2009-2014 F-150 Oracle Side Mirror with Off Road Lights Review & Install

Hey, guys. Justin with americanmuscle.com, here with
my quick review of the Oracle LED Off-Road Mirror Caps, available for your 2009 to 2014
F-150 and Raptor. You should be checking out the Oracle Off-Road
Mirror Caps here if you’re serious about upgrading the auxiliary lighting in your truck for a
number of reasons, but mainly for off-road use. Now, these things are gonna provide a ton
of light output, whether you’re trail riding, camping, or whatever, and might be a nice
alternative to some of those other big light bar options out there if you’re not crazy
about the appearance of those things or sometimes the mounting difficulties that can come along
with those. Instead, with the Oracle options here, you’re
getting a seamless factory integration with no brackets, no drilling, or no permanent
modification. Oracle is known for designing and producing
a bunch of aftermarket auxiliary lighting stuff for a number of different applications,
and these mirror caps fall right in line with that. Now, these guys debuted at SEMA a couple of
years ago and became instantly popular with many truck owners out there for the reasons
I’ve just mentioned. You’re getting a ton of light output from
a relatively small OEM-style part without the use for those big extra light bars. Well, let’s talk about that light output real
quick because these guys, despite their small size, are really gonna throw a ton of light. You are getting two mirror caps, obviously,
here with this kit from Oracle, each one featuring 12 1-watt LEDs, when combined, produce a pretty
solid 2,200 lumens overall. RECON has loaded their mirror caps with very
high-quality Cree XP-E LED bulbs here, which is a nice thing to point out because these
things are essentially the benchmark in the industry when it comes to quality. Now, each bulb has been rated up to 50,000
hours when it comes to life span, and each one is gonna produce a color temperature of
6,000 K, or 6,000 Kelvin, which is a very, very bright white light with just a small
touch of blue, but not much. These LEDs feature a 45-degree beam angle,
which is nice to point out because that’s gonna throw a ton of light output to your
peripheral here, which is important if you do a lot of off-roading. Now, your factory headlights are obviously
gonna throw a bunch of light output right in front of the truck, but these guys, of
course, will take up some of the slack and cover some of the stuff to the side of the
truck, which again is important if you do a lot of off-roading or trail riding because
it might help you spot possible hazards that you wouldn’t see with your headlights. Breaking down the construction a little bit
here with the Oracle kit, you’re gonna find a durable ABS plastic for the housing itself,
and the lens is going to be a very rugged polycarbonate lens. And that’s actually surrounded by an anodized
rock guard. What Oracle says is this is just gonna help
protect the lights themselves if you do happen to smack a tree or an obstacle off-road. You’re gonna be dropping just north of 400
bucks for this kit from Oracle, which might sound a little pricey to a lot of you guys
at home. But you have to keep in mind that you’re not
gonna be spending additional money on mounting brackets or additional wiring like you would
with some of those light bars we talked about earlier. And also, guys, you have to keep in mind,
the Oracle quality and construction overall is going to be worth the price of admission. Getting into the install here, guys, there
is some wiring involved, as you might expect, so you wanna make sure you have your crimpers
ready to go or soldering iron, if you prefer, in addition to some few basic hand tools,
a socket set, a few screwdrivers, and a T20 TORX tool. Now, you will need to do some power and ground
stuff here. You will need to run a switch to turn these
guys on and off, and you will need to slightly disassemble the mirrors to get everything
installed. So we’ll call this one a two out of three
on my overall scale of difficulty. Really not that bad, especially if you have
a basic grasp of wiring, but again, maybe a couple of hours in the shop or garage to
get this one knocked out. Wrapping up my review of the Oracle Side Mirror
Caps here, I think it’s gonna be a great option for you guys who do a lot of off-roading or
camping or maybe you just live in a dark area, and here’s why. You’re getting a ton of light output from
a relatively small package. You don’t have to go crazy with those additional
mounting points or wiring like you would with a big light bar option. And finally, the price really isn’t all that
bad, considering the quality of the RECON kit and the relatively easy install. So that’s my review of the Oracle Side Mirror
Caps with Off-Road LEDs, which you can grab right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  1. How do you turn these on? Do they come with a switch or…? Thanks

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