they don’t need to make sense you need to feel what they are So these pyramids they’re all over the place, all over the globe They’re like positioned in a certain place almost like when we do our circuit boards? We’re giving Marco energy that he needs so that he can explain Explain to you what it feels like, what he means, okay He feels it, like the pyramids will receive it. Okay, so he knows See when the pyramids would receive that energy From the stars, actually it’s not from the stars it’s Christ Light He’s a Christ Lighter. He is a conductor from God You know, it’s like his Higher Self, If you wanna put it that way But the pyramids it’s the same as Egypt There’s so many places Places that people haven’t even discovered yet there is in Alaska mm-hmm. That’s why the… See See uh People has always been trained to uh They try to manipulate that energy they’re not supposed to be manipulating energy They should be…wow, he’s really feeling that energy He’s shaking because he knows he’s done it before, you know, he’s See Marco is a very sensitive person When he feels energy he feels it throughout his body, that’s why he’s shaking mm-hmm See Marco, he’s a special being. He was sent to Earth to heal Mother Earth He uses his hands not only to heal people He’s used them before to Where there is deserted areas where there is no life, he brings life back His energy is so strong he doesn’t See, that’s why he’s learning still he’s learning how to use that energy, because it’s a very powerful energy his It’s energy from other beings in other planets He’s energy from God as well Its energy from Christ is See that’s who He mentioned to you that he feels people’s energy And it’s not really that he feels people’s energy he doesn’t understand it yet, but he will he will understand how to use it He’s using it right now He uses it all the time He uses it on his pet he mentioned her to you. Yes He healed them You said too, Alba. Yes You said for when you Do I have that energy? Yes, yes, you two have the energy. You are both learning with the Mayans. But your cycle was see peoples have It’s very strange people think that they die, they don’t die it’s just a Can you explain that? Yes, I will I’m trying to put on the best words because for humans it has to make sense It’s funny how they think you’re allowing him to teach the world about this information. Yes I’m trying to find the best words to explain it See energy is something you feel you feel it on your hands, you feel it on your feet Those are the main parts because of the palms See the palms are your conductors for that energy That’s why they feel warm they feel hot, whenever you See all these people right now, this moment with put all the energy that’s coming from From the skies truely got it, got energy. We call it, Uh that is these waves of energy and People are gonna feel it first of all through their hands Because we don’t want them see Marco has a special body he’s a special being in this place On Earth, he’s not from this planet. Mmm. He’s a he would need to know if he was a walk-in, yes he is He is a walk-in, but it’s a special kind of walk-in You see people sometimes Marco when he was gonna come here He was on a mission But uh See, even other beings from other planets They have so much to learn That’s why they appreciate so much when a human comes back because a human comes back in Humans came here to this world to to experience emotions to experience What’s the other word? see, it’s difficult to put into words because That’s one of the Because you’re not human? Yes, no. No, that’s one of the limitations humans have when they come to this world they it has to make sense on their head and Energy doesn’t you cannot explain energy you need to feel it That’s why we send them to test emotions That’s why they are learning emotions because of our by learning emotions, they learn how to manage the energy that they are receiving and they all, they need to get ready because That energy that you will see a wave That is a very very very strong wave of energy people will end up getting crazy If we don’t do something about it That’s why we are doing That’s why Marco is here. mm-hmm Are there more than Marco here? Are there many? Many mm-hmm many because simply Many were needed So what is this wave that’s coming? Where is it coming from? It’s coming from the outside. It’s coming from a pure source of energy not the Sun See the Sun is just a small very little star in the whole system This is coming from the whole Universes what you guys call a Multiverse See a Multiverse It’s very difficult to explain because multiverse is just a bunch of a… ah…that’s not the word I’m looking for multiverse Many universes? Yes, many universes many situations every Universe has its own pros every Universe has its own lessons That’s more important That’s why there’s many many Universes because Every Universe has planets every planet has beings in it, they are alive see people think that The animals they have in this planet they would This is a very special planet because we brought beings, all the animals are beings you know the plants are alive they can communicate with themselves in this planet Through what you would call telepathy But it’s not like I’m talking to you right now They don’t talk like, they talk by feelings They came here to learn about feelings too The animals are here on purpose too and it’s different because they know their purpose on Earth when, that’s why See we don’t want dogs to die when they are 15 years old Because they don’t actually die it’s just their mission is ended That’s one of the lessons that Marco needs to learn He would like for his His animals to live forever and they do live forever but not in the same What you call it? Same body? no no no no no I’m trying to say the mission, but it’s a different word oh, I had it I had the word that you guys will understand it just went through my mind It’s not a dimension, it’s a Plane, not in the same plane see dogs, cats, pigs Alpacas, camels, they all have a purpose And they don’t really die, they don’t ever die neither does humans they don’t understand that, they need to understand see a lot of humans are very afraid of death and that is You see, for us, that’s childish because they They probably won’t understand it on this plane, on this Earth that they call it See they need to They have so much to learn Can you tell me about death? What happens when someone physically dies in a body? See a body is like a, what you call it a an automobile for you guys Vehicle? Yes, a vehicle you go and you just switch a vehicle you have it till one year you may want a mercedes-benz some other stuff, but it’s not See all of those have their own purpose and when you see people That’s why they’re so afraid of death Yeah, even Marco Marco has to learn so much He has so much to teach. mm-hmm Can we get back to that wave? because that wave seems very important. We’re talking about energy Yes and you say that this wave could make people crazy? Well not literally crazy but the energy, they won’t know how to handle it Handle it, there you go, you found the word for that mm-hmm And that’s why there are so many like Marco, to help them see people don’t understand even He got very interested in Doctors career Because we couldn’t, I mean we needed to get that information through Marco, but something that see, Marco is a very technical person That’s why it was so hard because He wasn’t that connected with his feelings We needed to get more connected with his feelings But in a way, that actually made sense otherwise…that’s why we sent also Dr. Joe Dispenza it’s very interesting that work it’s true that work, you should pay attention People should pay attention to these guys Joe Dispenza, he’s a What you will call psychologist, but he’s not really a psychologist He’s a healer, just like Marco is, just like you are, Alba You mentioned that you met Marco when you guys were Mayan. Yes You both were teachers there You just had your… See that’s why people don’t understand death your purpose was Was conceived, is that the word? I mean your purpose was met was met and That’s how animals live That’s why people think so much about death, I mean They’re so afraid of See they need to let fear go they need to let go of fear of of a lot of stuff that’s why they create the Karma they need to let the karma go because when that energy comes by all all that is kind of like you were carrying Baggage in your back and it’s so heavy that if you or we [add] a little more heavy Energy on top of that bag that you have you wouldn’t be able to hold it That’s why we sent people like Marco or like you like Dr Joe Dispenza like So many people there’s Dolores Cannon was one of them You know her her daughter she See she’s working on this book Souls, something about souls, I can’t remember the name but it starts relating Emotions With how to heal the body the body heals itself but What we need to teach people is how to manage those emotions So they heal themselves they don’t feel so much that empty, all that drama They don’t need that drama They don’t need the fear all those are emotions That’s why they’re here They are here, the humans came here to learn how to manage how to manipulate…not manipulate how to manage those emotions I don’t know if I made myself clear. Mm-hmm See they came here to learn Since they don’t die But they kill their