yeah Good evening everyone yy News Yamazaki Today is Friday 18th October 2019 The time was greatly delayed and it was 10:14 on the night of Japan time Well I ’m sorry that it started at 9 o’clock and 14 minutes late, but today ’s main theme, but I ’m up in this comment Since 2013, over the past six years, Abenomics has made a total of 700 trillion yen in fiscal spending and financial easing Today ’s main theme is to answer three simple questions: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Governor Kuroda. a So today’s broadcast is also a unified broadcast and using Twicast TV media Broadcast from the front It means that audio and video are being delivered smoothly at the moment The main theme of yesterday’s broadcast youtube
The cover This is yesterday’s main theme is the Korean citizen movement that is fundamentally changing Korean society What is the leading citizen media news tapa? I made a cover What is the news tapa break down in Korean? News Tapa will create a space that will change the world with the citizens, the power that has been news is 99% non-profit independent media It ’s like this cover Although it is the number of claimants at the moment, there are 355 TwitCasts, youtube is 334 689
That means Then I couldn’t print yesterday Print today It ’s about taking up yesterday’s To broadcast I picked it up, but it was attacked by hammers by unidentified men in the rapids of Hong Kong Nick is a civilian human rights leader Taste sand steaming Well, if you’re not good enough because you break your head with a hammer, Or half Amahi is n’t it? And the second image is Well, this is Ryusaku Tanaka Although it is a picture, the hospital and the criminals who were attacked and contained many tastings that were seriously injured showed that they were moving fast That’s right Is this child a person named Takako Inoue’s attack? Comment Prepared an excuse to raise the board slightly, making a victim attacked with a hammer by themselves Half Japanese still fall / winter This is what Takako Inoue’s allegations are about a peaceful demo I’m just introducing you on Twitter. This is basically a turf, and it ’s an excuse to make a big riot. I’m saying this person as a conspiracy, so commenting like this is like that I believe that the stupid Japanese are still I think this is a little different because it ’s an excellent and peaceful demonstration. 8 The standard movement is a boat movement, a fake movement directed by Moe, 80s, a college student in Latin America in an unclean war Indigenous peoples are tortured and killed and are still missing and fighting while killing citizens by police officers trained in Israel, Ecuador, USA If you are, it ’s your own opinion of civic movement, or just the opinions of others I’m just introducing it. I don’t know if you like Takako Inoue. Well this He ’s earning the seed for the second time, it ’s unlikely that it ’s going to be done. It is an image because of a these two The third image from this is related to the joint main theme, but this is the Nikkei Shimbun Nikkei means that the Chinese economy If you slow down, you ’re making a fuss, Nikkei newspaper is China 6.0
Slow to percent growth and hit a record low from July to September The trade war hit and this It was Nikkei dated today and was in this article This is this graph It is Oe graph of so-called economic growth in China If you look at this, I think you have the impression that it ’s getting worse very rapidly. At a
