2009-2016 F150 Raxiom 50″ Double Row LED Light Bar Review & Install

Hey everybody I’m Justin with americanmuscle.com,
and this is my detailed review of Raxiom’s 50 inch double row LED light bar available
for your 2009 to present F-150. All right, guys, the 50 inch option from Raxiom
is going to be for any F-150 owner out there looking to add a ton of light output to his
or her ride for a price that’s going to be very reasonable compared to your other big
bar options available here on the site. Make no mistake about it, guys, a light bar
this big is destined for one spot and one spot only on your F-150, and that is the roof. If you’re looking to throw a ton of light,
you want a roof mounted option, hang out with me a little bit longer as we break this thing
down. Raxiom is a company that’s known to produce
some pretty killer lighting and electronics for a wide variety of vehicles, all backed
by a very solid warranty. The best part is they’re not going to totally
destroy your wallet in the process. In fact, all of Raxiom’s light bar options
on americanmuscle.com are all backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty. If you’re a person that’s hard on your F-150,
you spend a lot of time off road on the trails or even on the work site, that lifetime warranty
should definitely sound appealing. That leads me to my first point. If you’re looking for some auxiliary lighting
for your truck then chances are you’re using your truck, well, like a truck. You’ve probably come to the realization that
the factory lighting or even additional lighting that you may have added up until this point
just isn’t cutting it on the trails, on the beach, work site, wherever. If you want a solid option here that, again,
is going to throw a whole bunch of light, the Raxiom 50 inch bar might just be the one
for you. The 50 inch Raxiom light bar is going to light
up whatever you need to using a combination of both spot and flood lighting, guys. The center section here, 30 degree spotlights,
these are going to throw a ton of light directly in front of you a good amount of distance
as well light up the darkest of trails. The ends here are going to use 60 degree floodlights
guys, again, just increasing your total light output and throwing a whole bunch of light
everywhere. The source of all this light comes courtesy
of the two rows of 50 Cree high intensity LEDs making for 100 LED or diodes altogether
putting out a ridiculous 18,000 lumens at 6000 color temperature. The 6000 k is going to be a nice bright white
with just a small touch of blue really helping increase your overall visibility. I do want to point out that those Cree LEDs
are some of the best used in the industry with a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. These Cree LEDs are going to have a number
of benefits. One of the biggest is the power draw or basically
lack thereof, guys. This huge bar is only going to draw 8 amps
at 12 volts or 4 amps at 24 volts, so it’s not going to tax your charging system like
a halogen or an HID might, especially if you plan on using a couple of these at one time. All right, guys, another area that Raxiom
is going to excel in is overall build quality. In fact, this thing’s going to carry an Ingress
Protection rating of a six for solids, that’s the highest available, and a seven for liquids
which is the second highest available. It’s going to allow this thing to be immersed
in up to a meter of water at any point and you should be good to go, although I don’t
recommend you make a habit of that. Again, LED lights for the most part are a
very durable light, however they do have one enemy and that is moisture. Moisture, condensation, all that stuff will
shorten the lifespan of the bulbs themselves. To be getting that kind of protection and
that kind of build quality from a light bar that’s going to be a fraction of the cost
of some of your bigger name options here on the site is pretty solid overall. Diving even deeper into the construction,
guys, you’re going to find a durable die cast aluminum for the overall build quality of
the body along with a polycarbonate lens here. That aluminum body has been powder coated
with a textured black finish. This is just going to help reduce any corrosion
over the years while the light bar is installed on your rig and help keep the light bar looking
good for years to come. In order to get that superior rating of IP
67, you have to imagine this thing’s been sealed up pretty good, and that’s certainly
the case when talking about the Raxiom. Those Cree LEDs are hiding behind that polycarbonate
lens and have been sealed off tightly preventing any of that dust, dirt, water, mud or whatever
from entering the housing and shortening the lifespan of the bulbs themselves. However, if you should encounter a problem,
guys, Raxiom does have your back with their industry leading lifetime warranty. All right, guys, let’s quickly touch on price. Honestly, if you’re checking this thing out
then the price is probably what brought you here in the first place. At just around $500 this is by far and away
your most affordable big LED bar option on the site. Sure, the Rigid might be slightly better in
some categories, but as I’ve been telling you the entire video, guys, this thing’s built
very well. It’s going to throw out a ton of light. It certainly won’t disappoint you. I’m probably going to be telling you something
you already know here, guys. Whenever you install something like this on
your rig, we don’t recommend you use it on the road because obviously you’re going to
be blinding some oncoming traffic. When using the auxiliary lighting from Raxiom,
just use your head and be mindful of other drivers. As for the install here, guys, my one small
little nitpick with the Raxiom is the wiring harness. This is basically all they’re giving you,
guys. There is an additional wiring harness available
on the product page also from Raxiom for around $20. If you don’t have a ton of experience with
wiring, I’d recommend you pick this thing up. It’s basically going to make the job a whole
lot easier. On the other hand if you have some experience
with wiring and you have some basic components laying around, basically a wiring relay, fuse
switch, that sort of thing then you can probably piece together your own harness for a lot
cheaper. All right, guys, as you can see, this thing
does include two little feet here on the end. Take my word for it, buy the corresponding
bracket. Yes, it’s another $200, but it’s the correct
bracket for this application. It’s going to make for a clean install and
it’s going to hide the holes you do have to drill underneath the weather stripping. In addition to that, there is a small amount
of wiring needed as we already talked about. If you do buy that pre-wired harness from
Raxiom, it will make life a whole lot easier. Trust me. Other than that, we’ll call it two out of
three wrenches on my difficult meter. Really not a hard install here, but not everyone
is a big fan of wiring. That being said, this is a very basic job. Power and ground install. You will have to find a home for that switch
inside the cab of your truck. Of course don’t forget your soldering iron
and tips before you get started. Guys, we’ve called this one an hour on the
site, but with mounting the bar, running all your wires and finding a home for that switch
inside the truck I wouldn’t be surprised if it took you closer to two or three hours. All right, guys, as for my final thoughts
here with the Raxiom light bar option, again, you’re getting a ton of light output for not
a lot of dough. Yes, you do have to come out of pocket a little
bit for some of those extras including the brackets and of course the wiring, but overall
you’re still getting a bargain at the price point and you’re getting that lifetime warranty
to boot. Be sure to check out more options from Raxiom
for your F-150 right here at americanmuscle.com.

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