2004 year Aceh Tsunami Museum and its legacy 4K

The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that occurred in 2004 left a deep mark on both Acehnese and the whole world This museum reminds us of the tragic events of the time and prepared us to face similar events in the future Hope is the greatest strength that survivors have to keep improving Together, reorganize When assistance from all countries came from both the government and the private sector, the hopes of the people of Aceh were getting bigger Millions of people from various countries intervene to provide assistance from the beginning of the emergency response period to the rehabilitation and reconstruction period Hundreds of thousands of victims experience destruction loss and death every second At that time, bodies were lying everywhere and with conditions of concern some were squeezed in a pile of wood or buildings trapped in a car or stuck in a tree As many as 46,000 unknown bodies were finally buried in a mass grave in Aceh The conflict between the Free Aceh Movement and the Republic of Indonesia which began in 1976 disappeared after the incident which took many innocent victims A stronger sense of humanity and brotherhood finally reached a peace agreement through the Helsinki Agreement Peace is a common starting point after going through two tests of conflict nature and war subsided Aceh’s earthquake and tsunami resulted in the destruction of all infrastructure in the city of banda aceh and the stranding of a wooden ship carried by the tsunami waves to the residents’ housing in the village area of ​​Lampulo village above the abasiah’s mother’s house Before the catastrophe occurred the wooden ship was located on the Krueng Aceh river the port of ships in Lampoulo The day before, the ship’s administrator instructed the boat guards that tomorrow to prepare and be ready on Sunday, December 26, 2004 a wooden boat with a length of 25 meters width of 5.5 meters and a weight of 20 tons would be lowered back into the river after making repairs Zulfikar as the owner of a wooden ship who resides in the cemara hijau Medan complex after receiving a report from his brother-in-law who is also the ship’s administrator directing his ship to be taken to Lhoknga, Aceh to be filled with trawlers But the earthquake and tsunami disaster that occured took the ship stranded 1km from the port to the settlement and rescued 59 people on the wooden ship After the 9.1 SR earthquake that shook Aceh the sea water receded several meters to the sea and within 10-15 minutes then sea water suddenly arrived in large numbers with an altitude of about 18 meters equivalent to the height of a coconut tree towards the land PLTD ships were made in Batam and completed on October 15, 1996 In the following year, Pontianak was the first destination for the Apung 1 PLTD ship that successfully overcame the power crisis in Pontianak due to a large power plant in the local area And for 3 years until 2000 this ship has overcome the electricity crisis in the islands of Java, Bali and Madura In 2001 the Apung PLTD ship returned to Pontianak The existence of this PLN-owned vessel in Banda Aceh is in anticipation of electricity disruption due to frequent gunfire between the apparatus of the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) when the Aceh conflict was still ongoing Because at the time of the conflict electricity tower from PLN was demolished by irresponsible parties which resulted in power supply being hampered During the tsunami in 2004 this ship was not free from the tsunami wave reel A tsunami wave dragged the ship about 5km inland and was stranded on Plunge Blang Cut After the tsunami PLN intends to return the ship to the sea because the engine condition has not suffered severe damage But the local government wants to make it a historic tour In the end, PLN only revoked the engine and the ship was finally used as a tourist attraction

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