2007-2018 Silverado 1500 Barricade Extreme HD Rear Bumper Review & Install

Well guys, if you are looking for the most
affordable armor steel bumper for your ’14 to ’18 Silverado, you found it. Easily put, this will be the least expensive
option on the site, however it’s nice to say that this does come with a lot of features
that the more expensive options come with. For one this is all welded one-piece steel
construction which is nice. It’s nice and thick as you can hear and it
also has a nice black texture powder coat finish. It’s not a painted finish. This is nice because this will really hold
up on the trails. Now the other thing I like about this bumper
is install. It’s very simple. Gets one out of three wrenches on my patented
difficulty meter, should only take you about 30 minutes to an hour. I strongly recommend you have a friend to
help you though because again this thing is armor, it is very heavy and as you can see
it attaches with the two brackets that I have on the table with me. Without further ado we’ve got our nice Z71
package Silverado behind me, let’s go ahead and get started. All right so this install again is very easy
to do. You can actually do it in your driveway even
with just basic hand tools and a creeper. However we wanna get some good angles and
show you all the little nitty-gritty details, so we’re gonna throw our truck up on the lift
so we can get underneath and show you what’s going on under there. All right we’ve got our truck up on the lift
but before we start removing our bumper, we have to tackle some wiring. I’m referring to the trailer hitch wiring
harness, as well as the license plate light bulbs. Let’s go ahead underneath and I’ll show you
how to get all those disconnected. Your license plate bulbs are located on either
side inside the bumper here. You don’t need any tools to remove these,
you’re just going to turn them counterclockwise and disconnect them with your hands. Both of our license plate bulbs are removed,
now we’re going to remove our trailer hitch wiring harness. I’m gonna take a flathead screwdriver and
pop these out like so. Now that we have all of our wiring taken care
of, our bumper is disconnected from the vehicle electronically. Now we can start pulling some bolts, the first
bolts that we’re going to pull are two 21-millimeter head bolts and they’re located on the bracket
that comes off of the trailer hitch tubing and mounts to the frame. You need an extension for this one as well. Before we pull the rest of the hardware, securing
our bumper to the frame, there is one little bolt and nut hidden behind your trailer hitch
receiver and that’s a 13-millimeter socket. It’s really tough to show you guys but if
you put your hand behind the license plate hole, kind of feel around, it’s gonna be generally
at the bottom of the receiver hitch. It’s a really tight space, so you could try
and use maybe a quarter inch drive ratchet, but I’m just gonna go ahead and use a ratcheting
wrench. All right so like I said, it’s very hard to
show you guys but this is what that little bolt looks like. And again there’s a nut retaining it inside
of here. You don’t need to hold that nut on the other
end because it is clipped. Again just need a 13-millimeter ratchet wrench
to pull this out. There is one more 13-millimeter bolt behind
the spare tire lock right here. It’s that same bracket that we pulled on the
driver side, there’s another one on the passenger side. So again go ahead and use that 13-millimeter
ratchet to remove that as well. Now that that little bracket is out of the
way, we can go ahead and disconnect the bumper from the truck. To do that there’s going to be two 18-millimeter
nuts on either side and a 14-millimeter bolt that we have to remove, gonna show you guys
where those are located. All right, so we’re gonna start with our two
18-millimeter nuts right here. And this bolt up here is actually a 15-millimeter. So the bolts and nuts we just pulled from
the driver side, we’re gonna do to our passenger side. These are the last three pieces of hardware
holding the bumper to the vehicle, so when you remove these, make sure you have a friend
with you to support the bumper in case it comes falling off. Now that we’ve removed all the hardware securing
the bumper to the vehicle, normally you’d be able to pull the bumper from the vehicle. Unfortunately some of the newer model Silverados,
specifically ’14 and newer, require that you actually loosen the bolts securing the bed
to the frame. That’s gonna allow enough clearance for the
bracket holding the bumper to be pulled out from the vehicle. Those are 18-millimeter bolt heads. Once you’ve loosened those four bolts, you
