2004-2008 F150 Axial Black Dual Halo LED Projector Headlights Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americantrucks.com. And today, we’re taking a closer look at and
installing the Axial Black Dual Halo LED Projector Headlights, available for all ’04 to ’08 F-150s. You should be checking this out if you’re
looking to ditch that factory headlight that’s very traditional, outdated, dull, and maybe
even worn out, you can switch that out for something modern, brighter, more attractive,
and something that give you a nice aggressive look on your truck. Now of course, these trucks are upwards of
15 years old at this point. Those headlights from the factory start to
get really yellow, scratched up, really dull, your bulbs might be burning out, the interior
is not looking so good, it’s a good time to switch them out. Now upgrading to this, you’re getting two,
again, dual projector headlights, you’re getting dual halos that are going to come on with
your parking light or your fog light or your headlight depending on how you wire them in. It’s very modern and it completely changes
the design. There’s nothing OEM about this aside from
the quality of construction. Using the same kind of materials for the headlight
design, same polyethylene lenses, you got a clear lens with a black interior, which
gives you the impression of a smoked headlight giving you a nice stealthy finish. Inside there you got the dual halos. We have these wired into our parking lights,
so they kind of act as DRLs when you throw your parking lights on, which I really like. You got a nice bright white finish with the
LEDs built-in especially from the accents right there at the bottom. Your halos almost have a slightly blue hue
to them which is very common with halos in the aftermarket world and the lights themselves
are almost a pure white light, which is very attractive. It’s really just gonna modernize that front
end. Now this kit is sold as a pair. Now the pair comes in right around 160 bucks,
making them one of the most affordable front end mods for your F-150, that’s a super affordable
price. Most times you get aftermarket headlights
in the $300, $400 range not gonna be the case here, you can get the pair for under $200
which is a huge bonus. The install, I’m going to give two out of
three wrenches on our difficulty meter not because they’re impossible but because they
do require some splicing. But the method I’m gonna show you guys here
is going to probably be the easiest one for you to tackle at home. All of the hardware and needed components
are included in the kit, you don’t have to pick up anything separate. There’s quick splice vampire connectors in
the kit, so no need to cut any factory wiring harnesses, they just tap right in without
needing to do any fancy wiring jobs. So two out of three wrenches, soft, two out
of three wrenches. It’ll take you about an hour from start to
finish, probably a little less if you have any experience with some tools. You’ll need basic hand tools, I’m gonna show
you every step of the way, let’s get to it. Tools used in this install include an impact
gun or a ratchet, extension, 10-millimeter socket and a pair of pliers. First step of the uninstall to get our factory
headlight off is, of course, pop your hood. Then you’re gonna take a 10-millimeter socket,
I like using an extension. Just to flip this guy over. There’s one bolt here, one bolt up top and
then one tucked into this corner. So grab your 10-millimeter and get all three
of them off. All right, from here, we can just pull straight
back on our headlight, we’ve got it loose already, gonna pull and disconnect. Now what you want to do is flip her over and
we’re gonna pinch and disconnect the harnesses from the bulb sockets. So here pinch and disconnect, same here, pinch
and disconnect. All right now we could set this guy aside. So we finally got our factory headlight off
of the passenger side of our ’07 F-150, it’s next to our dual halo projector-style headlight
in black. And there’s a lot of differences between these
two kits I want to take you through, starting with the fact that the factory one is very
dated. It’s pretty much all chrome reflective finishes
on the inside with a clear lens, and really guys, like I said, that’s just an outdated
look. The new one, completely black interior, the
only chrome you see is in the accents around the inside of the bulb sockets and the actual
housing there, other than that complete redesign. The black interior has a clear lens on top,
so that black is actually giving it the impression of a smoked lens without actually hindering
any of the lighting output which is nice. Inside of there, you’ll see the dual halos
wrapped around the high and low beam sections of the projector-style headlights, those are
separated. And these halos can be spliced into your parking
lights and you can throw those on, so it looks like a DRL or a daytime running light, which
is a more modern thing that you see on a lot of the newer trucks. Aside from that, you’re getting individual
LEDs on the side here in a horizontal strip, you’ve got separated sections and reflectors
on the side there. All in all, this is again, completely redesigned. And if we flip both of these guys around,
you’ll see why and what is powering this. So on the back here, you’ve got the LEDs,
specifically the halos and the headlights pulled in to separate wiring. There’s one plug here along with open wires
there. So you can see of course it’s gonna require
some splicing but there are splice connectors in the kit as well that we’re gonna use. We are gonna have to transfer over two things. One being this brown connector, that bulb
