2008 Infiniti G37 timing Chain Gally Gasket Repair P0021 AND P0054 FIXED 2 days

I regret not grinding the weld off the bolt , i now fear i’ve thrown the sytem out of balance and may result in bearing damage

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  1. man i watched this like i am watching a horror movie … but i enjoyed every second ??

  2. Hell yeah, we are men. Handyman, myself fixing everything from plumping to a mechanic. Great job sir, I have G37S as well.

  3. 2 weeks later the dam alternator went out and its a huge pain in the ass to replace , probly would of cost me another $1500 but i did it myself , the alternator cost about $500 dollars but my rear end is still sore

  4. Good Video man, I have a question. I have the same codes on my 2009 G37x and I changed the cam sensor on both sides but that is not the problem. Do you think it can be the Variable Timing Solenoid? I am afraid of these too code because I am no mechanic.

  5. Dealerships are the biggest cumdumpsters in America. I got a quote for Back brakes & rotor replacement for $820. I told them to suck my fat dick, then proceeded to take a s#!t on their front desk, and I then wiped my ass with the secretary's blouse.

  6. i have a m 45 i have never had a problem out of my infinit i driven them for 15 yrs not one problem

  7. Which direction did u hand crank the motor? Also what was the torque on the tensioner ? I got my friends apart as we speak.. if u wanna see go on my Instagram @BLUEPRINT_auto I'm not ready to upload the yt? Vid as it is still work in progress

  8. https://youtu.be/P1UnTHKkP3Q I did it thanks a lot man you really helped..??? go check out my video of the repair. https://youtu.be/P1UnTHKkP3Q

  9. How about not driving like a bat out of hell everytime your in the car? Ive had my 2008 G and ive had very few problems that i got done cheap and i have 120k miles on my car and not have i once had an engine problem.

  10. Nice video. And thanks for the links to the gaskets too! Good job fixing the car, but I think you have another problem with the car that you're not telling us. I think your driver seat is broken 😉

  11. Agreed. Nissan makes junk products. Been there, done that. Great job on the repair. Mine failed at the track so I wasn't as lucky as you. High rpm failure was no oil pressure took out bearings. I ended just replacing the whole engine swapping all my parts over.

  12. I have an 08 g35 and I absolutely love that car. I wonder if the vq35hr faces a similar issue of galley gasket failure.

  13. I was able to do this without pulling the front end off, only removed radiator fans and also was able to loosen the crank bolt with a 48in ratchet by myself no need to pull out welding equipment

  14. Iam a mechanic 30+ years , I have done these , But I have yet to see Harmonic bolts this tite , I did not get it hot . But i did go buy a 1,300 LB Impact , and it did seem to have a time getting it loose, but it did.

  15. Hey i did the same thing to my g37. But i cant find the crankshaft bolt torque spec anywhere.

  16. By watching this video I can tell that more shit comes out of your mouth than your ass. I agree that you find crooked mechanics at independent shops like Midas but at dealerships you get honest, trained technicians. As an Infiniti tech I can tell you that the dealer didn’t try to deceive or mislead you. The technician likely knew exactly what he was talking about.

  17. Your a valley mother fucker ill tell you that, very impressive. My engi e on my g37 won't start anymore I already changed my fuel pump and it still doesn't work, I'm thinking I have a bad sensor most likely the crank sensor but i am not a mechanic but seems like these things will go out easier than a timing chain would

  18. lmao, you're funny man! i am at 112k miles with my G37S and i have no idea if the gally gasket's were replaced, so this video is Great and informative, if i ever do have to replace it! so thank you for taking the time and doing this video!

  19. rear bearings leeking? bearings dont leek that doesn't make sense doubt any mechanic told u that… sounds fictional

  20. Renault=Nissan=JUNK! NISSAN WENT TO CRAP AFTER THEIR RENAULT MERGER. Nissan is now Japanese in name only. What you’re buying is French crap when buying a Nissan.

  21. Nice goin man. Glad you were able to keep your money. Never EVER buy another Nissan or Infiniti. They went to crap after the Renault merger.