The horizontal axis is Wintering 6% for 2019, continuing from 1992 That’s a big deal, 2015 is 14% It ’s suddenly going down, going up suddenly, going down again and going up again. This is the trick of this line graph. Why is this horizontal axis good? It’s a city, it’s a time axis. From 1993 to 2019, the vertical axis is a percentage. This is 4% to 16%, so it’s only inside Then of course that It fluctuates up and down It ’s backed up. This is a very good website for the world economy. Well, it ’s a suite of economic growth in China and Japan. What is this? 1980-19992019 East It’s a pretty long time to bind It ’s vertical, but the shield is from -10 Parker. Growth rate + Oh It ’s 20 par, so it ’s 30 spans. So this is also a line graph q 8 This is so steep Alesund does n’t get darker, it ’s a natural flow. So the Nikkei Newspaper is like this graph あ あ By shortening the vertical axis, it is as if the Chinese economy is in this way 6% I told you until the lowest growth rate ever It ’s a trick like this. If it is an ordinary grab, it is like this graph The top was China, but it’s a big deal with Japan a So today’s image is 4 times a because f Would you like to upload I didn’t notice yesterday at News Tapa New Tapa’s Japanese subtitle project team has been there since last June. Japan Pavilion Volunteers were working on subtitles for videos of dads related to Korea A woman who was interviewed with 2 to 3 people in yesterday a I think she speaks Japanese and is a volunteer. It seems that the project team was dissolved in June this year. So there is no Japanese distribution right now, unfortunately Is it a Korean large letter called daddy’s news? I can’t see it It ’s good, but it ’s easy. So-called The Japanese subtitle project team is an external volunteer, so I’ve probably been active for about a year It ’s a copyright issue, or the relationship between inside and outside It means that it ended up being dissolved because it probably started blowing So yesterday’s broadcast viewers 859 689 It ’s like that and it ’s an image. Aiming your head with a hammer is completely murder That ’s why Tanaka Ryusaku ’s photos are working hard. And China ’s economic growth Slow down This is a graph from the Nikkei Shimbun, but this must not be deceived That’s right Masaki If it ’s a sudden orgy like this, It ’s just an ordinary expression. If the house is a vertical axis, this vertical axis is minus 10% to + 20% Since it is taken in the range of The soaring economic growth has become a natural trend. This is natural This is the graph of the meter length of the management global economy. That’s right, people who smoked would be serious injuries such as subarachnoid hemorrhage I’m aiming for that. Aiming is a murderer a means today It was an image And today’s video What is this, what is the capacity of Japan A fictional Chong 1 Shin Shin Kishi’s new book, Par’s November 12th 2015 broadcast you tube Seizo is South Korea kbs So this year 2015 That’s still there Korean management and the news community danced with political intervention Did a new tapa come out in 2012 with a lot of people fired at the meeting car? It’s been 3 years later A so-called moderator is going to check A famous person who is currently the president of mbc He starred the production director of two documentary films. When I saw this yesterday, there was a Japanese subtitle When I saw it, the subtitles were gone. In short, Japan and Korea in 1965 Is it a treaty? The reason behind that So the Korean side is Park Zhang Fei The dictatorship president Chung Hee is in secret I ’m worried about the base for a political solution Please give 2 new species If you want to work hard like this 1965 Treaty of Japan and South Korea I was partitioning behind the knight’s daughter That is an article that remains in the document, but at that time it was eventually Subtlety Because I ’m a president, it ’s when I let fired some non-liberal people like kbs, mbc, etc. So, for the secretary of Taku Chun 1 Shin Kishi I wanted to pick up and broadcast the kbs site, but in the end I was unable to