2005-2012 Mustang GT Raxiom Smoked Halo Fog Lights Review & Install

The Raxiom Smoked Halo fog lights are available
for the 2005-2012 Mustang GT owner looking to ditch the boring simple look of the factory
fog lights with a super attractive modernized halo light. Now, this not only stands out from the rest
of the pack with styling, but it matches perfectly with the halo headlights you might already
have. The installation for the fog lights is not
too hard at all. There’s a small amount of splicing for the
halo’s, but I’m still giving it one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Now, the early S197 GT models all came with
fog lights in the factory grille off the line from Ford, but they’re not really anything
crazy or special. Sure they light up and help a bit at night
or in the fog but really, they’re not entirely great to look at, at least not as cool as
they could be. Now the Raxiom fog lights are an iconic halo
styling that replaces the stock set as a direct fit and they offer a blacked out housing for
stealth with a bluish halo ring around the edges and the fog light bulb in the center. Now, this is something that dominates the
aftermarket fog light world for this generation because it’s such an upgrade for your front
end. Now the halo will come on when you splice
into your parking lights. So any time your headlights or even just parking
lights come on the halos come on as well. Now the fog lights will be accompanied by
that halo light whenever they are on. Now the housing is all factory OEM quality,
the lenses are smoked so you really get that nice aggressive appearance, but the lighting
still shines through. The accent lighting is all CCFL and the fog
light bulbs included are H10s for proper fitting. Now the kit comes with the driver and passenger
side together and overrun you about $130 bucks. Like I said earlier, these are a perfect match
to the Raxiom Smoked Halo headlights, so getting them together would really complete the front
end look. Now, keep in mind anyone with a V6 Mustang
that converted their front end with the GT bumper and upper grille, this will work for
you guys too. So V6s with GT front ends can pick this kit
up. You’ll need that upper grille and that GT
front bumper to complete that conversion and make these work, however. Again, there is a bit of splicing, but quick
splice connectors will make that kit a little bit easier to work. Expect one out of three wrenches on our difficulty
meter. It’ll take about an hour, maybe hour and a
half in the driveway at home. You want a simple ratchet and socket set and
some needlenose pliers, as well as a way to splice those together, whether it’s a quick
splice connector to make life a lot easier, soldering is obviously a more permanent solution
and a lot of guys just simply go with electrical tape, although that is not even the safest
bet out there. I definitely recommend those quick splice
connectors, which we’ll be using in the install in just a second. Now, we put our own S197 into the shop to
get these installed so let’s head over there and get started. First thing we’re gonna do for the Raxiom
fog light install is obviously uninstall our factory ones. So we’re just gonna pop the hood, use a panel
removal tool to remove the factory radiator shroud. Flathead screwdriver works too if you guys
don’t have one of these on deck. So let’s pop the hood, get that shroud off,
and then we’ll work on removing the upper grille. On both sides of the radiator shroud that
we just pulled off, there’s these little plastic pieces that have a 10mm bolt holding them
on. Those are a little bit in the way. They have to come off eventually so while
we’re under the hood, we might as well take them off now. There’s one 10mm bolt on both sides. To get the upper grille off a little bit easier,
we’re gonna pull that along with the front bumper off altogether. In order to get that front bumper off there’s
a couple of screws in each one of the front wheel wells, so we’ll rotate the wheel all
the way to the right in order to get the screws off of the left side, then we’ll rotate it
all the way to the left to do the same thing for the right side. So for this third screw here, you’re gonna
need a really, really stubby Philips head screwdriver, in which case, you can leave
that wheel straight. But if you don’t have one of these, you’ll
wanna rotate the wheels which I’ll show in just a second, to reach those first two. So we actually found that it’s a little easier
to put the car in the air. If you have jack stands, that works too. We have a lift so it makes life a little easier. If you have neither, you can work on the ground,
it’s just a little bit tighter to get the wheel well out. So what we’re gonna do is pull this wheel
well back and out of the way to expose three of those bolts that are in holding the bumper
down. All right. If you’re anything like myself and you don’t
have any patience, you can grab yourself a power tool, super long extension, and a 10mm
socket, and you can work from the bottom here, slip that 10 mil on and you’re good. Hit all three of these and you’ll be good
to take that front bumper off. All right. So underneath the car there’s three bolts
here. These are really, really, really tiny. These are like 5-1/2mm. So once you get your socket, you can just
kinda spin these bad boys off. Next step, we’re just gonna pull this bumper
off with a partner, makes life a little easier. Make sure that you’re twisting out your parking
light bulbs and disconnecting your harnesses so they don’t rip out with them, just a bunch
of clips. Next step in the process, once you have the
grille attached to the bumper completely off the vehicle, take a T20 torque spit and if
you have power tools, again, makes your life easier, if not ratchets work, and you’re just
