2005-2009 Mustang GT Axial LED Halo Fog Lights Review & Install

Hey guys. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at and
installing the Axial Halo LED fog lights for 2005 to 2009 GT Mustangs. These are fog lights that will upgrade you
to LED lighting and they also have a halo accent ring in them just for a little bit
of extra styling. The LED lights are bright white. The fog lights themselves are 800 lumens while
the halos are 900 lumens. They have a clear lens with a chrome housing
on them. They’re also gonna come with pre-wired ballasts
and a separate wiring harness as well. They cost about $180. And I’ll call the install a one out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter. There’s a little bit of wiring involved, but
we’ll go ahead and show you how to get these installed now. For this install, we used a 3/8 drive impact
gun, a short extension, a 7-millimeter socket, a flathead screwdriver, a pair of wire strippers
and crimpers, and a test light. So for the first step of the install, you’ll
pop your hood then you’ll have a rad cover here. Now, we don’t have it on this car. But most of you guys are gonna have a rad
cover. It’ll be six push pins holding it in place. You’re gonna wanna go ahead remove the six
pushpins and then pull the cover off. The next step, which is where we’re gonna
pick up right now, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver for. There are two clips on either side that are
holding this in place. So we’re gonna release the clips and then
pull the grille out. And that’s gonna give us access to our factory
fog lights here. So there are two tabs on each side of the
grille. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use the flathead
screwdriver. I’ll push the tab in, get it to release. We’ll go down to the lower tab. We’ll do the same thing. I’ll push the tab. Now that one’s released as well. I’m gonna go over to the other side and do
the same thing. All right. So I’m gonna do the same thing on this side. I’ll use the flathead screwdriver to push
the tab and then I’ll pull back on the grille and get it to release. We’ll do the lower tab as well. So our grille just released from the bumper. I will say that there are three tabs along
the bottom side of this grille that you guys might have to release if yours doesn’t work
like ours did. Just be aware that there are these three tabs
in the bottom. You can pop those out with your flathead screwdriver
as well. From here, we can go ahead and disconnect
our factory fog lights. We’re gonna do is we’re going to push down
on the pin on the electrical connection. We’ll pull back and the tab will release. So same thing here. We’ll push down on the tab, pull back, and
our connection will release. At this point, we have the factory grille
removed with our fog lights in place. If I spin this around, you guys can see that
our fog light mounts are held in place by four 7-millimeter bolts. We’re gonna go ahead and remove those on each
side. So with all the bolts removed, you can go
ahead, remove the fog light with the mount. So we’ll do the same thing for the other fog
light. We’re gonna save our hardware and reuse it. And
remove this fog light as well. All right. Now we’re gonna grab one of our new fog lights. And I will say that these are side-specific. So if you take a look right here real quick,
you’ll see that the mounting locations on each side are a little bit different. They’re not exactly the same on both sides. So you’re gonna wanna make sure that you have
the correct side. So we are going to get this lined up. Like I said, we’re gonna be reusing our factory
hardware. And I am gonna use my impact gun to tighten
these down. But I do have it turned down a little bit
because I am putting hardware into plastic so you don’t wanna overtighten these and crack the plastic. Okay. Now we’ll grab the other fog light and install
that as well. Once again, you’ll know you have the correct
side as long as all of your mounting points line up. All right. Now we’ll tighten these down. The next step is gonna be to mount your ballast. Now, a couple things to talk about the ballast. Keep in mind that they get very hot so you
don’t wanna mount these to anything plastic. You do wanna mount them to the frame of the
car. And you wanna keep them away from anything
that can be damaged by the heat that these things might produce. The other thing is I kind of wanna mount these
ballasts with this plug pointing towards the top because this is the point that’s gonna
plug into the back of your new LED fog lights. These plugs down here, this one right here
is gonna plug into your factory harness and then we’ll have another harness to plug this
into. So these can be pointing down towards the
bottom of the car. The other thing, you can mount these using
zip ties like we’re gonna do or you can use self-tapping screws in these holes right here. All right. So we’re gonna mount these on the frame right
here using a zip tie. Once again, I have my light gray plug facing
towards the top so I can plug that into the back of the fog light when the grille is reinstalled. And I have these connections down here. Now, this one right here is gonna plug into
