2009-2014 F150 Barricade HD Winch Front Bumper w/ LED Lighting Review & Install

Hey, guys, it’s Joe from AmericanTrucks. And today, we’re gonna be taking a closer
look at the Barricade HD winch front bumper with LED lighting, fitting all ’09 to ’14
F-150s, excluding the Raptor models. Now, this is gonna be a great option for any
F-150 owner out there that’s looking for a bumper that not only looks the part, but is
going to be tough enough to handle any situation with its high-build quality and the extra
tools that it brings to the table, such as the winch plate and additional LED lighting. So, what do we have going on here with the
HD winch front bumper? Well, first things first, let’s talk about
build quality. And this thing is made out of heavy duty 5/32-inch
steel plate, and that is definitely going to be able to take a hit better than the factory
front bumper. It’s then sealed in a two-stage black powder
coat, which is not just there to add to the looks. Albeit, it if you were going for the blackout
look, this is going to be a perfect match. And heck, it even matches our black front
grille pretty much perfectly, but it’s also there to serve as a protective layer against
the elements. So, next up, let’s talk about the star of
the show here, this little slot in the middle, the winch plate. That is going to be a huge upgrade over any
factory tow hook. If you’re looking to gain some additional
recovery points, that is a great tool to have is going to be able to tackle any obstacle
thrown at it, from the worksite to the trail. That is a great, great feature, and one of
the biggest selling points about the HD winch front bumper. This can handle up to a 12,000-pound winch,
which should be tough enough to get your F-150 out of any situation you can get it stuck
in. But if that was enough for you in terms of
recovery points, this thing also packs two D-ring mounts and two heavy duty 3/4-inch
D-rings to boot. This bumper also comes with brand new fog
lights. This is gonna be a huge upgrade over the factory
stuff, packing some brand new LEDs. They’re IP67 waterproof, which means they
can withstand up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. Aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, exactly
what you’d expect. And the color temperature they put out is
going to be a nice, cool white 6,000 K. And again, that’s gonna be a huge upgrade in not
only the light output department, but the looks department as well. And if that wasn’t enough for you, to set
it over the top, they plug right into the factory wiring harness. So, they’re gonna work with the factory switch,
you’re pretty much good to go now. Now, if your F-150 wasn’t optioned with fogs
from the factory, Barricade does throw in a wiring harness for you to get these to work. You can also add to the LED lighting. Right underneath this overrider bullbar style
hoop right here, you could fit up to a 30-inch light bar. You can see these two mounting tabs, one on
either side, and that will really allow you to customize this front bumper. So, this bumper is going to pack a ton of
utility, and it certainly looks the part. But I wanna talk about some features that
might not be so obvious right out of the get-go. First thing, approach angle. We’re gonna get this side-by-side next to
the factory bumper in a second here. But you can see that this tapers up into the
front wheel well, and that is going to, overall, improve your off-roading experience when you
take your truck out to the trails. Basically, to go over something, you need
to get your wheel up on it, and having that area clear in front of your front tire is
really gonna help with that approach angle. Another great feature I wanna talk about is
going to apply to the EcoBoost owners out there. One thing you wanna consider, a lot of times,
with a winch front bumper like these, you’re putting a winch pretty much right in front
of your intercooler, and that can block some airflow. Thankfully, Barricade has thought of that. You get these awesome windows here with that
grating in the middle, and that’s going to allow you to keep the airflow to your intercooler
and keep your engine at peak operating temperature. Now, pricing for this bumper. Obviously, this is packing a lot of features,
D-rings, fogs, winch, overrider hoop, so this isn’t gonna be the most budget-friendly out
there. Now, we’re looking at around 1,100 bucks,
and they’re definitely cheaper options if you’re just looking for D-rings, if you’re
just looking for LED lighting, if you’re just looking for an overrider hoop, and if you’re
just looking for a winch. But to get one that packs all those features
together is really something rare, especially at that price point. And relatively speaking, this is a great return
on investment. Install for this is going to be really, really
simple. I’m gonna give it an easy two out of three
wrenches on our difficulty meter. It is a little bit heavy, so I’d recommend
bringing a buddy along as well as a case of beer to help you get this thing up into place. But other than that, there’s no modification
required, and the lights do plug and play. Again, if you have factory fog lights, at
most, I think this will take you an hour or two in the driveway with nothing but some
basic hand tools. So, without any further ado, let me show you
what tools you’ll need and how it’s done. Tools we used for this install are going to
include an impact, ratchet, sockets ranging from 21-mill all the way down the 13-mill,
and an 18-millimeter wrench. Now, before we go and loosen up any of the
hardware holding on our front bumper, we’re going to have to crawl under our F-150 and
unplug the fog lights. And in order to unplug those, we’re just gonna
pull back on this release tab, and push down at the same time. That should pop off just like that. We’re gonna do the same thing over here on
the other side as well. Now, we’re gonna loosen up these 21-millimeter
nuts holding our bumper to the frame rail. Now, one thing to note, this might be blocked