broadcast because I was arrested by a Korean kbs criminal I understand that I understood it through news tapa coverage. This loop is on the new Starbucks youtube page What you are telling I saw Japanese subtitles yesterday but other youtube If you understand Korean look Please give me No, news tapa has negotiated Japanese subtitles This is the only tip that I’ve been making, Because the promised subtitle translation team broke up, the distribution went away about it The next video I took up yesterday in a word Senator Goren, the leading candidate, sells electricity I took up the news that the former Vice President was reversed, but her Proposed main policy This is a very important thing to take up again in a word today It ’s very important that she is quite revolutionary if she executes the policy she claims as an American president. Well, there were 9 articles introduced in the Nikkei newspaper article yesterday. Huge This is a division of high-tech companies, such as facebook or google Or Amazon It ’s absolutely necessary to divide a huge high-tech company like twitter or Todo. The second national liberation system and Trump 3rd introduction of the destroyed universal health insurance system It’s natural to raise the tax rate for floating and wealthy people. Then let’s walk the 4th glass type This was abolished, but adding this, what is this? When the commercial bank established in 1933 and the investment bank were completely separated, the two businesses would be Hey Hee Co I can’t go to the same time It’s a law, but it means that it will be revived because it has been abolished. First of all, a commercial bank is the real economy An investment bank is a real economy bank. Going in stock or Nerima or international Reproduction or in-vehicle or toto So-called financial products, when they come together, they become huge banks. The Glass Stegal method and how to shake this is absolutely necessary Then, if you double the minimum wage, it will probably be 1500 yen or 1,800 yen 6th 4th If we ban shell gas mining The teaching gas is mined to cause an earthquake or flood I think the liquefaction phenomenon is Subaru 7th reduction in defense costs This is good. The 8th paid maternity leave system is not in the US. Isn’t there a paid leave system in the United States or isn’t there a vacation? And there ’s no thank you, uq
It ’s a terrible green. No live sushi 9th Ugly business split and this is also a huge company The Agri giant that monopolizes their food These nine Hopefully, as Marthan Dance says, American fun is a salty student theory By taxing the financial economy When Shea-Fu takes over I would like you to include this as well, If you say that prohibiting the gun itself is totally prohibited I want you to do it. about it Whether she won the president or Trump is ridiculous in the second term Directly involved in America and the world of politics November to the very important presidential election Shonai concept I want Warren to cut it. So this is a word today Uh, do you want to improve this? Ichigo Renjo-in You were a professor at Harvard University. More beautiful I think she posted her photo I mean this person This is one test It’s with Ms. Split with Agribusiness Gon Well Major policies of volume This And then double the minimum wage Especially for young people, isn’t it absolute support? And this is the hottest information in today This is probably the third documentary video by Shiori Ito. That ’s 8 sites she ’s hosting. Creator site cancer Video and sentences from here I want you to see it because you can see everything. I’m 80 years old because I’m a cow who talks about my memory that I couldn’t tell 70 years that I killed my mother and sister If you want to move to Manchuria when you are small, this person