our factory fog light harness. So we’re gonna go ahead and just plug that
in now. And then we’ll go over to the other side and
mount the other ballast. And we’ll mount our other ballast. Once again, keep in mind that if you are gonna
use zip ties, that these do get hot. So you’re gonna wanna keep an eye on how you
use the zip tie to mount them as well as how the zip ties hold up. Okay. Now we’ll take this plug right here, plug
it into our factory harness. And now we’re gonna grab the harness that
they give us for these connections. Next, we have to wire the supplied wiring
harness. So, there are a couple ends here. These two ends right here on the supplied
wiring harness, they’re gonna plug into your ballasts. Then you have a yellow wire right here, which
needs to be plugged into your headlight wire. So that’s going to be a white wire. You can trace it from the back of your headlight
plug if you need to. We traced it up to this location right here. It’s just a white wire in your wiring harness. The worst part about this is probably actually
gonna be running the harness because I’m gonna run the harness in a way that you won’t really
be able to see it when you pop the hood because I like things that are tucked and out of eyesight. The other thing is you have to make sure you
have enough room to do all of this and to wire it this way. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start down
here. I’m gonna plug into my ballasts then I’m gonna
run this wire up towards the battery. All right. So we’ll take the far side. We’ll plug into the ballast here. I’m just gonna leave everything out for now
until I make sure that it all works then I’ll plug this side into the ballast here. I’ll take my yellow and my red wire. I’m going to run them up through here. So with the harness all ran and everything
pretty much ready to go, I have the yellow wire here which I said is gonna connect into
our factory harness. We’re gonna connect that into the white wire
here. Basically what I did is I started over at
the headlight. I traced the white wire back. I found a spot here where I can connect in
with my yellow wire and still reach the battery at the same time. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna take
a spade connector. I have this end of the wire stripped. I’ll attach my spade connector and then use
a vampire clip to tap into my white wire here. Now, I’m gonna crimp the spade connector. Now, I’m gonna take the spade connector. I’m gonna plug it into the vampire clip. Take the vampire clip. Tap into our headlight wire. And for right now, I’m gonna leave all of
these wires exposed because what I wanna do is I wanna test the fog lights prior to really
hiding any of these. All right, guys, so before we go ahead with
this red wire, what we need to do with the red wire is actually connect it into our running
light. So the red wire comes with this end right
here. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut this end
off. I’m gonna strip a little bit of this wire
back. I have a spade connector and vampire clip
that I’m gonna use to connect into the power for my running light. So I’m gonna go ahead, cut this end of the
wire off, and use my wire strippers. Strip some of the wire off. I’m gonna twist this together. Take my spade connector. Now I’ll crimp it. All right, guys, so this is the running light
plug that I’m gonna tap into. And if you’re looking at the plug, the terminal
on the left is the one that has power for our running light. I used a test light. You guys can use a test light as well just
to make sure you’re tapping into the correct location. All right. So we’ll take our vampire clip. Clip it around our running light wire. Clip it shut. Plug in our spade connector and then plug
our running light back in. The next thing I’m gonna do is actually test
these fog lights before I go back and hide any of my wiring and before I completely reinstall
the grille. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna plug
these in. I’ll make sure that the halos work and the
fog lights are working properly, then I’ll go ahead, hide all of my wires, and then reinstall
the grille. So our light test worked out, meaning that
the halos come on when the running lights are on and the halos switch off when the fog
lights come on. So I’m gonna go ahead, leave everything plugged
in. I hid all of the wiring. Now I’m just gonna snap my grille back into
place. You guys will replace your rad cover, and
that’s gonna finish the install. So we’re just gonna get the grille lined up. I’m gonna press it back into place. Remember you have the three clips on the bottom. All right, guys, that’s gonna wrap up this
review and install. Keep in mind that you can always check these
fog lights out more online right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. I learned the hard way…… word of advise, use some painter's tape on top of the bumper where it meets the bottom of the grille….. upon yanking the grille off(as described in this video) the bottom side of the grille's tabs will leave scratches on the top side of the bumper….not cool.

  3. Is there also a similar setup for the regular headlights? Would like to do all of them so they match.

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