with an air dam piece. If that’s the case, you could use a trim panel
removal tool to get that out of the way. And after that’s done, we can come in here
with the 21-millimeter socket on the impact to loosen up those nuts. That’s one done. There’s another one on the opposite side of
the frame rail as well. And then we can come over and do the same
thing on the opposite side as well. One thing to note is, these two nuts are the
last thing holding the bumper to the truck. So, once you get them removed, be careful,
have a hip into the bumper to hold it still, and then you can take this off. So, now we have our factory front bumper removed
from our F-150. Before we put up our new HD winch bumper,
I figure now would be the perfect time to put the two next to each other and point out
some key differences. First things first, let’s talk about build
quality. We’re ditching this factory styling over here
with that body color and all this plastic in exchange for some heavy duty steel. 5/32-inch, this is gonna be way more durable
than the factory front bumper with all of its plastic over there. And on top of that, it’s finished in an awesome
two-stage black powder coating, which, again, is gonna help protect this thing from corrosion,
but it also gives it that awesome, stealthy look. Now, another huge difference between these
two, and you can pretty much see it out front of our new Barricade bumper. But we are gonna be ditching our old school
tow hooks in exchange for some better recovery options. We have the winch plate for a winch, and we
have some heavy duty D-rings as well. If you ever need to pull your truck out of
anywhere, or pull your buddy’s truck out of anywhere, that is going to be a huge, huge
improvement over those factory tow hooks. So, if we ever do get into a pinch, this Barricade
bumper is going to be definitely what you want over that factory stuff. Now, as you can see on either side, this isn’t
the only piece of utility that the Barricade is packing. Right out of the box, it comes with these
fog lights pre-installed, that is a really, really nice modern touch. And it’s gonna be an upgrade in the looks
department. We’re ditching that old school yellow fog
light over here on the factory one for a more modern LED. It’s gonna be a 6,000 K color temperature,
again, that’s gonna be a bright white leaning very, very slightly toward the blue side,
and it should throw more light as well. So, another great piece of utility that the
Barricade is bringing to the table. Now, if you wanted to add to the lighting,
you definitely could. We have the ability to add a 30-inch light
bar right here under the overrider hoop. And speaking about that hoop, that is going
to be an upgrade from the factory stuff as well. So, we’re just about ready to start working
on our truck again. But before we do, we do have to take some
hardware off of that factory front bumper, we are gonna be reusing that in the install
process. So, this is the hardware we’re gonna need
to remove, it is a 13-millimeter bolt, and there’s a clip on the back with threads, we’re
gonna take that off as well. Now, if you don’t see these on your bumper,
sometimes they are attached to the hood release bracket. So, now we’re gonna hop back over to our F-150,
and we’re gonna attach our winch plate to the frame rails using the 18-millimeter hardware
included in the kit. This truck doesn’t have tow hooks. If your truck does have tow hooks, just uninstall
those and then you can use these two holes here to attach your winch plate. And again, we can go ahead and tighten that
down with an 18-millimeter socket and an 18-millimeter wrench. So, now that we have the winch plate in place,
we’re just gonna put our bumper up to the frame rails. This already has bolts pre-installed, then
we’re gonna use the factory nuts to tighten the two together. Before we tighten down those nuts, which you
wanna make sure all four of them are installed to hold the bumper still while you do this,
we’re gonna have to put on this bracket. And the way this is gonna work is, we’re gonna
use that bolt and nut clip that we scavenged earlier, and that is gonna go on the bracket,
like so. And then this end of the bracket, this forked
end, this is gonna go around the inner bolt, like so. And then up at the top, this bracket is going
to connect to using that original 13-millimeter hardware to our hood release. And we’re gonna do the same thing over here
on the other side as well. Now, before we tighten the bracket down, you
wanna tighten the bumper down, that way, the bracket gets seated correctly, and then we
can come back and tighten that later. And again, this is a factory 21-millimeter
hardware. And then we’re gonna do the same thing for
the other side. Now, all that’s left for us to do is come
back and tighten the top of those support brackets. Again, this is factory 13-millimeter hardware. And then we can hit the same thing for the
other side. Next, we can put on our D-rings, they come
with some nice isolators. There are two sides for the mount, and then
on the D-ring itself, you get this rubber isolator as well. Last but certainly not least, we have to plug
in our fog lights, and they’ll go right to the factory harness. If your truck wasn’t optioned with fog lights
from the factory, they do give you a wiring harness to use instead. Guys, that is gonna do it for me. It’s also gonna do it for the Barricade HD
winch front bumper with LED lighting, fitting all ’09 to ’14 F-150s, excluding the Raptor
models. As always, thank you guys for watching, subscribe
for more like this one. Keep it right here at AmericanTrucks for all
things F-150.

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  2. Haw Joe
    I so want to get a new bumper for the 2017 F150
    As much as I like that I HATE the Winch Slot
    Why is it SO HARD to find a front bumper WITHOUT the Winch Slot that DOES HAVE the D Ring contact points

    The Barricade Extreme HD W/LED ($589 in your Catalog) has no Slot, BUT NO D Rings

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