1999-2003 F150 Raxiom 1400 Lumen LED Fog Light Conversion Kit Review & Install

The Raxiom fog light LED conversion kit is
available for any 1999 and newer F-150 owners looking to brighten up their fog lights with
a complete LED swap, for a clearer, high-quality light, while sticking to the classic white
color output. This option is a 1,400-lumen LED, making it
one of the brightest options on the market to light up the road. So this is great for guys looking for a nearly
blinding light, great for off-roading, and safety and visibility. The installation is a direct plug-and-play
swap. So expect one out of three wrenches on our
difficulty meter, which I’ll talk about later on. If you’re the owner of an F-150 dating all
the way back to ’99, then you know the factory fog light bulbs aren’t exactly the brightest
options in the world, or the most efficient either. They tend to be a bit on the yellowish side,
which is not great for off-road or worksite visibility. Switching to an LED alone is a great idea
for lighting up the road ahead. But switching to a 1,400-lumen LED option
is one that will light up a whole lot more than just a few feet in front of you. It’s perfect for the utmost clarity and whiteness. Aside from visibility, it just simply adds
a cleaner styling. White is something everyone can agree looks
great, and it makes a huge difference with front-end styling. But honestly, it’s so bright, I don’t know
that anyone is going to be looking directly at it without squinting. Some of the other options on the market offer
a yellow tint for your fog lights. Others offer yellow incandescents. LED conversions will be all around the better
choice for quality and visibility, simply because they offer a newer technology, whether
you’re going with white or yellow. Speaking of new technology, these offer a
power-saving SMD technology, which produces a super-white light, while consuming only
1/10 of the power of the stock incandescent bulbs, resulting in 100,000 hours of continuous
use. That’s definitely not something stock bulbs
would be able to boast, nor a lot of the other options on the market. On top of the 1,400 lumens, the color output
is rated at 6,000k, so it surpasses many HID kits, which are actually a ton more expensive. If you’re looking to pick up this LED conversion
kit, you can do so for just north of $100. Which compared to an HID alternative and a
not-so-bright OEM replacement, they’re in my personal opinion very much worth the buy. I myself would absolutely pick up a pair of
white LED conversions for my own car and my own truck. The white just offers a cleaner appearance
with a classic styling. Switching over to the install aspect of things,
as I said in the beginning, these are an extremely simple job to get done. It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. Definitely giving it one out of three wrenches
on our difficulty meter. All you’ll need to do is get under your front
end, unplug the factory wiring harness from the stock bulb, twist the old ones out, replace
them with the new LEDs, made to be a direct-fit replacement, and then plug the wiring harness
into the back of the bulbs. Plug the other end into your factory harness,
repeat for the opposite side, and you’re good to go. If you’re the owner of a 1999 and newer F-150,
you might be looking at the Raxiom 1,400-lumen LED conversion kit for your fog lights, which
gives you a brighter light here, which you can find right here at americantrucks.com.

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