2 Weeks after beaver dam removal

Here is the beaver dam right after the destruction You can see most of the beaver lodge Here is the result 2 weeks after the beaver dam removal Beaver already building the new dam Hunters got 2 beavers in this weekend, so let’s see how much are left Let’s take a look to another side of the road

16 thoughts on “2 Weeks after beaver dam removal

  1. NB! If you like to see my comments then turn on the subtitles! Or just watch the footage 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Looks like the beavers are back! Nothing a long stick excavator and a 22 magnum can't handle 😉

  3. You should take some gas or diesel and burn the beaver lodge down this way they have to move…

  4. They should have blown up the beaver lodge. I have seen a lot of beaver dams torn part but the beaver lodge is never touched. The beaver lodge should be burned up.

  5. AFH Projects – I just watched a video where the man laid several long PVC tubes, with many holes drilled all over the length of the tubes, right where the beavers keep building their dams. He only removed the middle portion of the dam, deep, to install the tubes. The next day he came back to see what the beavers would do. Well, they did rebuild over the pipes, they even tried to block the opening of the pipes, but they couldn't figure out that the pipes had holes drilled in them.
    Four mths later, the water still kept draining regardless of the dam built over them. Very little maintenance.
    Something for you to think about. I found the videos for you to view. I'll post both of them for you.

    #1 – Busting a Beaver Dam and Draining the Pond

    #2 – Return to the Beaver Pond

  6. I remember a place in the woods I used to romp through as a child where there was a creek running through it. Came back years later and it is all impassible swamp land because the damn beavers dammed up the creek.

  7. You have to love those beaver. They NEVER give up, and will continue to rebuild the dam. The only sure way to stop the dam building is to trap them out. I have trapped beaver for many years and can say with confidence, if you do not remove the beaver, they will multiple and your problem will grow to unimaginable size. After thirty some years of trapping beaver, I am still fascinated by them. They are beautify, intelligent, and very hard working, they are also members of the rodent family and multiple as such. Properly harvested, they are a never ending renewable resource that provides meat for the table, castor for perfumes etc…, and fur for warm clothing in winter. Beaver are truly one of God`s finest creations.

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