bodies through the drama that they always play with that’s not something you play with because that’s a very negative emotion and See but their soul so well programmed by the TV and what you call social media See stuff like that is what poisons people without that, without those negative emotions And the people that are doing it They’re not from this planet also but see we put a stop to them long time ago Actually it was God that actually did it God stopped them from influencing us? They tried to manipulate the human body But are they still manipulating? As the social programming has Yes, but not as much because they tried to manipulate they tried to form a human that they could use as a robot to to make them their slaves This is what you guys would call the Annunaki. Yes Yes, the Annunaki are not from this planet. They actually came through a wormhole next to the Some part of the Sun, it was a mistake See they think that we are perfect We are not perfect even the Higher-Selves, even the The ascended masters that you guys will call We are still learning I mean we are not perfect We learn so much we are masters of something but We make mistakes too and that was a mistake that happened somebody unguarded, you know left unguarded a portal and These beings came through that is what you would call see those beings, you guys have a name for them It’s what you would call the tall whites is See Marco has a picture of how they look like They He can draw for you, if you want He can show you a photo you guys have photos of those beings see, but that’s a That’s not Important what is important was what they were trying to do with the humanity they were trying to Turn humans into their slaves so they can See they needed minerals to bring to their home planet Using the humans? Using the humans, which was like using an ox it was just like humans use donkeys you know, how they carry weight and bags it was, yes for them humans Were just Just labour? Just human resources? human resources Yes, they were just a resource that they would use and then they would dump them So how did God stop all of this? The message was sent to [God] actually the The guys that did’t… this was where beings from the Pleiades they were the ones that were supposed to be guarding the portal and they got distracted and But they went to get God’s energy for help and they actually They used It was a big work with those beings because they didn’t wanna leave, they didn’t wanna give up their power to anybody mmm-hmm see not all of the beings are Extraterrestrial beings that you guys call it see these are intra-dimensional beings they they can travel through different dimensions not very far because They can travel only so much that we allow them to because That’s why the, see, there’s a reason they have vibrations It’s kind of confusing because I know I’m talking about a lot of stuff and I’m just taking little pieces of it but First of all is for you guys to figure out the rest of it, because that’s part of your lesson And second of all because, if I explain it to you, then you guys would Would not learn it in the way that you guys need to learn it Well are the Annunaki still in control? Do they still influence us in a certain way? Their energy, yes they left because we made them leave That was us thousands and thousands of years ago see Here’s a thing that will get your mind See people would say thousands and thousands of years ago time doesn’t really exist time is a Bendable? It’s bendable, time is I’m trying to find a word that would make sense for you guys because I know A lot of people are gonna be listening to this stuff in a time Time is Is a distance, you can see time is not something that goes by you And it never comes back, that just That’s not what it is That’s why people can travel through time because time is a How will I explain it? that’s why they use light years They say it’s gonna take so many years to travel through space and they call it they measure it by the By the speed of light And that’s why they call it light years Because they’re putting it in a see they got that right humans got that correct before they used to think it’s a theory, it’s not a theory They are See time is something that you can travel on it’s like a train mm-hmm It’s like a but it’s much faster. It’s a I don’t know how you guys call those are trains that You know that? The travel very very very fast it’s not like a regular train See time is a…I don’t know how to explain it Time is a train. You can travel on it So when we do past life regressions we’re actually traveling through time Yes, you take that train and it just drops you off And we can make changes along the way? Well, I mean you can make changes, but you shouldn’t because on that specific Place that the train dropped you if you want to put it that way you had a mission and you had a purpose and you had a lesson different lessons. That’s why That’s why people would like to come back they say: if I go back three, four years ago I will change this and no, you shouldn’t because there was a lesson for you to learn and you have to go through that experience of I don’t know how to put it in words of missing up You have to make that mistake, for you to be able to learn that lesson. Right What I usually do is take people back so that when they have injuries and deaths that are very very bad we can alleviate that trauma from that death They keep that in their memories that’s the reason I take people back and change… yes, you’re doing a great job on that because you should do that because See when karma was invented it got out of hand because people started falling so much for They started carrying so much karma so much stuff on their backs that they couldn’t handle it especially at this moment Hmm, I was told that karma Isn’t happening anymore, is that true? Yes, isn’t happening on what you guys call the New Earth See the New Earth is The planet Earth It was like You can think of it as a splitting up in two parts But it’s not really people won’t be able to see that people will notice when they’re in New Earth People will notice that people are nicer to them people will notice that there is not so much pollution people will start to appreciate more nature and animals and They will start helping you can see that already happening, you can see See all of these earthquakes and this stuff that’s going the Hurricane Irma and the Hurricanes that you guys received in Florida What is that all about? Yes See those are for humans to learn again Those are for humans to come to their senses of who they really are So if you’re not part of that hurricane is it because you don’t need to learn that lesson? No, it’s not really like that, see See people focus on the wrong things, on those windows Catastrophes happen They’re not really catastrophes because, if you think about it, you don’t really die So if you die and you had a special mission if for some reason you die on one of those one of those things are like those mass shootings People need to focus on the stuff that See like those earthquakes in Mexico They don’t show you this on TV or whatever they try to you know the programming that was assigned for you to be manipulated But you can still that’s why we invented the other social medias where people can actually be the reporters themselves they don’t need to go through a Television program that is being manipulated by some energy that humans don’t understand yet What people need to focus on is how many volunteers You really did see the volunteers coming in? Even on the earthquakes, on the Do they make you more human? They don’t make you more human, they already know They already know their purpose to coming in here But see those are for the humans that are not at that level To see what other beings see those three waves that you guys talked about Those three waves of volunteers you really did see them into action When those Catastrophes happen because you can see stuff that you didn’t see before You will see a lot of volunteers that That will make a difference. it will make it so much You know, so hard on people I mean, they will The healing when those things happen if you were to think about it 50 years ago It will take years and years and years to recuperate I think that’s the word I’m trying to use it will take years and years and years to to rebuild when these guys rebuild it You can see it right here when those hurricanes happen you can see how fast they rebuild everything and it was because of those volunteers Those volunteers really do exist they’re here, they’re helping not only not only physically, but also spiritually with their energy see that’s one of the things That’s why there’s so many people like Marco see It’s funny because he doesn’t understand what’s going on Why is it that some of these volunteers that don’t like to be around people They don’t get along they’re always the black sheep of the family. Why are they in places that they don’t like to be in? They didn’t really want to come They were volunteer when they when we asked them but when they took a look at it they were: I don’t want to go there but we We believe so much in them and they actually, they knew It’s not that they knew they had to do it but they wanted to help and that’s why so many they commit suicide. They don’t really commit suicide It’s just that their purpose is Their mission has ended for them