2006-2008 F150 Axial Clear Projector LED Fog Lights Review & Install

The Axial clear projector LED fog lights are
a good choice for any ’06 to ’08 F-150 owner who’s looking to light up the road better
in any weather with a brighter, whiter LED replacement bulb and halo in a new housing. Now this set runs just under the $100 mark
for the pair, which is a great deal, in my opinion. The installation is a direct plug-and-play
swap, which we’ll give one out three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Now obviously from your factory fog lights,
they can be a little weak and kinda dull and not entirely helpful in certain situations. Swapping your halogens for LEDs is a pretty
common option because of how much more effective they are than those stock bulbs. LEDs like these produce a much whiter light
with a brighter light output as well. Now you’ll see farther and clearer than ever
before with these installed, and they’re featured in a new halo ring as well, which adds a ton
of styling. Now when they’re on, this LED ring will light
up and produce the light I just mentioned, so you’ll even get a cool appearance change
as well with the new housing. Now the halo ring will serve as a daytime
running light or a marker light as well, adding to its features. The housing is made from all OEM quality materials,
with the exception of the upgraded LEDs, of course. The pricing here runs at just about 70 bucks,
which is super affordable, considering what you’re getting. LEDs alone are sometimes 100 bucks for the
kit, and then another $100, in some cases, for the housing. Here, you get everything for under 100 bucks
with a plug-and-play wiring setup to make it just a little bit easier. Because they are plug-and-play, the install
is really not too hard. So we’re going to head over to our shop here
to get these installed on our own truck and you can see how it’s done. Before you get to installing your Axial clear
projector halo fog lights, you’ll obviously have to uninstall your factory fog lights
here on your lower bumper. Now in order to do that, you’ll just have
to disconnect your fog light harness, and there’s three bolts holding on the back bracket
to the fog lights which you’ll remove the entire housing with. Now when it comes to uninstalling, you can
obviously use your jack and jack stands at home in the driveway. We have a lift at our disposal, so it makes
our life a little bit easier. So we got the truck in the air, and of course,
you just start by disconnecting this fog light harness here. comes right off your factory one. And then there’s three bolts holding on this
black bracket that’s connected to the fog light housing. There’s three bolts, one on the bottom and
two at up the top. You’re going to use a ratchet and an eight-millimeter
socket for all three bolts. So in order to take the factory fog light
out of that black bracket system, you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove that
screw, which is essentially going to act as a directional screw to point which way you
want the fog light to be pointing. So you’re going to remove that screw with
your Phillips head, and you’re going to take a flat head screwdriver and pry off on both
sides, pushing the fog light through as they snap in place. The fog light comes right out. Put your old stuff to the side, because the
new fog light is going to come with everything you need to get the job done. So before you get started, you’ll remove that
screw, and you’ll feed all that through here. So once you have the screw out and the new
fog light is snapped into place on the black bracket, you’ll put the spring on one end
and the screw…feed the screw through that spring. All right. Now you’re going to tighten that screw back
down until it’s about centered to where you want the fog light pointing. With the new Axial fog light in that housing
bracket here, we’re going to put this all back up into the stock location and replace
those three factory bolts. So next what we have to do is splice in the
daytime running light halos from our fog lights into our daytime running lights up in our
headlights. So what we need to do is take down our parking
light bulb which runs our daytime running lights. We already have this one spliced and cut from
a previous install, but what you need to do is find your positive and negative cables
on those and splice in your positive and negative cables from your fog lights into those daytime
running lights. Since we already have those cut from our headlights,
we won’t have to do that step, but what we will need to do is cut off these metal tips
at the end of the fog light wires and splice those directly into the factory harness from
our headlight daytime running lights. We’re going to cut these metal tips off here. We’re going to use wire strippers to strip
down a little bit of this to free up some of that wire. We’re going to splice in some wire extensions
just to make our lives a little bit easier getting the fog light harness wires all the
way up to the factory daytime running light harness. Putting on these male-female quick splice
connectors or spade connectors. So once you get your wiring all situated for
your daytime running lights, obviously there are a lot of different ways to do that. You could just wire it into your fog light
harness for the halos to come on whenever your fog lights come on, but they are considered
to be daytime running lights, so you can wire them up to your parking lights and your headlights
to make that function happen. That’s what we did here. It might be easier for you to go into your
fog lights, but it’s obviously up to you. From there, your fog light harness from the
factory setup to your new Axial fog lights plug directly in, and you’re good to go. Now the rest of this can be zip-tied up. You can 3M tape it to the side and out of
the way. That’s obviously completely up to you as well. So once you finish your driver side or passenger
side, whichever side you decide to go with first, swap over to the other side and the
exact same thing. There’s three bolts for the fog light bracket. Disconnect the harness, remove the entire
housing, and then switch over your Axial fog lights to replace your factory ones. All right. And that just about does it for the install. Once you have the wiring set on both sides
and everything’s good to go, test out the lights just to make sure all the wiring is
done properly. And then you’re ready to hit the road. So if you like the way the Axial clear LED
halo projector fog lights look on your ’04 to ’08 F-150, you can get them right here
at americantrucks.com.

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