can go ahead and put the vehicle down. You can have a friend help you by pulling
up on the bed a little bit, that should give you just enough clearance so your brackets
on your bumper clear. You can pull the bumper from the vehicle. Now that our bumper is free from the vehicle,
we can start installing the brackets for our new Barricade bumper. But before we do that, since we did have to
loosen those bolts securing the bed, we’re gonna go ahead and tighten those back up. Our bed’s tightened back down. We’re gonna go ahead and install the brackets
for our new Barricade bumper. They are marked for driver side and passenger
side. You’re gonna go ahead and grab two of the
largest bolts and flat washers that the kit comes with as well as two of the largest locking
nylon nuts and you’re gonna slide it into where the original bumper bracket came off. With those large 21-millimeter bolts and nuts
securing the bracket to the vehicle, you have one more hole at the top and rear back here. You’re gonna use the longest bolts provided
in the kit, these are 17-millimeter head bolts. You’re gonna grab the appropriate flat washers
and the 17-millimeter nuts and tighten those down as well. Now our driver side is hand-tightened, we’re
gonna do the same exact thing to the passenger side with those bolts, washers, and nuts. And then we’re gonna drive everything home
with our power tools. All right, so like I said, we’re gonna go
ahead and tighten these down. It is a little bit difficult getting some
power tools in here, so I’m gonna keep it simple, just use some hand tools. You need a 21-millimeter socket for that bolt
and you’re gonna need a 22-millimeter wrench for the nut on the other side. Those two large bolts and nuts are tightened
down on either end. Again those were 21-millimeter sockets, 22-millimeter
wrenches. I’m gonna go ahead and tighten down that one
long thinner bolt that we applied earlier, with that smaller nut, and again you’re going
to need a 17-millimeter socket and you’re gonna need a 17-millimeter wrench. Our brackets are tightened down and we can
finally start installing the bumper to the brackets. To make it easy on ourselves because this
bumper is quite heavy, we’re gonna lower our truck, get it all the way on the ground, and
our friend’s gonna help us line up those brackets so we can tighten everything down with the
provided hardware. We’re now ready to finally bolt our new bumper
up to the vehicle. I’m gonna have a friend support the bumper
while it’s resting on the trailer hitch. I’m going to go ahead and crawl underneath
and I’m gonna use all of the provided hardware to tighten everything down. We’re gonna go ahead and tighten everything
down now. You’re gonna need a 19-millimeter wrench for
the nuts we just applied. And you’re going to need an 18-millimeter
swivel for the bolts themselves. Now our bumper is now installed, nice and
tight. We’re gonna go ahead and plug in our parking
sensor plugs because our truck does not come equipped with parking sensors. We’re also gonna go ahead and plug in our
license plate light and we’re going to wire it into our existing wiring harness. So like I said, everything’s plugged in now. We’re gonna go ahead and put our truck back
up on the lift, so I can wire up that new license plate light. All right guys, so with our license plate
bulb hooked up and our spare tire back in place, that actually wraps up my review and
install of the Barricade Extreme HD Rear Bumper, fitting your ’07 through ’18 Silverado. I’m Travis, thanks for watching. For all things Chevy, keep it right here at

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  2. Is there a bumper like this available for an 02 Silverado?

  3. All bolts are metric.    Nice job selling out America.     Should have done a truck with backup sensors.

  4. Another video with no ballpark price tag, how am I supposed to get money away from my wife if I don't know how much I need?

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  6. This is so stupid why would someone add a more durable bumper when it doesn't change the impact of setting off your airbags. Just another false sense of security. It would be different if it was a bumper cover giving you protection from setting off the airbags from low impacts. But with this bumper it doesn't change the impact factor of setting off the airbags. And adds weight to the vehicle causing a higher fuel consumption. So my question is what's the benefit of adding this bumper? Because the only thing I can think of is looks. Higher fuel costs and look's.

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