they have a special…they’re volunteers So they have a special missions they don’t have to be here. That’s why they You can’t commit suicide, they can’t commit suicide Because committing suicide it creates karma on you and that’s not the same thing If they wouldn’t commit suicide, they would die either way because their the purpose on this plane was met Now is that the same for everyone? Or some people who do commit suicide do you have that karma? See karma… Humans are doing a really good job of getting rid of karma. Okay Yes, you guys are doing a very very good job because you guys don’t need karma you guys don’t need the drama you guys are doing a good job I mean even with all the stuff that See people need to turn off their TVs That kind of energy She is going back to the Anunnaki, the Anunnaki laugh But their energy, some of that energy still goes around Because actually that’s what they eat that’s how they are being fed, with that energy They See, they’re the ones that invented Like They use television see when television was invented It was for a good purpose It wasn’t to entertain people Had nothing to do with that when television was invented was to heal people because the see television, when it was invented, it was invented only for doctors for them to…for this doctor from From Boston to be able to teach someone in Japan How to operate, how to do surgery on some other patient It was when this Anunnaki energy Got in touch with that They start to manipulate it and they’re very good at what they do because that’s how they eat if you want to say that way they don’t really eat They don’t eat humans. They eat their energy, their bad, negative energy Hmm so when we’re watching something For example I’ll just give you a simple one Let’s say we’re watching a football game Is there any negative energy in that? Yes. Okay If you get involved if you feel those wrong those negative emotions So if your team is losing You’re feeling sad, you’re feeling angry you’re feeling anxious because they don’t See all of those emotions See television made it harder for you to learn your purpose in this life because it keeps your focus on the negative emotions when you’re supposed to be learning That good emotion see see that’s why people think that they’re People, I mean humans think that they are Superior to other species they have so much to learn from others animals Animals are way ahead of humans because they don’t have televisions They don’t know how to turn out the TV they don’t even…they know what it is They just decide not to play on that game and that’s what humans should do See that’s one of the reasons You just asked the question Why these people are segregated from the other groups? people like Marco, like you you are one of those And that is because you decide not to play that game You decide not to be part of of what they will consider normal mm-hmm So why do light workers sometimes choose to be in neighborhoods or places that aren’t very nice? Because we send them to heal it They’re there for a purpose They are there cuz just their presence is enough That’s why You mentioned it to Marco That’s why when I try to leave from this place and try to move to a nicer place It doesn’t work, because you’re there to heal You should feel very good about it, because you’re a special being Thank you So can you tell Marco you told him that he’s a walk-in Did this happen when he was born or did it happen when he burned himself? When the accident happened So did he actually “die” in that? Die, that old soul, did that old soul leave and a new one came in? What happened? We just gave it a It was a kid that was not very happy because his dad was walking around So this kid Was never happy with the life that he was living but his body was in very very good condition And that’s why all these walk-in’s they are All these walk-in’s they’re just special beings that were sent Took the job that that the other soul thought it was too much for them That’s why we sent this being See, he didn’t really ask you about that But he knows what he looks like in the other plane What does he look like? We sent him he had it on his phone screen All the time, he didn’t know what it was and that was him, that was like a mirror he’ll show you He’ll remember We’ll tell him to, before he goes home We tell him to show you what he looks like in the other planes and he also had His team a lot of people want to know what their angels look like Yes, what do angels look like? They don’t have They don’t have feathers They don’t have wings You will call it their aura it’s not their aura their aura is something different It’s the energy that they are How would I put it? Expanding if you see They do it all the time, you can feel it I know even you feel that you have wings sometimes that ain’t not wings It’s the energy that you’re expending because you are a higher being You and there’s many others You are not part of the volunteers you were saying here before like Marco and like many others were sent here before the volunteers Because you guys were You guys are the teachers for those volunteers Because those volunteers when they come in this plane in this dimension in this plane is a better explanation, in this plane They forget what they should be doing That’s why you have all these sessions all the people watching in TV That’s why we send you so many people to you so you can teach them you can remind them what their purpose is why they are here Okay, so I’m being used as a messenger as a messenger, but a very important messenger You are amazing. Thank you very much Would you tell Marco what happened a few years ago when he started gaining weight? What was that all about? It was a lesson he needed to learn See he was awakening spiritually he didn’t know what he was he didn’t know how to handle it and It wasn’t, he can not gain weight He was’t gaining weight it so much energy his body was receiving that it manifested in his body but it was he learned how to manage it and That’s why he thinks he lost all the weight he didn’t lose that weight he learned how to managed that energy He learned how to filter the see What Marco does sometimes That’s why he goes to forest especially forest that have been burned Really? He knows He knows how to use energy on his hands to relive – what do you call it? – those forests To bring life back. Yes To resurrect it To resurrect it, you’ve got it. mm-hmm So he needs to go to Upper California now, where all those fires are begin to He can do it from He doesn’t really need to be there he can do it from anywhere he does it all the time It’s funny because he thinks he We’re doing it We try to do it we without him noticing, but he does He’s smart, he does notice when he’s doing it he thinks his ‘monkey mind’ – what he calls it tells him, you know, that’s weird you ain’t supposed to be doing that but he does it anyway He questions it He’s thinking like: what am I doing? Why am I doing this? and see that’s one of the things, one of the reasons humans are here for So they learn not to question the stuff that they feel They should feel it and if when the feeling made its purpose it will just go away So always follow your guts? Always follow your, oh yeah, you got it Mm-hmm, that’s where you feel it. Yes And if it’s coming from your head That’s the ‘monkey mind’? The monkey mine is trying to keep you distracted of what your real purpose is, but See he knows He knows how to manage it now the monkey mind is very easy to see he came here That type of energy it was a type of energy that was invented to manipulate the human to keep them distracted, from what? what they should be doing But it’s so easy, see It’s like a sword that has two edges He knows how to manipulate it, but he’s so easy to be manipulated again you need to give her a job What kind of job does he need to give his ego? See the ego, it’s just there to keep you distracted You need to…see, the Buddhists, they got this long time ago They got it down Just still your monkey mind and watch the breath Okay, so pay attention to my breath and that’s it? Pay attention to my breath, pay attention to my nose, pay attention to something to keep the monkey mind distracted Is that the best way to meditate? To keep the ego entertained? yes, watch the breath when he starts talking like a monkey, like a Well he started going off on you yesterday, watch the breath he’ll do it because he’s You deny it power Okay, good he tells me that he’s had a Hypnotherapy session before a couple of them But he doesn’t remember anything he feels as if he fell asleep He shouldn’t supposed to remember. He’s not supposed to remember. It was just energy that was sent to him see this happened when When he gained all that lot when he said that he was feeling burned out All that energy He wouldn’t be able to handle it he was thinking about committing suicide at some point Because he didn’t know what was going on and But we that’s why we sent him to the therapist that he mentions We use them, we used that therapist As a conductor for the energy that we were sending Marco to That’s why he knows what to do now because he learned it The energy that we downloaded at that time, in those sessions is the energy that he’s using right now to heal all kinds of stuff Now, I have dealt with other people who don’t know what’s going on with them They feel paranoid they feel as if they feel other