will eventually lose Japan Raise from Manchuria more I wrote a book for my younger sister Mothers who celebrated after Porsche and weakened Where did you kill him? He never beat anyone until he was 80 years old. And in the navel documentary she started talking And even gatherings I thought I started talking about my play It ’s a wonderful documentary. I think it’s probably the third work. I’m told by the title now, but it ’s a bit long Second This is what she is doing I’ve tried all the staff Lastly, people involved in this production because of credit Ma by all come out Director’s shooting usage rate 4 producer Shiori Ito and Yuta Okamura Editor Yuta Okamura Mariko Ide Executive Producer Kanagawa Yuyu hot spring blooming flowers Then subtitles from the voice effect Uraura Shinichimachi Study groups to learn about Japan from outside If you showed that you are doing your best, you can use your own website Based on the announcement Well done all over the world 6 films or film festival cigars frozen and evaluated It ’s probably that you ’ve started this kind of steady activity. Well, today’s recommendation is also a road Jim Lauder Rogers on the 37th floor Chapter 3 America China Korean peninsula This is the essence of change, so timer business squarewood is a pioneer of Columbia economic growth Well, it ’s a presentation from the homepage to Mihei. Well, the expansion of the Thai man business introduced Colombian economic growth pioneer and Vladivostok, but it will be the most exciting in the world in the next 20-30 years Raise the city. Choose the joint media order, which is a big city of Klonpiano. The reason is that Colombia’s marijuana has been legalized in Colombia, and Colombia’s cannabis business is expected to develop into a big business, and economic growth Could be a detonator and the timer trial would have 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours The darkness is great and a certain basic is indispensable Medi people are located near the equator, so they have 12 hours of free time and 12 hours at night Because it is a mountainous area, the temperature is constant and it is said that cannabis is blessed with optimal conditions to know cannabis cyber In the forbidden era of Colombia there was a terrible drug war and drugs illegal Illegal drugs prevail in Japan due to drug cartels Violent love that makes you want to turn your eyes away was one of the increase and the government and Willian conflict I stopped in Colombia on the way around the world that it was a country called Colombia that was intensifying and could not hope for economic development Sometimes people’s bodies are surrounded by anti-government organizations, and many people who go and go around the city wore clothes and are well-educated I remember thinking that it was a mess in a country where rich people live But about 20 years later, in Colombia, bloody struggles are about to be wiped out. Following the legalization of cannabis, cultivation facilities and sales rights will grow in the future in Clumbia I talked to a general when I visited the Medi I think he was shining with hope in the face of a new life as a Fana farmer He used to register and execute those who were doing timer transactions. That ’s why I wasted my life, and my brothers were all excited and the legalization of cannabis gave me a fortune If you knew that you would notice, I was convinced that cannabis legalization, which was only a confirmation for me, had a positive impact on Colombia This is the euro Probably it is an instrument. And when you find a catalyst for the next Monday change nedo Only the title you just read Up Hmm Wow, the last one It ’s over, so cut this much And today is also the main theme. Since 2013, Abenomics has raised a total of 700 trillion yen in fiscal spending and finance over the past six years. Let’s answer three simple questions: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Governor Kuroda Well, I’m gonna wonder if I’m going to answer three simple questions I wonder why Japan’s economic growth rate of 700 trillion yen in fiscal years and monetary easing has been so low over the past six years It’s a simple question that started in April 2013, Abenomics Since Kuroda became president of the BOJ, 2013 was 2% 2.0%. To 2014 0.38% 2015 1 store 22% 2016 0.61%