gonna remove the four torque spits holding on the factory fog lights to the grille. There’s four on both fog light. Next step is to remove the fog light bracket
from the factory fog light and just slip it over to the Raxiom one, all you need is a
flat head screwdriver and you pry off the ends of these clips. There’s one clip on each side holding this
onto the factory light. From there that just comes straight off. You can pick up your Raxiom light. Make sure you’re working with a driver side
when you’re working on the driver side not to get those confused, and these will actually
just slip right on over like that. And from here, you can bolt these right back
into the factory housing. All right guys, since we already installed
the Raxiom fog lights, we’re gonna do some wiring so it is a safe bet just to disconnect
the negative terminal on your battery anytime you do something with wiring. So the first step, instead of actually installing
the bumper and then working on your harness, obviously that’s gonna be a lot to work with
with the bumper in the way, we’re actually disconnecting the Raxiom wiring harness to
do it separately over here. So what we’re gonna have to do is cut the
wires on the parking light harness to work in the daytime running light halos. So what we’re gonna do is find our positive
and our negative, which we have done. Our brown wire here is our positive, black
wire is obviously gonna be the negative. We’re gonna cut those in half, use a quick
splice connector here to splice in our positive and negative cables from on the Raxiom lights. Once they’re clamped down together, we can
move on to the other side. Step number one is we’re gonna take our brown
wire here as our positive from our parking light harness. I’m gonna cut that at about in half, so that’s
disconnected. I’m gonna take my wire strippers, put this
through here, there we go. Strip off both sides. Now, we’re gonna take our red wire as our
positive and twist these together, the live open wires to the brown one on the parking
light harness. With these together, all we’re gonna need
to do is take our quick splice connector, run one end all the way through, run our other
end from the harness all the way through once you have those connected together in the middle. Next up, once we have our positive crimped
together, all we have to do is cut our negative in half and do the exact same thing for that
side. Just gonna strip as much wire as possible
so we have a little more to work with. Beautiful. So now we have our Raxiom wire spliced into
the factory parking light harness so this daytime running light will come on with the
factory parking lights. All right. Good to move over to the next side. Now that our wiring is done on both sides,
we used a method here that has quick splice connectors with heat shrink in them. What that basically means is it’s kinda like
a weather seal for the wiring. Now, if you use a heat gun, you apply proper
heat to the quick splice connectors, they shrink up and provide a weather sealant. Now, if you’re using a different method or
quick splice connectors that don’t have heat shrink involved, this is not necessary for
you to do, but since we wanna seal that up and we have the heat shrink, I’m gonna heat
this thing up and get them sealed up. Next step in the process, we’re gonna put
the entire bumper and grille assembly back onto the vehicle, make sure all your wiring
harnesses are out of the way, then we can put these right back into their factory locations. So with a helping hand, you can set the bumper
into place. You’re gonna wanna peel off the 3M tape backing
for that resistor pack. You can stick it on to basically anywhere
that you see fit that has a wide enough space to fit this. Directly to the side of the fog light has
enough room there so I’m just gonna stick that into place. Now from there, you take your harness, plug
in all your wiring, your fog light bulb connects straight into the factory harness, and then
you can put your parking light right back into place. Turn signal bulbs going right back in the
same spot. So now your parking light bulb, the one that
we did all the splicing work too, will twist right back into its factory housing. Opposite side here, same deal, connecting
our Raxiom harnesses together, the ones that we spliced. Factory fog light bulb is gonna plug right
in as well, and then we’re gonna peel off that 3M tape backing and stick it right back
in the same spot. Turn signals go right back into their housing
as well on the driver side and the same for the parking lights that we spliced in earlier. Next step in the process, to finish up putting
the bumper on, the three screws that we took off underneath the splitter. So the last two pieces of the puzzle, we got
the Mustang back on the ground, we’re gonna put the radiator shroud right after these
plastic end trims. Again, just a 10mm bolt that we took off in
the very beginning. We’re gonna tighten that down on both sides,
throw the shroud on top with the push pins, and then we’re good to go. Last piece of the puzzle, top radiator shroud. So these two-stage pins, there’s one…it’s
kind like a plunger that goes into the bottom piece. You’re gonna pull that plunger out, push the
bottom piece into the hole on the radiator shroud, and then push that top piece down. There are six of these across the radiator
shroud so we took that off in the very beginning, these are just gonna pop right back on. You can use your fingernails to pull that
plunger out or if you have a flat head screwdriver, that might make it easier for you. All right. Well, that just about wraps up this install. So if you’re the owner of an early S197 Mustang,
you might wanna check out the Raxiom Smoked Halo fog lights, which are available right
here at americanmuscle.com.

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