people’s feelings They don’t know what to do with it They want to end it all What do we tell those people? that are so desperate, that they don’t know what to do with this energy and their super powers? So you can try to help them but Sometimes they’re so deep into that drama Drama is a very negative energy Doesn’t do any good to people Drama and and anger see even emotions have a level Like angry is the top of the level people shouldn’t be feeling angry anger..I don’t know how to say that, anger? How do you say that when they shouldn’t suppose to be You know, feel anger towards other people because we are all brothers, we are all light beings it’s just that some of these beings that were sent to this plane They were sent to teach the other beings that don’t remember what they’re supposed to be doing so like their parents, for example? kind of like their parents kind of like a mentor really but sometimes we have parents that are very abusive and these children are sent to these parents as teachers? They have a lesson to learn and they actually chose that they made a contract For them to learn that lesson when parents are abusive to them Yeah Well I’m sure they want to know what that lesson is see the lesson is for them to not to Retaliate, but to kind of like it’s a lesson of self-worth It’s a lesson that that teachs them That they’re worth more than even their parents tell them the’re worth we’re not telling them not to listen to their parents we’re telling them yeah listen to them See the abusing part is contract that they chose before they came in here It’s kind of like a spiritual boot camp? Yeah, that’s what that is. So they can get strong? It’s hard That’s why Earth is a very hard planet to come and learn a lesson In other planets, in other planes, in other dimensions it’s not like that see Earth is That’s why we have this kind of like a, I don’t know if that’s a correct word separated Because Earth not Earth, but humans See Earth is a being a very very very wise being But it has so much love in her that She was willing to take humans She was willing to be part of an experiment Which was humans It’s kind of an abusive relationship too, isn’t it? It is abusive, but Earth is healing itself. Okay That’s why you see all these hurricanes and all these Catastrophe, you guys call it they’re not catastrophe, it’s just learning It’s just learning to heal herself Earth is learning What it really is So she’s kind of growing up? It’s growing out of all the Karma Earth has Karma as well Now Marco told me that there are some big electrical towers in his backyard Yes. Are they affecting him? They’re really not No, because he knows how to handle that energy now See he came It’s funny He came at one time and put like a net around his house and energy doesn’t go through that net. Okay and now see he that’s why we say he’s a special being He didn’t put a net only around his house He put a net up around the whole region where those towers are So he’s protecting all the region where those towers are Beings like Marco, special beings they can put healing, they can set protections but again That’s why it’s like a on and off game Because as much healing as you can bring to your clients if they go back to the same negative emotions, and they go back to the drama, and they go back to the to the watching the game on Sunday night I don’t know, whatever they watch The healing that you do, it works but if these people these humans haven’t learned the lesson The healing that you do, it works up to some point but they need to be, they need to learn a lesson There’s no healing that can help them they need to learn that lesson see that’s one of the reasons That’s one of the reasons Marco doesn’t get it with his family We tell him all the time we remind Marco don’t intervene So all those questions that he had about his family’s health is basically mind your own business? Don’t tell them that Yes, you know mind their own businesses there’s gonna be a time when they’re gonna come and look for help that when you You should be ready to help them. Okay when the time comes But they need to ask for that help? They need to, see you got it Alba They need to ask for the help Just like when the clients come to me I don’t accept clients that haven’t come to me on their own behalf You shouldn’t because they’re not ready for it. Correct Even if you heal them with your energy, they won’t receive it because their their Higher Self Particularly they have them in that position for a purpose they need to learn the lesson before they receive the healing Okay, okay Now we were talking about the protection that he put around those towers Should he be using any crystals? or any Pendants or anything like that for protection? He can use You told him what he needs to use those selenites, the pyramids see he goes back to the The pyramids yes the pyramids they’re, that figure for a purpose the pyramids is what you guys know as a plug in the wall Just a conductor of a stronger energy I know he wanted to ask you, why he was so afraid of thunderstorms And you told him, you were exactly right I told him the story of how my dog was terrified of thunderstorms Until I began to feel it also and it was the energy that was being That was coming from the thunder Is that why he was feeling the thunder? because it was the energy He felt the energy since he was a kid because when he came in, when he was a walk-in That was what you call a super power That’s really what it is, I mean It’s a special power that is meant with a purpose It was given to him with a purpose and he’s using it to help He feels the energy and he sends energy? He feels the energy and he knows what to do with it He knows how to harness and heal with the energy Is this something that he should be doing in the future, as a career? Yes He knows He wanted to ask you if it was proper for him to learn Reiki. Yes. What about the Tai Chi or Chi kung? He already knows how to do those So Reiki would be a good one for him to use? Yes He wanted to ask This is funny He wanted to ask you if quantum I don’t know if he did, if quantum healing was People call it too many different names but it’s the same thing as long as it’s healing, as long as it benefits the people that want the help that’s what he should be doing so doesn’t matter what you call it it’s just energy that he has, it’s his gift Yes, yes People that have those gifts, they know it. Okay Yes, some of them are not sure about it yet And that’s why you’re here for, Alba, to remind them Good, thank you He tells me that he’s been doing some meditations lately and he said that when he did mine a while ago he felt That sticking of energy or something throughout his body and then all of the people were cheering What was that? All of the people cheering were what you call your angels Marco has angel’s that you work with. Yes He’s used them before but See at that particular time, that energy was Was kind of like a recharge for him because he’s gonna be a he’s already learning how to use it He’s gonna be a big part of this wave of energy that gonna come He’s gonna, see, he uses his hands Let me show you See he uses his hands because he knows how to move the energy and he knows how to expand it He does this thing with his hand He expands the energy You can see his hand not right now physically but his hands is very very Powerful, it’s yellow, it’s like a bright yellow, kind of like a I don’t know how to explain it but he goes around the forest and He uses his hand kind of like a, what you call a control He just expands Expands the energy and you can see the energy expanding everywhere And when that energy expands everywhere He’s done it a few times already he’s learning He hasn’t mastered it yet but he’s getting there But the energy that he expands see that particular time When that happened it’s because he it didn’t happen only to him It happened to a special group that that we have See there’s more to it than you guys could ever imagine We have the blue birds The blue beings The Blue Avians? Can you tell me a little bit about the blue avians? Those guys are so great Those guys are amazing What are they doing here? They’re here to help They tried… Oh see ah People are so being manipulated They have a contact your your Your government officials from Europe and government before But the wrong officials They try to control the military what the US call the military complex The industrial military complex and they don’t have the best intentions for Humanity But we are, we don’t They don’t have the power to hurt humanity They’re like little kids we let them go so far and then we tell them: ok, enough give us that toy back You don’t know how to use it Now I recently heard that During the times of when they were testing the missiles that there were many UFOs which Disabled them. Yes Were these the Blue Avians or something else? No. These…see, we have a Special groups, if you wanna call it that way we have special groups that are Kind of like they have the Navy and the army and you know those military people we have groups like that, that are meant for a, not a specific purpose, but That was a special group that we sent up from from Venus. From Venus? Yes So the venusians were the ones The ones acting on that part See all the people, all the beings are here from other planets They want to help They don’t want to help humans. They want