  22. Mucho appreciated, sir! Thank you so much for documenting this! Going to replace my gaskets soon. The difference being that my engine (swap motor) was just delivered and is sitting on an engine stand ready to be worked on 🙂

  23. I love the video but you drive me crazy with talking so much about China because your back and forth you like the car which is Japanese but say you'll never buy one again. I have 2 of these and honestly I have to do this job on one of them but damn bro it's the only thing other then oil change and a battery in the 5 years I've had it I think tht a well put together car. Anyway the video is great

  24. good idea locking the chain to every sprocket it touches. I've had to do valve adjustments on motorcycles by removing the cams and they actually have holes on the sprocket that the service manuals say use zip ties to secure the chain through the holes. i guess car manufacturers missed that idea

  25. Don't fill your oil to the high mark while redlining the engine, ESPECIALLY if high milage old engine because components are just not as strong as day1.

    That's one reason the Nissan GTR manual actually says fill oil to 3/4 mark for spirited driving cos oil pressure increases with rpm. Genius, right?
    Also your comments about Japanese wateva foreign cars being junk is so stupid. I've rebuilt several engines and American cars are way worse, ford and dodge especially.
    Btw best engines are the older bmw inline cylinders or almost all Hondas. Just German electronic ruin their cars. Overengineered junk overall cars.

  26. I am no stranger to working on cars. And I have a P0011 code. changed oil, cleaned and bench tested variable valve timing sensors, cleared the code and i still have the same issue. And i have to say I think this is what I will be doing this weekend. And even with 20 years of wokring on cars. this job scares the ShXX out of me. Biggest concern is mainly the harmonic balancer bolts as well. Just a crap load of work

  27. 4 infiniti and counting never had a problem they're reliable probably your proble is the way you drive it

  28. Great video brother. Just wondering did you discharge the ac refrigerant before removing the rad?

  29. Question I only have the p0021 not the 0054 you mentioned so do I only need to change the sensor?

  30. Amen to doing your own work!! 😀 Nissan destroyed my last engine…they told me they had the best mechanics in place…"You mean that one that destroyed my motor??"

  31. They told you they were gonna drop the engine to justify the $3500-$4000 to do the job in reality they were gonna do the exact same thing you did remove the front face. Just like they told me my sending unit would take a while to replace because they have to drop the fuel tank and my reply was why do that when you can access them from under the rear seat? Service advisor had no response he just took the car in.

  32. I have a 2010 G37 sedan with 130,000 miles on it. Only problem is an exhaust leak that just started but only noticable from a cold start and only for 8 seconds then smooths out. Haven't fixed it because I'm putting new exhaust. And I work offshore so I'm not home enough to care right now. Praying i don't run into this problem.

  33. Geesh I'm no mechanic and I have a 2008 g35x I think has the same problem no way I can do that myself

  34. Good shit I hope I never have to deal with this problem in my G-sedan 6mt anytime soon. But if I do I got this vid saved for a reference so thanks for that major help.

  35. at least you can remove the front to work on the engine in situ – don't know why people whine so much when it comes to working on engines – perhaps they should play with dolls or something and leave engines alone

  36. It's videos like yours that made me realize how valuable youtube is, and has been from it's creation.

  37. The techs at infiniti / nissan drop the motor because they have a lift, and alot more tools than you.

  38. That oil galley gasket is a big woops isn't it. I bought my 08 with high mileage so I'm guessing it got fixed long ago. Remember no cars are perfect and this things engine is pretty amazing with a new gasket in it. Mine has 184 thousand miles on the clock and doesn't burn much of any oil.

  39. if I take g37 to infiniti dealership repair shop pre purchase inspection ,can they tell if the galley gasket been replaced with the metal type one. I ask because I want to buy a g37.

  40. The commentary in this video was great! I love the emotions of fear and frustration that come through. Felt like I was watching a TV show not a instructional video.

