1997-2018 F150 Raxiom 3″ Square LED Light – Flood Beam Review & Install

The three-inch Raxiom cube light should appeal
to the ’97 through present truck owners out there who are looking for a bunch of light-put,
but out of a relatively small package, and best of all, one that will be super-affordable
compared to some of your other big-name options in the category. In fact, the Raxiom here, coming in right
around 30 bucks. The power and ground install, going to be
pretty straightforward when it comes time to get this puppy wired up, so let’s call
it a strong one-out-of-three wrenches on the difficulty meter. And we’ll have a little bit more detail on
that later in the video. Now, first things first here, guys, the Raxiom
three-inch cube that we are talking about in this video does feature a flood pattern,
and not a spot pattern. So, for those of you looking for a fog light
or driving light, this will not be for you. Instead, it’s going to be a great option for
those off-road lights, maybe to be used as a backup option for auxiliary lights on those
dark nights, or of course, lighting up the dark backroads, trails, things like that. But, again, because it is a flood pattern,
best not to be used while on the road, otherwise, you will be blinding oncoming traffic. Let’s break down what these lights are all
about, talk about the guts, construction, things like that. Now, on the surface, you’re going to be looking
at a finned die-cast aluminum housing, which has then been finished off in a satin black
powder coat. Now, on the front, you’ve got a very durable
polycarbonate lens, which is then sealed to the housing, giving you that IP, or waterproof
rating, of the IP67, and that’s going to be pretty standard in the category for most of
your entry to mid-level lighting. Going to protect it from basic condensation,
and actually allow for immersion up to one meter of water. So, you can put these things through the ringer,
not have to worry about them failing or fogging up on you. And if you do run into any issues, Raxiom
does have your back with a two-year limited warranty. But, going even further into the Raxiom, you’re
going to find four individual three-watt Cree LEDs, putting out a rather impressive 1,200-plus
lumens at that 6,000 K color temperature, which is essentially that bright white light
with a small touch of blue. Now, this is a pretty common color temperature
in the LED world, and therefore, should match other aftermarket LED lighting, or even some
factory HID or LED headlights, if your truck is equipped. Now, as far as what you receive with the Raxiom
cube light, well, what you see is pretty much what you get here, gang. You’re receiving the light itself, along with
a simple two-wire pigtail, bracket, and some hardware to mount this guy wherever you pretty
much want to. They are sold individually, so if you’re looking
for a pair to throw on the front or back of your truck, just make sure you grab a second
one when ordering. Now, also, guys, this is just a simple power
and ground install, so if you have the supplies to wire this thing up at home, just make sure
you got a relay switch, the whole nine yards there, or if you want, we do have some optional
pre-wired harnesses available for around 20 bucks. Just going to make the wiring process a much
easier one. Now seems like a great time to segue into
the installation. And, again, I am sticking with a strong 1
out of 3 wrenches on the difficulty meter, maybe 30 minutes to an hour of your time,
depending on how proficient you are in wiring. Listen, it’s not everybody’s favorite topic. Some guys are a lot better at it than others. But, this one is pretty much as easy as it
gets. You do have to factor in your power, your
ground, of course a relay, and a switch. But, once you have that all figured out, it’s
basically just running your wires, finding a location to mount this thing, getting the
switch wired up, and that’s pretty much it. So, basic hand tools here, including your
wiring stuff, whether you want to use a soldering iron, or butt connectors, crimpers, things
like that. The sky’s the limit, but basically, a very
simple entry into the land of wiring. If you’re not very familiar with wiring, this
is definitely going to be a great place to start for you. So, that is my review of the Raxiom three-inch
cube light, which you can grab right here at americantrucks.com.

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