2017 1.94% 2018 0.81%
This year’s forecast imf forecast 0.89% 700 trillion yen What is this type of growth? That ’s why why it ’s so high or low? Well then, the 350 trillion yen tax collected by the Abe administration from the public in the last six years and the 350 trillion yen Bank of Japan bank note newly issued by the BOJ President Kuroda Say these two people where you used them 700 trillion yen If you buy a house just like the real economy 4% 5% I think I should be doing an action switch, so I’m using it elsewhere This is mostly financial And before the overseas 220 trillion yen rose I mean, and then Reservation of large companies is 407 value 70 super erotic Stock rises from Or government bonds This dark jump is used because a government bond of 100 trillion yen is issued every year. So a rich big company And the financial international hub In liberty fx
At last So I wonder if the real economy has only such low growth Well then, why is the economic growth rate of China that has not been 700 trillion yen of fiscal spending and monetary easing in the last six years like Japan? Try to explain whether it is so expensive as below China’s economic growth rate is 7.8% in 2013 2% in Japan 7.30% in 2014 2015 6.9% 2016 6.7373% 17 years 6.76% 18 years 6.57% That 19 years imf forecast is 6%, this is a positive Trump 6% due to trade war It looks like it will be, but how much A font that does not do any Abenomics as the effect grows It ’s a question. It ’s a simple question. And I want to ask the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, which only says the slowdown of the central economy and never says the devastating low level of the Japanese economy. At a here on this day China 6.0%
Alliance Ah Ah Ah 6.0% slow down to growth New record low and trade war hit This is the Nikkei Shimbun dated today, so this article shows China’s forecast for economic growth in 2019 Although it is written as the principle of 6.0% at the lowest in the past, Japan’s forecast for economic growth in 2019 is 0.89%, which is only one-seventh that of China and it is a devastating low growth Why China Moreover, it looks like this graph The Atacama Chinese economy seems to be decelerating sharply You are impersonating Nikkei So at the same time, in Japan, China was 6.0, and what was the lowest in the past was Japan’s 0.89. It’s not that you can write articles to compare So after that, I’ve uploaded this article in full. So today’s main theme is that 700 trillion yen tax and then the BOJ past the 10,000 yen bill International I bought it from a bank Where did you ask and where was it used? If you do not pursue such things thoroughly It ’s like a natural loss that you do n’t know the truth. If you look at the results of the catastrophe of arrest typhoon No. 15 or No. 19 surely, even part of 100 trillion yen is still For so-called disaster countermeasures As a result, it was rarely used unless it was used. You know, then that ’s where you used it. As I always say, the economy is already working and tomorrow morning water is working As a representative, Produce goods and provide services or carry goods and sell them This is the real economy But we have been taught that there is a financial economy that is several