socket is gonna go right here and then we’re gonna transfer over the smaller socket from
this side over to the opposite end. So that’s what we’re gonna do next and then
we’ll talk about some splicing. All right, so we can start here by pulling
this up and removing the stickers that say remove. In that spot we’re gonna transfer over this
brown socket, so we’re gonna twist that guy out, swap that guy over. All right, twist that into place. The same thing on the other end but with the
smaller bulb. Now on this bulb socket, we’re actually gonna
remove the factory bulb and replace it with the amber one included in the kit. So you’re gonna just gently pinch. You might have to spin just to get this out
a little bit safely, we’re gonna pop in the new one. Perfect. Now we can slide that into our new housing. Once you get that bulb seated, you just give
it a twist and it locks right in place. All right, so now what we can do is take our
headlight and we’re just gonna rest it into place in the opening here. We want the factory harness up top. Now, guys, quick disclaimer, we have done
so many headlight videos on this ’07 so we have cut and spliced so many times, this is
our test harness. So your harness is not going to look like
this, it’s been cut and spliced over and over. So just keep that in mind when you’re looking
at this, it’s gonna make no difference to the install. So what we’re gonna do is plug in our connectors
just to make life a little easier right now, just like the factory ones. So the brown goes to the brown. This connector here is gonna go back into
the corner. And then finally, the connector harness from
the new headlight is gonna go to the remaining one for the actual headlights. All right, so all those are taken care of. Now what we have left are two white wires
and two black wires that need to be spliced in, these are your halos. What we’re gonna do in this case and this
guys is personal preference, can pick however you want to do this, but what we’re gonna
do is splice them into our parking light. So anytime our parking lights come on, our
halos are gonna come on. Can kind of treat that like a DRL, if you’re
driving around, you can throw your parking lights on and you’ll be able to see the halos
just light right up. Now you can wire these into your fog lights,
you can wire them directly into your headlights right here if you want them to come on with
just the headlights but it’s completely up to you. So what we’re gonna do is take both of these
black wires, the grounds for our halos, and we’re gonna splice these two together, we
want to make them one wire. So you’re just gonna take them and twist them
together, just like that. So now these are one. Take both white wires and do the same thing,
these are your positive cables. Now we’re gonna use the quick splice connectors
included in the kit to splice them into our power and our ground. In our case here, the brown wire is our ground
and the white wire is our positive cable. If you have a light tester at home, you can
test this out but if you have this generation, most likely you have the same chords. If you don’t have the same color wires, you’ll
want to test out the lights. So I’m gonna take some pliers and these vampire
connectors that are included in the kit and we’re gonna splice them in. So first let’s start on our ground. The ground is the brown wire. So what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna put
in this little slit, the factory wire. Slides right in there, you want to seat it
all the way in. Now on this side, there’s an opening, you’re
gonna take the ground wire from your halos and go right into the side here and insert
them all the way in. Now what we can do is just clamp down. There’s no cutting, there’s no soldering,
this makes perfect contact once you push it down. So now this closes down, contacts the factory
harness, contacts your halos, you’ve got power. From there, just close this guy up. Do the same thing for the white wire which
is our positive. All right, I just want to show you guys the
same process, positive, push it right into this connector included in the kit. All right, so that seats all the way in there. Find the opening, it’s that side. Take your white wires, push them through. You want to make sure they’re seated all the
way in. Grab your pliers and clamp it down. Close it up, and you want to test out your
lights before you move forward. If your lights don’t work, you might want
to come back and make sure that there’s good connection here. So let’s test them out. All right, so parking light’s on, halo should
come on with it. And if you do full headlights, the halo should
stay on. All right, it’s as simple as that, ours works,
so we’re just gonna re-install. You’re basically doing this in the reverse
order. Now when you do this, you want to make sure
all your wiring is clear, you don’t want anything to get caught up when mounting it. All right, seat it, grab your factory screws
or bolts and put them right back in. I’m gonna put this guy in by hand, just thread
it in a couple of threads, same thing for the other two. Now you can grab your socket and tighten them
down. All right, guys, now you can repeat for the
other side and you’re good to go. Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap up my review
and install for the Axial Black Dual Halo LED Projector Headlights for the ’04 to ’08
F-150. You can get your axial set right here at americantrucks.com.

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