to help humans In a manner that humans learn how to heal themselves ok And they are doing it They are succeeding they are See the bell, what you call the bell seeings He’s gonna that’s why you I know you ask a lot of you know, what time? When is this gonna happen? Well, we’re gonna have hundreds and thousands of people asking when When is this wave coming? This waves coming very soon well soon could be Soon for a child is different than soon for an adult Yes, and see very soon, there’s that thing again with time you guys try to measure time time cannot be measured time is it’s space But it is very soon I would say within the next year I have it in my mind 2018 2018 that’s when the very first wave is gonna come So there are several waves? Yes Is this like an ocean, that the waves are gonna keep coming? It’s kind of like a tsunami, yes There’s very big waves and there are smaller and some are bigger, some are a little smaller But they don’t have a bad purpose You know we don’t hurt humans and we don’t hurt, you said it before we cannot hurt humans more than they can hurt themselves So this wave that’s coming and everyone talks about this wave is this a wave of energy? Yes Only? and this energy, is this something that’s gonna make us like electrified? No It’s gonna make you wake It’s gonna wake you up So it’s a wave to wake us up to a different plane, a different dimension, a different? People are gonna become more emotional, more in touch with their emotions They’re gonna learn really what their purpose is in this plane they’re gonna remember See the very first wave is very important because Because it’s gonna remind, it’s gonna wake up people to the sense that they’re gonna remind They’re gonna remember what their purpose is in here That’s why we need you so much, Alba Because I know you sometimes feel kind of like burned out That’s an understatement But we really really need you, Alba I know you’re working on a book and that is very very good Actually, you’re working on several works books and see, this is what happens with Time, your books are done They just haven’t come out yet Why don’t you just send them to me, so I don’t have to work anymore? See because, that’s a thing that If we send it to you What benefit would it be for you? I wouldn’t get tired? Oh yes yes, but See when you get tired you just need to rest, Alba They knocked me down in Australia, that’s for sure That’s why when you were feeling that flu that hit you so hard see That’s why we sent dr. Joe Dispenza because he really relates to that There’s another doctor that Marco forgot to mention to you he’s a doctor from Spain The he is… I’m trying to remember his name He has several books too You’ll find them on your – [is that youtube] what you call it? you’ll find them there He is a doctor that relates also. He works a lot of, on knowledge See he works a lot of on people that They, see, when humans get sick they hurt themselves, nobody else does it for them See the flu has a meaning The flu is telling you to rest I know, I had to rest in a very beautiful place See but but it’s a contradiction because Your body wants you to rest your Higher-Self wants you to rest but we need you working, so Yeah, it is a contradiction So can you tell him a little bit about the Dr. Greer meditation that he had? he said that he was lifted into space and went through a wormhole and ended up looking down at this cave in the middle of nowhere That was quite a trip, yeah What was this deserted area in some planet that he saw? It wasn’t just that We took him first We took him back to where he belongs Where does he come from? He comes from energy hmm See, that’s why we say he’s a special being You are from the same place, Alba You guys don’t belong here you guys were sent on a special Mission, if you wanna call it that way but uh You guys come from a very different I don’t wanna say dimension But you guys are see we have We have several levels on on masters that are here on earth that’s why you have like Jesus Jesus, what you call him? The other, that you will guys call Jeovah? Jeovah and The Dalai Lama Allah, all of these beings are ascended masters. That’s what we call it. Yes but You are not an ascended master, you are higher than that you come from a very special place On this universe you and Marco and many others and you guys know it because you guys can feel that You guys feel that you guys don’t belong in this place and that’s why you guys do your own thing Break all the rules? Break all the rules because See rules, it goes back to the same thing, back and back again See even, I know I know people have see it’s very strange because If you mention where the Bible came from people get all emotional about it And they start defending their beliefs and It shouldn’t be that way The Bible was sent here with the purpose as well and it was a good purpose until the humans got in the way they started to twist spacious here and try to explain to people a different meaning than what it really is And so people start to believe and that’s why you have so many religions see if you say You want to call it that way. Mmm-hmm All of these religions there’s only one religion, that’s law just the true religion There’s no really see If you wanna follow a religion I’m not trying to tell you: follow these guys But these guys are so wise, these guys are Because these guys were some of the very first beings light beings that came to Earth you have And Marco follows them very well he has, he follow Dalai Lama and See these are very special beings these are like him See, Marco’s body is just a Is just like a automobile The being that is inside, Marco is a is a light being but it’s a different kind of light It’s just like yours You guys are so powerful You guys have no idea No, I don’t Talking about energy Is Dr. Steven Greer going to succeed in bringing free energy? Yes He is? Yes He’s already working on it The government has suppressed until this point but there’s gonna come a time when that’s not gonna happen Is this wave of energy going to help bring this about? see this wave of energy is gonna wake up humans For them to have more open-minded To be more open-minded to different things that exist in this world not just what they are being told exists That’s why we See this wave was Was programmed by, you wanna call it You see, we don’t really program things Where we come from Even God doesn’t really program this see God and all these other beings that comes from other planets They already have See it’s very interesting because they have already learned the lessons about emotions but somehow Humans are so curious That they bring up more lessons that they haven’t learned yet, you know all this That’s why they’re so amazed with humans because as much as violent as they are As much as they try to destroy themselves several times we won’t let that happen because they In other planets it’s not We will put a stop to see we stopped that long time ago That’s why That’s why we don’t let they talk too much about all this The world war, wherever you guys call it That’s not gonna happen World War III? That’s why nothing happens when something comes close to it We send energy for for the right people to make the right choices to stop that from happening because that is not gonna happen because see, wars are part of a karma And karma is not good anymore for haha Do you hear that? That’s funny? he See People think that they need to eat so much they don’t, that’s why they get obese They don’t really need to eat that much They don’t need to be beef they should stay away from beef because all the stuff that is going on in beef all the hormones all the antibiotics, all these chemicals that they That they see we’re working on that too We’re working on that energy to heal See that’s why all this comes back to the same thing this wave of energy is gonna wake people up So people know the truth about what’s going on and also for these beings are hurting these animals they’re gonna stop doing it hmm What would be his best diet? cuz right now you had him fasting He’s been, he hasn’t had anything to eat all day because We had to, you told him it had to be that way Because when he was see if he would have eaten something remember when he was shaking? mmm-hmmm He wouldn’t have handled the food you would have to have a bucket right next to him we We made you a favor, Alba. Oh good. Thank you Could you help him with his diet and exercise? He’s already doing it. He’s doing a great job Are the smoothies and vegetable juice good? Yes Anything he can improve on? Yes He puts out He puts the plant-based – powders? yes powders on his shakes. Yeah. Don’t do that go get the real stuff Preferably organic, he’s doing it. He’s eating organic. Which is very very good for him, for anybody I know people see it depends how you look at it Because people think, you know organic food is so expensive and so hard to find But we tell them like it is either you eat fine And you keep your body healthy and the way it’s supposed to be or we’ll give you a disease Oh, it came out wrong We don’t give you a disease we give you a lesson for you to stop doing what you’re doing That’s why people get obese There why people get heart attacks That’s why people get All these problems that has to do with them eating too much They don’t need to eat so much You know what you really need to eat on a day? Just frozen