2009-2014 F-150 Airaid QuickFit Air Dam – SynthaFlow Oiled Filter (EcoBoost) Review & Install

Hey. What’s up, guys? I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com
and this is my quick overview of the Airaid QuickFit air dam featuring the SynthaFlow
oiled filter, available for your 2011 through 2014 EcoBoost powered F-150. All right, guys,
this brief overview is going to cover a few basic topics here with the Airaid QuickFit
air dam system. We’re gonna talk about some of the benefits you can expect when installing
this thing, what you’re gonna be looking at as far as construction and overall materials,
and then finally what it takes to get installed into your F-150. Honestly, really, really
straightforward stuff here, guys. One out of three wrenches on the difficulty scale.
Maybe a couple of screwdrivers and a few sockets, and you should be good to go. But nonetheless,
we’ll talk about that later on. The QuickFit air dam system here from Airaid
should appeal to the EcoBoost owners out there who are looking to ditch the factory sealed
airbox and the cheap paper element filter and go with more of an open element style
airbox here along with one of Airaid’s tried and true SynthaFlow oiled filters which, by
the way, is washable and reusable. Now, this is also gonna be an awesome choice for EcoBoost
owners out there who might crave a little bit more noise from under the hood, whether
it be engine noise or turbo noise. Maybe you want to hear a little bit more of that blowoff
valve compared to that factory sealed airbox. In my opinion, guys, Airaid is definitely
one of the leaders in aftermarket filtration and cold air systems for a wide variety of
applications. Now, their support for the F-150 market is pretty solid overall and they definitely
offer a ton of different flavors for truck owners out there no matter what you’re looking
for, whether it be just the intake tube by itself, an airbox or air dam like we have
here, all the way down to the full-blown complete systems. Obviously, the QuickFit air dam system
is a little smaller compared to those more complete intake systems we just talked about,
and as such, it will be slightly easier on your wallet and definitely a little easier
to install. Now you’re really only addressing the airbox
portion here of your factory cold air intake system, really just the top portion. Because
what happens is the air dam itself here is actually gonna slide into the lower portion
of your factory airbox, which I really like because you’re still incorporating all of
that factory cold air ducting from the front of the truck, making sure it reaches the filter
here. So I really dig that. Big thumbs up for me on that and they’re doing so in a really
nice way. You’re getting a matte black, powder coated
sheet metal airbox here along with that massive SynthaFlow filter we just talked about. The
SynthaFlow oiled filter is definitely one of Airaid’s bread and butter filters here,
guys. It’s something they include with a lot of their aftermarket induction systems. This
thing’s actually made from a cotton gauze microfiber material here. It is oiled and
it will capture particulates down to two microns in size. You’re getting a ton of protection
with this thing and because it is washable and reusable, it will save you some dough
on the long run. Keep in mind though, guys, you’re just gonna have to re-oil this thing
every time you wash it according to Airaid’s instructions. I know some EcoBoost owners out there might
prefer a dry filter as opposed to an oiled filter like we have here, and you might have
your own reasons for that. But if that does sound like you, you’ll be happy to know Airaid
does offer this identical kit here but with their SynthaMax dry filter in place of the
SynthaFlow oiled filter. You can definitely check that out. We have it here on the site
as well. So we talked about this a little bit, guys.
You’re getting better particulate protection. You’re getting a little bit more noise under
the hood from the engine and the turbos of course. What about power? Well, common sense
is gonna tell us we’re not gonna pick up 20 wheel horsepower just by throwing on a filter
by itself. That’s pretty obvious. However, I would expect a very small bump in power
and definitely look for an improved throttle response as well. Now, if you really wanna
unlock some serious power gains on your EcoBoost powered F-150, check out the tuning options
here on the site, whether canned or some of the custom options as well because believe
me when I tell you, nothing is going to unlock the amount of power like a custom tune will.
We do have some pretty solid Dyno numbers to back that up. Price wise, the QuickFit air dam system here
isn’t as affordable as you might think considering the size of this thing and what you’re really
getting. You’re actually looking at just south of $300 for this guy which might seem a little
steep, but it does fall right in line with Roush’s similar offering. Now keep in mind,
guys, for another $100, you can get Airaid’s complete air dam intake system which does
give you the tubing as well here, but that’s totally up to you at the end of the day. All right, guys, let’s switch gears and quickly
talk about the install here. As you might expect, nothing to see here, right. I mean,
this is gonna be as mundane as it gets. You really only need to pop off the top portion
of your factory airbox, get that out of the way, and then of course incorporate this guy
into your factory intake system. All this can be done rather easily here with some basic
hand tools. When I say basic, I mean it. I’m talking flat head screwdriver, maybe even
an eight millimeter socket. Whatever you have laying around should do the trick just fine.
So one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, albeit a very soft one out of three.
Maybe 30 minutes to an hour to get this guy in place and you should be good to go. The Airaid air dam here, the Quick Fit option,
while a tad pricy given what it is is honestly a great way to replace that beat factory airbox
and cheap and dirty paper filter. Replacing it with something that’s gonna give you a
little bit more sound under the hood, both engine and turbo noise. You might see a small
bump in power and definitely some improved throttle response as well. So guys, that’s
my review of the QuickFit air dam here from Airaid, which you can grab for your EcoBoost
right here, at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  1. Can we please make the difficulty scale out of 5 wrenches instead of 3, 3 just isn't enough.

  2. Actually no, while you keep the cold air intake ducts your car will suck in the warm engine air inside the hood. This is because air raid does not seal the heat shield along the hood. They leave 40% of the shroud open

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