20.000 l/h River Stream Flow Tank Aquarium – Double Bottom Aquascape explained

hey guys – what’s up
welcome to a new video in this video as you can see behind me
I’m here at Sebastian his place and we’re filming the I dont know, kind of update for you You’ve been asking how is the whole hardware working? What is in the bottom part of the tank? Like in this double bottom,
how is the flow working? What filter is he using? The Light, the Co2
basically all the hardware of this aquarium and it’s gonna be probably another video
I will show you how the plants have developed and now without any further ado
let’s go over to Sebastian and check out all the hardware part Okay guys, by now you know how it works
I will go behind the camera and ask Sebastian the questions about the tank.
By the way, all the questions that you have submitted within the community tab and
on my Instagram channel and I guess I got a couple from Facebook as well Here we have from a German brand AquaGrow:
DIY LED bars you can put them together with the controller and then you have up to six channels
to change the color you like it’s customizable,
you can choose from different colors or RGB LED bars and then with the controller, you can adjust them the wiring you have to do by your own so you have the cables running out from the LED bars to the controller and you have to match them in the controller on the right direction and then plugging in power supply
and it works its really easy, but some guy with “two left hands” I don’t know…
but the most common guys can handle this This is a custom build tank from Aquarienbau Emmel. We have here a fake bottom and here’s the real bottom and between
there are some support with glass so that the water can run through it on one side
we have a strong pump from seawater aquaristics who sucks in one side the water
and pump it through all the double bottom on the other side
where the water comes out so this generates circular laminar flow, like in the nature. You have a river from one side
to the other side the flow is coming and here is the same.
So it’s really natural. On the two sides I’ve tried on my own,
to make some support for the fish. That the fish didn’t start suck into the pump
on the bottom layer but the flow was not good,
it was really terrible. And then I contacted Panta Rhei, because this whole project is do-it-yourself with a lot of help from the aquarium builder and Panta Rhei was so nice to print for me the original protection for each side for that there’s enough flow coming through this,
but it’s small enough to hold on the fish and give the fish safety that
they didn’t go to the pump the tank is 150 centimeters long
we have a depth of 45 centimeters and the overall size from bottom to the high
are 35 centimeters and the double fake bottom is round about
10 centimeters, 11 centimeters where it sits so we have only 21 centimeters
from the bottom to the waterline and I think it’s really natural total volume 236 liters 236 and I guess about 1/3 you can deduct,
because of the double bottom scaping purpose, yeah of course
maybe 180/170 liters the marine pump should get
20,000 liters per hour when it runs on 100% now we have 40% because of the fish are new and not every plant is really sitting strong on the hardscape Okay, so this is round about 100 times
turnover of the aquarium! Why doesn’t it look like everything is flushed away
and the sand is not flushed away?! The hardscape is glued together and I think of the height of the water line so you can see it here
you have in the upper part of the water you have more strength from the flow and if you go lower it’s less strength it sucks it on the whole dimension
the whole depth of the tank, it sucks the water on and then pump it through the double bottom
and raise out on the other side and on the whole depth of the aquarium,
not only a small spot like in most cases of a pump on the whole aquarium, it rises up and then it’s make some small waves, curves and on the whole side,
it pushes the whole volume of the tank. So this is the reason,
why not everything is flushed away. It’s possible to raise the mesh on both sides, but in most cases if there’s a little bit dirt, something else, power up the pump,
and the dirt comes back up again on the other side and there’s a canister filter also sitting,
who sucks up the dirt and it’s sitting in the normal filter and then power off the pump, make some water change like everything,
clean the window, cut the plants. So guys now we know how the whole structure works,
if not – check out the Panta Rhei video. I will link it up here, it also explains it once again Guys, now it’s time to dive deeper into the cabinet and see the real hardware underneath the aquarium basically what is there? Co2, canister filter? yeah, Co2, canister filter, LED controller,
pump controller okay let’s check it out so here’s the first side,
magic light, it’s from IKEA and this is a external filter Tetra EX 1200, I choose it because
of the huge volume to put 3 or 4 parts with Sera Siporax, good
structure for bacteria, some sponge, filter wool and the last is Seachem Purigen.
It’s perfect for the tannins from the driftwood here in this side, this is for the air pump, this is for the other aquariums for my daughters let’s move on to the other side here we have pressurized dual stage co2,
2 kg bottle, here we can turn off the co2 at night last chamber so, we have here the LED controller from -AquaGrow and you see it, it’s the cords coming
from the LED bars and then you have to plug in at the right direction so you can use every channel of the controller and here on the left side,
it’s for the pump controller how strong, maybe you want to feed,
or something else, you can make some short break this was the first try of the mesh, to
protect the pump and the fish, but you see, there’s too much material here,
so the flow wasn’t good move on to the DIY cabinet
I build it completely on my own. it’s a strong wooden structure as a frame.
It’s a little bit like a German “Fachwerk” house a lot of the wood is coming from the left to the right,
from the front to the back to support the whole structure on the outside we have some nice wood, painted the inside and the outside really nice and this is a special slide so it’s really heavy support, for big stones hardscape,
or when you do maintenance I used round about 400 screws to support it,
a lot of wooden glue it’s really strong for much much bigger aquarium but… I’m German – Safety’s first! 😃👍 this is it guys, I hope we covered all of your questions if we didn’t – please apologize,
make use of the comment section down below I will check, Sebastian might check as well and if necessary, we will just make
another Q&A video, just for you to make sure we get all your questions answered 😉 and as always if you like this video
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62 thoughts on “20.000 l/h River Stream Flow Tank Aquarium – Double Bottom Aquascape explained

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