vegetables and occasionally seeds And seeds? yes Seeds are really good for your Digestion – is that what you call it? Digestion system. Yes Yeah, that’s what seeds do to you What of those people who have Diverticulitis, where the seeds get caught up in their intestines? See that ah It’s funny all those diseases, that you call them They’re not really diseases They’re lessons that they need to learn it’s a different meaning See they don’t I know what you’re talking about it kind of like put in little holes You know they’re supposed to get stuck on your System in the system input. Yes Put holes in there the seeds are not doing it We are mm-hmm. We’re trying to teach you a lesson Okay Now I thought that this planet was a free will planet and it seems to me that when you talk about ‘we’, is it the Higher Self or are others manipulating us? It’s uh, see we are manipulating That – if you want to call it that way But it’s with a bigger purpose It’s like, you have kids, right? and you sometimes do stuff for your kids to learn the lesson even Even if it’s gonna hurt them a little Because you know, you’re not mean to them. You know how far to go That’s exactly the same way with us We give you a we don’t really give you a disease we give you a lesson that then you manifest into a disease But you do it all by yourself We don’t do that for you. Okay So when people come here for healing from one of these diseases Have they learned the lesson? They are on their way to learning the lesson That’s why they come to you. Okay because see when they come to you That’s why we don’t need you helping people that don’t come to you because He needs to ah we’re working on fixing all his, you see all that cracking on his bones? It’s just, when he was a kid Before the walk-in when he was a kid he used to walk barefooted on the cement all the time and it created some type of What do you call it? Arthitis? But it’s not really arthitis See, it’s a lesson It’s exactly what we were trying to explain we don’t give you a disease we give you a lesson and then you manifest it into a disease You do that all by yourself and since you do that all by yourself you can fix it But sometimes we need to that’s why we send people to you, Alba because sometimes they can not do it on their own they need you That’s why all the people that we send you that’s because they are right there on their path of learning their lesson And they just need a little bit of help with the healing and that’s why you’re doing That’s what Marco is gonna be doing too. Good good so We were talking about his body What’s going on with his eyes? He says that he’s got a blurred line in his right eye What is that lesson? We put that in there What is that? That for him to stop putting stuff that he’s not supposed to be putting in his body He learned it so that Eventually within the next year or so it’s gonna go away by themselves Because he has learned that he just need to do the extra weight that he still has he was very very heavy He got so heavy see that’s a thing some of the See we go back to the same thing we gave him some energy But he misunderstood it and he started putting up weight on his own That wasn’t part of us and he put way too much on his own We put him on the edge when people are kind of like having See that’s why we say people think that things happen out of – what do you call it? I’m trying to think of the word and you will understand Coincidence nothing is by coincidence Nothing Even meeting people? No, nothing is coincidental there you go, you have the word Why didn’t you give it to me, Alba? nothing is coincidental, everything has a purpose even Marco being here today it’s not coincidental We sent him here He came a long way. Yes He really hated that first flight was four hours Anyway it was horrible But we told him I don’t know if he told you that we talk to him And he started, see that’s one of the things he already started trusting us Trusting the voices he calls the voices in his head He knows already that his Higher Self is he was gonna ask you how would I recognize the voice of my Higher Self? very easy, it’s him Is everybody their Higher Selves in themselves Yeah. Just a different dimension – not a different dimension a different level the Higher Self is and they need it, humans do need us Now when you address yourself, you always say us Why is the higher self…? We are One One love. That’s why the just to say Is it ‘us’ between you, Marco and the Higher-Self? or is the Higher Self all of the Higher Selves? we work together but not It’s us being him, his guides and his angels and his See People, depending on see, this is the thing people depending on their beliefs They have a ascended master That’s why you have Dalai Lama and you have Jesus Christ and you have Jeovah Because that’s their beliefs see religion were invented with a good purpose as well Well I’ve dealt with the prophets and the gurus. No, those are But everybody has a belief system. Oh yes, but People should stay away from those people They’re not gurus I don’t know it’s funny Go higher. Go higher, there you go. Okay good Now should Marco be moving somewhere? to where he can enjoy the scenery more? he’s thinking of Washington or another place He’s not moving to Washington not in the near future Because we need him – just like we need you in Miami we need him where he is right now. He’s doing a job in there and he’s Eventually, see Marco’s future is very very Prosperous, is that a good word? Yes Because he’s uh he doesn’t really get flights but he’s gonna be traveling a lot because He is gonna little by little he’s gonna learn those techniques He’s gonna learn how to heal. He knows how to heal people, but he’s gonna We just haven’t sent him people yet because he needs to Learn a little more But he will know when the time is right see he hates his job Because it’s so boring to him but he needs to understand that job has also a purpose As his presence he’s helped so many people you should see his work He has opened eyes of so many people at his work that It seems to be the case with a lot of light workers that they don’t like their job, but it seems that they’re there for their co-workers Yes, that’s exactly right they are there to help their co-workers yes, their presence alone is helping them so much, but we We give them the right energy to help their co-workers see everybody, all of the volunteers They are doing their own part They are doing, little by little they are helping all the people that they need to help That’s why we kind of like divided this dimension into two Earths Because some of these people are gonna have to come back and relearn the lesson But we try to save as many people as possible because they don’t we need the people on the New Earth mmm-hmm What is this New Earth going to be like? Oh Beautiful mmm-hmm it’s going to be beautiful because First of all, you don’t have all those negative energies because we see that’s one of the things that Marco is doing On this New Earth He’s again doing his Energy, that he’s supposed to be doing to protect, put like a ring around the New Earth And a lot of other beings are doing it the Blue Avians are doing it, are doing their part Very very well They have See they have spheres it’s really interesting how they came up with these spheres Tell me about them. Yes These spheres that they have They create them with their mind they manifested them But these spheres are special these spheres are all around this Universe in different spots You look at that You have your solar system mm-hmm and we put them in different spots Because that’s where the waves are gonna come through and each individual sphere is supposed to be a job See those spheres are supposed to canalize the energy that is coming to Earth mm-hmm so as they They bring that energy through is it supposed to be stronger, as it gets through? No, that’s why we put him there. Okay. It’s supposed to canalize it and make a softer So it won’t blow us away No, no see doesn’t, wasn’t gonna people have this understanding – misunderstanding that, you know When this energy comes there’s gonna be all these disasters and these catastrophes No, It’s not like that This energy is a spiritual energy this energy is is for not beings like you, Alba, because you’re already there and so is Marco But he needs to learn more and so is so many others are on their path to learning more about it But for the people that are not there yet this energy is for those people. Okay not for Not for the volunteers see a lot of the new kids we call the Starchilds they already have that you want to call – programming They already have that in them So they already know? They already know that’s why if you look at kids They’re so special because See Marco was gonna ask you He didn’t wanna bombard you with all kinds of questions One of his question was about autism Can you tell me about autism? Yes Autism is all of these Kids does apparently have autism it’s just the doctors or the humans, they don’t understand that kind of energy yet But these guys are special they don’t have no disease autism doesn’t exist See none of the diseases exist you guys Manifest, I mean you guys think that they exist But they only exist because you guys think they exist see when somebody says I have a headache or I have a flu You are giving your focus, you’re focusing yourself on that Giving energy to that