2004 Toyota Tacoma Headlight and Sidelights

Today we have a 2004 Toyota Tacoma. Headlights are faded, and no side marker lights
on both sides. Burned out bulbs… everything… we’ll check
those first. We’re going to removing the side marker lights
to be able to remove the grill and the lower inserts to be able to access the headlights. Some tools you’ll need is a long flathead
screwdriver to release the tabs for the grill. The headlight is in by some 10 mm bolts. We have a phillips head screw for that. So, phillips head, long flathead screwdriver,
and a 10mm socket. So we want to remove the top bolt first, its
a phillips head screw. You do have to lift this up over the tab. So we have one little tab there, and the rest
just slid in. There’s one, there’s the other, how they went
in, and then we have the electrical connector. Now to remove the bulb, these will be twisted
counter-clockwise. There we go, we have a burnt bulb. So we’ll get to that on the re-installation. We will change the bulbs out. We’ll move to doing the other side so we can
remove the… To remove the grill we have some mounting
points. There are six or so. To remove the mounting point, they have little
tabs that need to be pressed, and then pulled. We have quite a few, which is why the long
screwdriver. We have all the clips loose. Looks like we got something down here. Another clip maybe. Very tough. Looks like there is a pretty big clamp there. Plastics are always hard to judge. That was the one we were going for. That one was just a pull. So it was locked in, that was what we were
trying to overcome. That pressure. All the rest of these were spiffy little detense
latchs. Now we have the grill off. That gives us our access to the headlights. We have two 10mm bolts right here, and we
have one 10mm here. So those three bolts should be it. So we have a dust cover, and then we have
the electrical plug for the headlight. There is no latch or anything. They just wiggle and pull, they are kind of
tight sometimes. That’s your headlight removed. We’ll go ahead and do the other side now. So what we had to do there, was loosen that
up. This hook is behind that. So it has to go this way before it can come
out. So if we were replacing the bulb… all from
the back side, still mounted up. Here’s what holds the bulb in. So you would remove the connector, then you
would push this down off to the side. That would release the light bulb if we were
replacing the light bulb. This all could be done in the vehicle. You don’t have to go through all the grill
and the removal. You’d be able to access the headlights from
right there. We’ll go ahead and put the new headlights
in now. We have our new headlights from Auto Parts
Direct To You. Most, if not all, of the headlights from Auto
Parts Direct To You come with a bulb, all new mountings. So we have this one… this would be the drivers
side, the left side. Pretty big difference between the faded, cloudy. You could polish these up, but the polish
only lasts for so long. That will definitely make a difference at
night. So we have our new headlights. I want to show you a couple things. before we put this together. Now they are pre-set to somewhat… adjusting
a headlight… it does say here, “Adjust range Up/Down 4 Degrees.” Basically how this is going to adjust. Is once its mounted up. There’s a small access hole, very hard to
get, but basically this is your adjuster here. That is going to be the left and right. Then on the bottom, which would be over here,
this is more like the one that you would be playing with. This one here is going to be the up and down
of the headlight. So, left and right, and up and down. Basically its just a socket style end there. So you’d just put a socket on there and adjust. Pull up to a garage at a set distance, say
20 feet or so, and you set your headlights so their not blinding a driver going down
the road. Yet your’re seeing down the road. So we’ll put these in now. So, we want to put these two bolts in here. Then slide the headlight over, making that
attachment point. On the side, and we’ll go ahead and put some
nuts on to hold it. For the adjuster, again, this 10mm would spin
this, and that would be left and right. It should be preset from the factory. Then the up and down, just off to the side
of the plug in for the headlight. Little hex head. Got the headlight bolted. We’ll go ahead and plug it back in. Now we’ll go to the other side and put the
other headlight in. Now the grills going to clip on. So we’ll get everything lined up first. Then we should be able to push it right on. Now we have the corner markers left. So we had the bulbs that were bad there. These just pop right out. There is no… either way will fit. Then turn clockwise. Go ahead and plug it in first. Line both tabs up. We have the headlights. So we got everything back together. Now we want to turn the lights on. Make sure that all our connections and everything
worked out for us. So we’re all set just got to wait til night
time, til its dark outside and we can pull up to the garage door. Give ourselves about 20 feet. We can see where the headlights are projecting. So we can make those adjustments on the headlights
if need be.

19 thoughts on “2004 Toyota Tacoma Headlight and Sidelights

  1. you can buy new headlights for 45 bucks a pair on ebay..why go thru all that bullshit of trying to clean them..

  2. I'm not pointing any fingers here, but shouldn't you not touch ANY bulbs with greasy hands?? In this case it was the side bulbs….. I've always, always used a paper towel when touching the actual glass part of any bulbs. I know for sure in high-dollar bulbs for a range of different applications, it usually even says it on the packaging not to touch the bulb with bare hands, to always use a clean towel or napkin to handle. Just asking, I always thought that to be like an unwritten rule when it comes to any type of bulb .

  3. Dealing with an old vehicle you will notice that the plastic clips and tabs are brittle as fuck. Any pressure will result in breakage. Have extra clips on hand

  4. Thanks. Great video. I have that same 2004 Tacoma (Double-cab, and red). 199,000 miles. (And since I'm passing it on to my son, I finally decided to replace the headlight assemblies. Why didn't I do this sooner? Bahahaha!) Peace!

  5. Why do the black pieces move up and down install my new headlights but they move any ideas

  6. Doing this today! Thank you SO much for this fantastic tutorial. Really well covered, thorough, and helpful!

  7. I've been putting this off for months because I was afraid of messing it up. After finding and watching your video, I went ahead and replaced my sidelights in 20 minutes! The steps were really simple to follow. Thank you so much!

  8. With filament type bulbs, may I suggest wearing latex gloves. Touching and handling a new bulb leaves oils from our fingers and when that gets hot a few times a sort of crud builds up. This causes the bulb to run hotter than it should and will shorten the lifespan. This does not apply to LED type lamps. Thanks for the tutorial. Well done.

  9. Thank you very much super easy to do , was able to do it for the first time

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