  41. Good video.Like your attitude as to DIY vs paying the dealership $4000.00. I have an Infiniti M35x and also work on my car. What pisses me off is Infiniti knows that the timing galley gasket is an issue and are not recalling the cars that have this issue. At least they could go with they pay 1/2 you pay 1/2 but no they dump the whole bill on you. The engine mount is made of aluminum has its pluses and minuses, steel rusts aluminum does not. I can recall having to replace a front lower control arm on my car. That part is stupidly made as the control arm bushing is all that needed replacing, but no you can't just buy the bushing you have to replace the whole damn control arm that cost $1200.00 in Canada. Most other cars you just have replaceable bushings.Had to laugh when you told how much time and work it took to remove that harmonic balancer bolt off and how happy you were when you finally were successful. We have all been in that situation. I can imagine how pissed off you were when the transmission issue started up after you had been through a tough job. Yet you persevered and rechecked your work and figured out it was the ground bolts. Shit likes that happens when you're tired. Just a suggestion you may have been better off picking up those alloy engine mounts second hand at a junkyard. Don't be so hard on yourself. Rent a car for 2 to 3 days so you are not under so much pressure to get the job done. You like the car and it is a nice car, that also shows
    even though you complain about, "why the hell did they make it like that". How many times have I said that.
    I do like my car but things like a steering rack going a known issue and no help from Infiniti really pisses me off? Don't know if I will buy another Infiniti as for a premium brand they don't take care of you that well. Plus a lot of things break on Infiniti's. Lexus is a more reliable brand and they take of you better. So enjoy the car while you have it, it is a sharp looking ride.

  42. Mate that was absolutely brilliant, thanks for sharing. I agree it took big balls to tackle a job like this, but you did and you succeeded.

  43. Nissan is more French than Japanese. Big part of Nissan belongs to Reno.

  44. Get this man a couple thousand beers for all the people he’s helped!

  45. 3:17 definitely, the broken part in your car is 13533-JK20A. They updated this part in late 2011.

  46. Complaints about cheap foreign parts. So why the fuck u bought the Infiniti

  47. Mechanics are scam artist bunch of fraudsters fuckn narcissistic clowns….the worse they lie to your face

  48. 1. This car is assembled in Japan.
    2. Feel free to buy cars made in German or USA, you will like them much more

  49. "…having tools, goes along with having a penis basically." Well shit..I only have a small box of basic tools.. T_T

  50. Sage yourself $4,000 in your pocket the dealer is hot hot hot mad

  51. Great job how Did you tourqe the crank pulley bolt itll continue rotating or you have done it by air gun, Just tight no tourqe?
    I hope you give us some information not to show us that you have done this job ?

  52. Did no one else notice the condom wrapper on the table in the very beginning? This guy was prepared.

  53. great job of getting it back together.

    I wish you showed more of removal of the galley plate, and putting back the front cover.

    1 – why didn't you turn the engine over 41 times to get all the markers at their right location? Driver cam marks to orange links, passenger cam dots to orange links, and crank shaft mark on orange link?

    2- how did you remove the top galley plate where the screw is behind the passenger cam sprocket ?

    3 – how tight are those Phillips head screws?

    4- how did you remove the a/c condenser….do you have a freon vacuum pump? likes like a/c and radiator all has to come out….jesus

    5 – did you use silicon all around the front cover plate?

    6 – do you have to remove the oil pan?

  54. could anyone help me out I have a 2007 g35x sedan and I had codes p0300 and p0021, so I changed my PCV valve and the p0021 seemed to go away…for now at least.. I tried to get the VVT out to clean it and inspect it but theres 2 hoses in the way that theres so way it will come out so if anyone could tell me how I can? back to it the p0021 went away but still p0300 I checked all coil packs and the one closes back to the passenger was covered in oil with oil all around the plug what could this be what should I get next or change?

  55. Thanx for the info on your video man I have the same issue on my g37s u wanna come down to Ottawa and help me lol

  56. Japanese parts aren't cheap and American car aren't the best at anything

  57. Solution is to get a second beater car. Drive the beater, work on the primary w/o panicking. Cars are made to break.

  58. Anybody here had this issue with their “09 37x sedan? I’m buying one this week with 170km and I’m terrified of running into these problems. Buy or not buy?

  59. Best way and fastest way to loosen a crank bolt is to heat the head with a MAP Fuel torch and then use high torque impact wrench ($400) to loosen it. If that dont work I use the wrench and frame or body method and apply battery voltage to ther starter solenoid terminal or relay wich ever method is quicker. Been a Mechanic for over 15 years. Not all mechanics are crooks. In fact, True Mechanics and Diagnosticians dont have to be crooks because we make shit look easy when performing repairs. We work at 200% production constantly beating book time week after week. Reputation speaks for itself.

  60. this is a serious job that I just went through, I was laughing the whole time man I felt your pain

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