thought That’s what really gives it to you but it’s kind of like Here’s a headache Yeah, you wanted it. You asked for it mm-hmm We don’t we wouldn’t give it to you we don’t give it to you you give it to yourself but Well I give it to me, myself when I have caffeine. Oh, yes. That’s a lesson, don’t drink that stuff No, I don’t drink caffeine caffeine See there’s nothing wrong with caffeine, not even tobacco, but Humans have Used so many chemicals on those things See, that’s why they have so much hate Is that what you call it? so many misunderstandings towards all these drugs like marijuana Marijuana is a plant that has this chemical that works on your brain to relax you there’s nothing wrong with it it becomes wrong when you mix it up with chemicals but when you use see people in South America they drink teas made out of marijuana leaves and What do you call – the coca coca leaf? Yes Because it’s a medicine, it’s not a drug It becomes a drug when you mix it up with chemicals And that’s what they do with the coffee? Yes. Which is the allergic reaction that I get. Yes they put so many chemicals: chloral and aluminum and so many Mercury, so many chemicals that you guys wouldn’t believe Is it affecting the minds of people? It’s affecting their pineal gland So all that coffee is affecting the pineal gland? Yes mm-hmm It makes them I don’t want to put it that way I don’t wanna say it makes them dumb It numbs them down? No, dumb Dumbs them down? Yes, there you go Yes. Yes, you got it. So is that why there’s so many coffee chains out there? It’s again that energy that energy is still That energy from the Annunaki is still around us but only if you give permission to it Okay see there’s Something that Marco didn’t tell you he was about to tell you he wanted to know what that was like That’s what I mean by when you let that energy hit you When he was a kid that energy recognized who he was and tried to penetrate him He didn’t let it do it Didn’t let that happen He thought it was a nightmare It wasn’t a nightmare He’ll tell you that he saw a black butterfly, like a moth It wasn’t a butterfly or moth It was the black energy that tried to He recognized who he was and he tried to stop them Because he will contradict what they’re trying to do But see, they’re not all that negative energy, they’re not very powerful We are much just you humans are much more powerful than them they become powerful when you give them the power Would you tell him about his tattoo on the right shoulder, what does that mean? That’s from back with the Mayans the Mayans? Yes. What does it signify? It’s a key. He told you like he sees a team Print it up and turn it around and it’s a key ok He’ll know, when the time comes what that key means he’s gonna go back to Yucatan to To use that energy and he’ll know how to use the key when he goes to the Riviera Maya. Okay good Now he has questions about his dogs He wants to know how the dogs are doing and how he can talk to them Let me see if they want to. Mm-hmm Yes. mm-hmm So who can we talk to with today? Beegee [quas] Okay, can I speak with Beegee Quas? Yes, thank you Beegee Quas, how are you? Good What would you like to tell Marco today? We miss him, we don’t know where he is Tell me how you’re feeling We love him so much See We love him so much he saved our lives mm-hmm What do you feel from Marco? He’s our leader we have before we are not his, but we’re his We are from where same planet as he is we just took a different form on this plane But we are his company, okay And what is your purpose for being in his life? We helped him up We helped him Keep his mind on the right direction Mm-hmm okay so he can do his energy healing very good Beegee Cuas, what about the other dogs? Hmm, do you wish to speak to them? Yes okay who would you like to bring forward this time? Caroche want’s to talk to him Okay, Caroche, how are you today? Good What would you like to tell Marco? We care so much you care so much for him? tell him He feels what we feel Living on this planet is very strange because people think we’re stupid, we’re not stupid We are so intelligent, we are so smart you think you you think you went to See we met you, you didn’t meet us That meeting was not coincidental Whenever you have a pet It’s because that was meant to be You come to us? Yes For a reason? For a mission? Yes We understand more about energy than you do and we teach you how to use it I noticed that when a human is sick an animal will lay on our feet, for example yes What do you do when that happens? we do the same thing Marco does with his hands You just absorbing the energy? Giving us energy? We don’t absorb it, we conduct it Okay, you conduct the healing energy? Yes, we transform it into healing energy mm-hmm very good Do you have anything else you say to him? We love him Good, is there anyone else that would like to speak to Marco? Yes, Zoila Let me speak with Zoila, please Hello Zoila, why are you so afraid of most things? It’s a lesson What lesson are you learning? not to be afraid of stuff what has happened to you, that made you so afraid? I was abused on a different lifetime. Yes So are you still learning from that lifetime? Yes mm-hmm When do you think this lesson will be over? now that you have such a loving Human to help you I’m learning, this is gonna be it you don’t need to be afraid anymore. No because I’m not afraid anymore There’s also an attachment. There is? yes what attachment is there? In the stomach all right, can we release that attachment today? Yes. Go inside, let’s connect with that attachment and see what this attachment is would you allow me to speak with it? Thank you, so I’m gonna put my hand over your stomach and bring it up up up up up up good evening Who am I speaking with this evening? Dolphix What is it? Dolphix? What are you? I am a will and what are you doing stuck in Zoila’s stomach? I got trapped there mmm-hmm when was this? Well long time ago mmm-hmm Why is it that you haven’t been able to leave? I don’t know where to go hmm Well Dolphix, it’s very easy for you to transform out of that body Would you like me to help you? Yes please Dolphix, everything was created by the Creator and inside of you there is a spark of light Find that spark of light. Mm-hmm All right, now make that light as big as you are and tell me how that feels good now that spark of light is allowing you to transform into anything And it’s allowing you to go back to Source or back to your home planet Where would you like to go now, Dolphix? Source. all right, so go ahead and go up through the top of her head and release yourself from Zoila And go follow that light And tell me when you get there, okay ok Mm-hmm how does it feel to be back with Source? So many animals What do you see there? So many animals mm-hmm Specially sea animals. I’m where I belong very good, so Dolphix, may the Light of the Universe accompany you and enjoy Your new transformation into light. Thank you Let me speak with Zoila. How do you feel now? Better. Very good, thank you so much. Is there anything else that you would like to tell Marco today? He calls me his baby. I love him. We all do Very good Zoila, who else is there, that would like to speak with him? Nacha. mm-hmm so Nacha, let me speak with you, please Hello. Hello Nacha, how are you feeling today? Good. What would you like to tell Marco? Thank you. mm-hmm Thank you so much I was being abused in my other house That’s why I decided to leave and live on the street But I found him You found the right human, didn’t you? I recognized his energy Have you known him from different lifetimes? No. No, but you knew that energy would help? Yes. Very good Is there anything else you would like to tell? Wait We’re waiting for him to come back. Very good. Thank you so much Is there anything that Marco would like to ask any of his dogs? Just wanted to make sure they were okay I love so much that I just wanted to make sure they were all right mm-hmm very good Let’s take a deep breath in and let me speak with your Higher-Self Has that helped all of them, to be able to communicate? Yes, it helped Marco too. Very good Now Marco had a very very strong bond with his grandmother, Maria Can you tell me how Maria is now? She’s great mm-hmm Can he communicate with her? yes to ease his pain. Let me speak now, take a deep breath in. Let me speak with Maria, please Maria, good evening Take a deep breath in and let me speak with your Higher-Self Thank you very much for allowing that today Is there anything in his body that we need to take care of today? Could you do a scan and see how his chakras are doing, his aura, his organs? He’s been taking care of himself he’s all good very good Is there a message that you would like to give Marco or the world today? Marco You’re doing great, buddy You are doing great we need you we need you doing what Alba’s doing not exactly the same thing but But your own thing you’ll know when it’s time not very far because You can ask Alba how the life goes you might not like it You enjoy what you’re doing, but is it’s a lot of work You need to get ready for it Do you have anything to tell others? Yes Don’t be afraid You need to let go, I know You guys say that a lot you need to let go of Karma, you need to let go of fear We are helping you do that But you need to work on your own you need to put your part too we cannot do it for you Even if you allow us to