times the size of an economy that is actually different. The Higuchi economy says that it does not create any value just by selling or buying so-called financial products. Because this batting economy has almost 700 trillion yen, it is not used by the real economy It means that only 0.89% will grow No one says that about Nikkei Shimbun It ’s exactly Keidanren ’s public relations magazine, China ’s economy is slowing down Well then, Japan’s 0.89 is in principle a catastrophic low growth What is your arm Avenomics Like a part of the inflation target The Nikkei Shimbun isn’t so funny that there is only 0.89 in the afterthrowing and scolding That’s it So now I have 44 or today So today the main theme Answer 3 simple questions and you’re black for Abe No answer In the last six years, you have 700 trillion yen of national tax Next, the Bank of Japan, which is a national asset, After all almost The money of the big companies and the wealthy Then, the real economy was only 0.89 because it was introduced to the Friday economy and most of it was overseas. I’m not saying that the economy isn’t growing Well wondering why Japan’s economic growth rate has been over trillions of yen in fiscal spending and monetary easing over the past six years Whether it ’s unusually low. Without doing anything Even if you don’t have to do a lot of work like Abenomics, it’s natural that par 3 par 4 par is natural if it’s an economy centered It grows up So after all, the fact that the real economy only grows 0.89 bread is destroyed by a huge financial economy too. That’s why this low growth can only be unusually low. This is Japan’s economic growth rate from 2013 to 2019 This is it It ’s a person who is a suntan. The world is weird, wages go down because it ’s not crazy But the wages of civil servants are washed six years, and the world’s average salary is 76 times the world’s average salary. What’s the luxury version gradually? Tax collected by the Abe administration from the people in the past 6 years To 350 head And where did you use the 350 trillion yen BOJ issued by Governor Kuroda Say it That’s right It ’s 700 trillion yen This is why Japan is in third class The national assets of the people In short, what kind of use is used where it has nothing to do with the real economy of the people Out It ’s said that I ’ve been brought somewhere. Why hasn’t it been 700 trillion yen like Abenomics in China without a financial face? Let’s say that this kind of behavioral growth is possible That’s right China’s economic growth It ’s the second largest economy in the world, not a backward country. It ’s a great developed country. Financial economy Because it ’s not the mainstream, there ’s no financial economy. It seems that the real economy is the mainstream and the financial economy is a sub-originally healthy figure The reason is that China still has the Russian mafia Because the central bank is in full control of the central bank. It ’s like this. Chinese economic growth 6.57 or 6.00, or 6.5 if there is no Trump trade war 6.7 This year ’s economic growth rate Therefore, I would like to ask the Nihon Keizai Shimbun only for the slowdown of the Chinese economy and for the Japanese economy that never says on the devastating integer correction of the Japanese economy. I want to hear Public Question State Neemrana So this article is about China’s 2019 economy Although the growth rate forecast is the principle of a record low of 6.0%, Japan’s forecast for economic growth in 2019 is Why isn’t it possible to catch it after being destroyed in 1/7 of China at 0.89% and why it’s low growth and why it is being corrected in Japan The Nikkei newspaper does not compare Why Chinese This is because each minimum slowed down to 6% If you give the impression that the