2011-2014 F150 Airaid Cold Air Dam Intake 3.5L EcoBoost Review & Install

Hey guys, Adam here with americantrucks.com. Today I’m bringing you a detailed overview
and installation of the Airaid Cold Air Intake with the SynthaMax Dry Filter in blue, which
is available for all ’11 to ’14 3.5 L EcoBoost powered F-150s. The Airaid Cold Air Intake with the SynthaMax
Dry Filter in blue is available for any ’11 to ’14 3.5 EcoBoost owner looking to get rid
of their stock air box to pick up a better quality, free-flowing, more advanced cold
air intake system with a better intake filter. With that said, you can see a small increase
in throttle response as well as even a fuel economy increase in efficiency. With that said, it does come with a one out
of three wrenches on our difficulty meter for the install, since it is one of the more
simple things you can do to your engine as far as mods go, but we’ll talk about that
a little bit later on. The cool thing about this is it does not require
you to pick up a computer tune to make it work properly with your 3.5. This’ll utilize what’s known as a speed density
instead of a mass airflow sensor, and because of that, it’ll make changes to your computer
on the fly instead of having to pick up a computer tune to make it work. Now with that said, as far as performance
is concerned I do want to say, you don’t want to expect the world of difference when it
comes to horsepower and torque but you should expect a small gain in power to the wheels
as well as a small increase in fuel economy, as well as a throttle response increase. An even cooler thing about this is, if you
decide to pick up a computer tune with it, with your handheld tuner, whether it’s on
the side or with the tune required option, you can definitely increase the amount of
horsepower and torque gains you see with this single kit alone, up to about 30 horsepower. Now Airaid lets us know that it is possible
on the Dyno, but I would definitely suggest looking into a tune with this, to really maximize
its potential. It’s worth pointing out that this is in fact
a 50 state legal cold air intake, which basically means if you’re located in an emissions restrictive
state like California or something like that, you will be able to pick this up legally without
having to worry about it being off road only. As far as materials and construction goes,
this was manufactured as a SynthaMax dry filter from Airaid, using a six inch conical air
filter. What this basically does is it makes sure
it’s a re-washable and reusable air filter making sure you don’t have to pick up a new
one every few thousand miles. With that said, you would just unclamp it
from its housing, clean it off on the inside and honestly, don’t even have to worry about
re-oiling it. Just pop it right back on. It was manufactured using a high quality cotton
gauze for superior filtration, topped off with a diamond wire mesh covering on top of
it, just to add to its durability. In addition to the blue option we have here,
there’s a more traditional red if you like that route, or if you’re looking to go stealthier
for a more aggressive engine bay, black is also an option. Aside from that, you’re looking at injection
molded polypropylene for the tubing, which increases airflow with a plastic over the
other metal options available. As far as pricing is concerned, expect to
be spending just north of the $400 mark, putting this one right in the middle of the plethora
of options available for your 3.5. With that said, it’s a little bit cheaper
than a tune required option but it is a little bit more than just the filters available,
like say some of the options from Rosch as it does include a little bit more to the kit. Quickly shifting over to the install portion
of the video, like I said in the beginning, it’s one of the simpler mods you can do to
your engine bay, getting a very easy one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. As far as hand tools, make sure you have a
flathead screwdriver on deck as well as a ratchet and socket set, and I’d say about
an hour’s worth of time from start to finish. Maybe even less if you’ve done this before. First thing you want to do, pop open the hood
and use the flathead screwdriver to remove the couplers and the clamps holding all the
factory hardware to the mounting positions. Pull the tubing out of the throttle body and
everything down into the air box, and obviously the ratchet and socket set will come in handy
for some of the bolts. Unclip some of the wiring harnesses and remove
everything, setting all the old stuff aside. The Airaid will go in the exact same way in
the reverse order, using all new hardware and clamps. Once you have the tubing into place and bolted
down using the ratchet and socket, work your way to the air filter into the air box and
then you’re good to go. Just to wrap this one up here, if you’re the
owner of an ’11 to ’14 3.5 L EcoBoost F-150, you might want to check out the Airaid Cold
Air Intake with the SynthaMax Dry Filter in blue, or the red and black ones available
as well, all of which you can find right here, at americantrucks.com.

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