do it for you we can do only so much You need to do your part you See you need to start eating healthy you need to start doing your part too eating healthy Except you don’t really need to exercise so much as you think people think they need to live in the gym they don’t need that They need to walk They need to do whatever is joyful for them If they like running, run if they like playing sports, play those sports, don’t compete Competition is a bad energy Don’t be competing with your With your other brothers See when you compete That should be for you to become a better person not for you to become better than the other But do what you enjoy the most as long as you don’t harm Other beings Like hunting, like fishing You need to understand that’s creating Karma on you Because you’re hurting other beings that are here to help you But You exercise it well and you should Be good, you shouldn’t have any problems Because we are working on the spiritual part We are doing our part please help us, do your part, which is the easiest, believe me very good Are we complete today? Yes, yes, we’re thank you very much Welcome back You did a wonderful work these things are burning Well, let’s switch them with something that will ground you Let’s put some Shungite in there they ground you, how do they feel? oh way colder, this is good So what do you think about this session? You got a lot of information I can remember some parts mm-hmm what parts do you remember? I remember my dogs your dogs huh huh, what about the rest of it? I remember the Mayans The Mayans, something about the Mayans something about the energy mm-hmm something about the pyramids That’s it Yes, well you got a lot of learning to do with these sessions How do you feel? How does your body feel? I feel Great, I feel light, I feel calm, like very very calm mm-hmm I don’t know, it’s hard to explain compared to how you came in Yes, you feel good. Yes like when I came in I felt a Little anxious because I knew what it was gonna be like, because I do the meditations But I didn’t know how the experience would go and you still don’t know how it went no I remember some parts of it but uh, I don’t know I remember very very little Well it seemed to have it a session for the portal to learn about stuff so you’ve got quite a mission Healing me healing nearly yes Yes, I mean I felt it. Yeah, we’ve knew we knew each other in Mayan times Huh as soon as your higher-self started talking was like I was there with you he’s very strings our higher self because I didn’t know I Don’t know where he came in Right at the beginning really you were knocked out in fact you were put to sleep around yeah, dairy my induction you were knocked out and you were taken out of there, and then your higher-self came writing I Remember I remember moving my mouth. I don’t remember what I was saying really I remember me Just talking I can I could see myself talking, but I wasn’t in control of it I was just talking and her mouth was moving, but yes, you weren’t hearing the words. I I was It’s a strange I was there, but I was not there. I was just there as an expected. That’s enough I’m sorry were you listening or were you hearing or I was she does the thing I was listening sometimes I start listening one about the Mayans. I didn’t remember the whole thing I Started listening, but then it was like why’d you go I? Can only step aside first and then I think? You know whoever was talking keep on talking and talking oh? And I was just I wasn’t really listening how long do you feel that over all this I have no idea Just give em An hour comes from like two hours two hours wow What was I saying for two hours? See you remember your grandmother? Yes Yes You were there for that Yes Yes, I don’t see I can talk about my grandmother now. Yeah before I couldn’t speak about her. You’re good Yes, that’s been healed. Yes. Doc you feeling yeah somewhere around here yes, I fell when she see I know when she was talking because I felt the energy coming in Here, this is beautiful So this was a really amazing session I felt like oh my god. We talked about so many things What’s the what’s the thing that you remember from the session? I didn’t remember there was Parts. I was talking about energy Yeah, I was supposed to be did you feel any energy yes in your body? Oh yes the beginning I? Was shaking I see well. I was picking up something Like the stove picking up energy Hey, why not right so we talked about so many different things We talked about animals We talked about What death really is we talked about this amazing energy wave that’s coming? We talked a lot about that energy wave and how people had to prepare for it and I remember that book Yeah, kind of easily was that this all speak mm-hmm because I would think that Sarah Mary wasn’t you was a yeah? I always thought it was a picture while green book. Yeah the soul So you saw that we talked about the new earth about there’s different earths some people are gonna Go to one earth another we talked about the hurricanes And why there’s so much going on over here? We talked about all these? Volunteers that have come in to earth at this time whom to help well Yeah, you have a really important mission here You know really important we we were told turn off the TVs stop Stop watching all of this stuff on TV because it’s this energy that Is really not good? I don’t mean you know what she made my Very little yeah with with other people who watch TV You have a lot of different Archangels that are working with you Raphael Michael Forget the other one well, we’ll see it We talked about the blue avians remember those guys how they look you saw them yes, how do they look It was a strange Fear they have on their feet that were standing in front of like a podium really in front of a podium it was one of them aha and there was a lot of I Don’t know what to say older like that We wasn’t people it was in humans there were other beings like forms on the bottom, but these guys look So wait for the avian this avian addressing other peoples yes, that’s what you saw when you were honest I remember what he said what what was going on? He was my son speaking Wow He look on his hands were different since we’re like It was very strange there was feathers come on on this side, and they would like red and blue but they would change colors really yeah, I was it was beautiful and His chest was kind of like a like a bird mm-hmm, but at the same time He was like a human form hmm his face was so kind of like a dog like a duck like a dog But his eyes were like oh like hey You know, huh? And he’s he got feathers for his hair Wow I was dangerous Was he big yes, he was tall really I don’t know how to tell you so he seemed very good He seemed very authoritative. I mean no he seemed more like a what. I got when I son what I felt it he it was more like a like like a commander, but the canola kinda friend kind of like asking ah You one looking like did my hand in or something. Okay, come on like a friendly young commander wonderful We also talked to your dogs. We talked about autism we talked about There was a trapped entity in one of your dogs Mm-hmm so Yeah, so really So What expectations did you have when you came over here? If you came a long way yes yes, yes I didn’t really I remember you say what your videos not to have any expectations that I try to keep it that way but I was down expectations I will say I Wanted I wanted to find some of the answers the hopefully I did mm-hmm you. Did you get all your have your answers? Oh really. Yes, you know not many yes that many We’re in Sarasota, Florida right now, and how far did you travel to see me from Ontario, California? That’s a long journeys pretty tired and you were Fasted today because otherwise you’d be losing your food. That’s what they told me that had they Had you had something to eat It would have been yeah, that’s right, so what would you like to tell everybody how to prepare for a session? How did you prepare for for this are you really prepared were you listening to the I remember listening for like about a week to Guided meditation yes, and especially yours it helped yes, yes, yes, so that’s a good way for them Yes, because I guess you get used to your voice Yeah, that’s yeah something was something in there, but I know he helped because he make made it easier for me Yeah, so going to whatever you know The Tramp where you come, how does your body feel? It feels great. I mean when I came here. Yes from the flight and had a really bad cake on my back. It’s gone Means I mean my some of us even like food right here Do you feel the energy still in your hand yes, would you like to send some of that energy to everybody? Well do it. Okay. Good good Very good, so go ahead and set the intention send some energy, okay Okay very good. Well. Thank you very much for watching. I hope you received some of that energy. I felt in my gut and if you want to look me up go to Alba women.com and I am booked way way ahead, but I do travel all around the world just sign up for my newsletter go to my out-of-town page Sign up on the bottom and when I’m going somewhere I will send you a newsletter and tell you where it is and as soon as you see a city near you Sign up real fast. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this one. I certainly did and catch you next time You

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