glass is slowing down suddenly It ’s just a plot right now. I’m doing so far, Nikkei. If it was originally Flavored duck dish If you take it widely like this Economic growth is a natural trend This is intentionally already This is a graph I made 中国はすごい経済減速してんだとこういうふうに みんな思いますねこれね 実際はこんな感じですいませんゆったりと 低成長に向かっていると低成長といっても6%ですからね日本の7倍ですよ 1系は中国経済の減速カクカク前に日本経済が何で700兆円ものアベノミックスで ジャイ精鋭出場と日銀による信用創造を行ったにもかかわらず なんて0.89%の経済成長しかできないのかというその謎と教授ですねあんたたち経済の専門家だったらやってみる という事ですよね絶対やらないでしょうね やれば金融経済の方にほとんどその資金が入っちゃったということがバレバレになるから ということですねで日系の この謀略丁寧に棒役的な記事 これですねこれ誓おう 日本の謀略新聞三大暴落新聞といったら 産経読売日経でしょうね韓国の3倍謀略新聞といった朝鮮日報と中央に行こうと からなんだけどもう一つ東亜日報子 っていう風に言われていますけど ということです皆さんのアレが全然見れ見れてなかったですね 津山 jun 13
うじゃバク転と呼吸にくい街日もありがとうございます それから国民コスモ試験車そんな時にさ安倍政権では 真似はできない政策とこれオール3なるでしょうか からきららカットさんこんてぃに恋に舞ですねそして 砂ずきんさんアグリビジネスズバリモンサントもちゃんとローで言ってんですよね 炙りビジネスの分割っていうのはね鍋ちゃうした今季肉塩が3枚 1枚とちゃですねから少佐今季に加え こっち見声アイシンありがとうございました それから砂月13 事故からリハビリ 8湯川英二さん滝川英治さん 滝が age る覆面たりそれでも前へというリハビリのあるんですかね 襲われた人は助かってもくもまっか出血とか阪神不在ですよね 付随ですよそれを狙ってんですよ Wonder 本音程とアグネスちょうと読むそうですあブレス状ということ 本物も失せ物もいるでしょう here の目的は情報の拡散エンド共有ご賛同なら twitter 連携で拡散競技お願いし ましたんですねそれから砂漆喰さん 今日もメインテーマですねyy news live ハートでも配信中と言うから 中3193コンティに恋配信ありがとう計算コンティに強いそして今日の爽快なを井上貴子さんと言う人の That’s it やらしいだと やらしいじゃないでしょ へということでしたねそれで今日のトピックスですねトピックス 1
香港発200万人でも主催のリーダー襲撃警察もまた観てまたも見て見ぬフリという となくは龍作さんの最新記事ですね then ムー人大統領検察改革を10月までに完成させ 強力な館視察パンを報告性という すごいですね10月17日半より新 だから庁長官が検察改革の具体案を提案してその直後に後は次の人にその実行を任せるということで辞任したことを受けてですね 無地柄に大統領自らが ハッパをかけたということですねで発泡かけた相手が検察省の局長なんですね 依存4
検察局長 それからキムオス法務部時間 この二人を前にしてこのように訓示したということで 彼がもう全面的に 臨時の法務長官になったというぐらいの気迫で取り組んでいるという That’s right お話も 本名れ ハンギョレ新聞はホント日本語版があるから助かりますね パパママ日本語版是非作ってもらったよね パパのが難しいですよね映像だから日本語の字幕作成しないといけないから その作業は大変ですよねー from now on ユニクロの会長やないさ日本は 最低最悪韓国が反日なのは分かるという安倍政権に苦言を呈したということでこれは中央日報日本語版 機能付ですねーユニクロが結局安倍 おおあのような輸出規制とかあるいはファイト国 of 除外とかとうとうによって反日感情を 煽り立てているということの直接被害をユニクロがを受けてですね 1店舗撤退したんじゃないですかで売り上げも全然回復しない同じように韓国の観光客がもう半分以下に 激減しちゃって観光通りがないと言うような 九州とか大きなとかあるいは対馬とかですね あるいは北海道とか日本全国の観光地のひとたちは阿部なんですよ安倍政権だとするしかないですよ だからユニクロのこの箭内さんが安倍政権に対して苦言っていうのはません あんたのおかげで自分の商売が上がったになっていると思うこういう事に対して彼は はっきりも言ってるんですよ言うべきなんですよ 日本のビールのメーカー今までは 日本輸入ビール日本からの抜いているて非常に人気があってナンバーわっ 今は不買運動の対象になって 10位以下は売り上げが10分の1とか10分の1以下になったんですか 日本のはビールメーカーの社長はをこれって言うんですよねーあんたのばように商売が壊滅的になったと責任取れと なんで黙ってんですよ もっと様々な韓国との取引をやってる輸出のメーカー 半導体のメーカーとうとうで 大貿易体幹江駅 の輸出爆が激減しているぞ2
That もともとのいわゆる 仕掛けにいっていうのは阿部何ですか安倍退陣を 一緒に戦えということですよね安倍政権打倒なんですよ まで黙っている ユニクロ then 英国内であぁそうですねーeu 離脱条件2
Various はいっ異論噴出か ユー gu 首脳は初任ということでこれは日経新聞ですね 明日かなイギリス議会での承認をを揃えられないでしょそうすると どうどうなるかということでおそらくa 離脱ジョンソン首相が強行突破して合意なてぃ 離脱に走るかあるいは 離脱の時期を10ヶ月とか1年の貸してもらって その間にへ政権交代とかあるいは国民投票やりますtoto の抜本的な 解決策をとらないと 大変なことになるんですよね ここ一週間が山ですよね明日が止までしょ って言って元々はレディスの反対保守党から離脱した人たちとかが増えてて 今20議席られたんないんですよね 北アイルランドの各がいい 政党10名も反対しているっていう 到底とらないでしょ だからこれハンギョルですねfitch fitch 韓国の国家信用度日本より高いええええええマイナスとねやはりやるんですよ 日本国としての信頼度は韓国のは上だと 日本はどんどんの神様としていると安倍政デーこういうところまで 結果として出てくるんですよね日本は単なる a じゃないですか 韓国は a マイナスですよ And あとは自分の周遊している 施設で来年6月にg 7会場を決めたと言う completely 食券内容ですよね 納税あるですよ大統領 最新できないんだから今のうちに やりたいことはやると 居直っていいんじゃないすと彼は とこれ普通良識のある トップだったらこんなことしないですよね自分が周遊するフロリダのリゾート施設ゴルフ場等々 ので自分自分が主催する g 7を会場にすると 普通やんないですよ遠慮するよ 今日の重要情報愛知愛取り補助金 取り消した文化庁宮田長官があのアパホテル 本谷代表とヨイショ対談とパパが大好き 本谷代表は芸術家というとんでもないあるんですねこれいいてるんですね この宮田文化庁長官というのはあの藝大の学長を10年以上やったやってた芸術家みたいですけどね ここまで取りゆとり 鳥何鳥撮り鳥いるか あなたの代表ももう富山っていうのは 日本会議曲ファシストじゃないです ということで時間が1時間7ふ峡林ね23病棟 44名様計149名者のコメントが40点 ということでたくさんのコメントたくさんのこんてぃんぐポイントたくさんのギフトいただきましてありがとうございました ということで今日金曜日ですので明日さてお休みで来週月曜日ですね第よろしければ 膨隆してくださいということでまあ9時から9時半の間に開始したいなと 今日はちょっと遅れまして10時になっちゃいましたけどできるだけ早めにですね開始したいと言う ていますのでよろしくお願いします家返さなくした今日の法則で覚えです

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  1. 民主党の背後は黒龍会、ソロスがついていますから口だけ政策になる可能性があります。確かにトランプさんは富裕層側ですが

  2. 不正選挙と粉飾支持率で安倍晋三はまちがいなく死刑だ

  3. 山崎様頑張ってますね音機動隊員に前歯折うれた者です。拝聴とせて慎きます。

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