2014-2015 Silverado 1500 Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper with LED Fog Lights Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americantrucks.com, and today,
I’m gonna be reviewing and installing the Barricade HD Extreme front bumper with LED
fog lights, which is available for all ’14 to ’15 Silverado 1500s. Now, if you’re the owner of a ’14, ’15 Silverado,
you might be looking to ditch that factory weak front bumper that doesn’t really perform
well off-road for something that gives you a lot more protection for your front end,
a more aggressive look, and better LED lighting. This particular one here is made from a heavy-duty
5/32 steel plating, which is great for extreme strength. It’s got a two-stage epoxy pre-coating with
a black powder-coated finish that gives you a nice textured look. It’s a stealthier, more aggressive look for
your front end, but more importantly, it gives you a nice corrosion and rust resistant layer. Now, the biggest, most important part of this,
obviously aside from protection, is gonna be the Cree five-watt LED cube lighting included
in the kit for you. Once installed on the sides here, you get
a 6000K color temperature, which is pretty much a pure white light, which gives a very
nice clean finish for your front end, a very modern technology to light up your off-road
experience, or your worksite experience, or if you’re just looking to throw them on on
the highway. Now, this particular option allows you to
keep your factory tow hooks, which is not something a lot of the after-market bumpers
will allow, so that’s a huge bonus in my opinion. You get to keep your factory recovery points. Now, it does leave some opportunity to mount
a winch plate on the inside here. It’ll handle up to a 12,500 pound winch, which
is great if you wanted to pick that up in the future to further accentuate your recovery
opportunities. It’ll also allow you to stick a light bar
in the center too if you’d like to ditch the winch idea. It definitely gives you a lot of opportunity
for some additional add-ons. Now, aside from that, the installation’s gonna
get one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. There’s no cutting. There’s no drilling. I’d definitely recommend having a helping
hand on deck to get the job done, since it is a little bit heavy, while you work the
wrench. So without further ado, let’s see how this
thing gets installed. The first thing we need to do is, of course,
uninstall our factory front bumper. In order to do so, we’ll pop off our radiator
shroud and our upper grille to give us access to a couple of bumper bolts. Now, I’m gonna use my panel removal tool here
to pull off our push pins holding on the shroud, and then I’ll get to work on our front grille. Now, to start removing our front upper grille
here we’re gonna have to remove 4 10 millimeter bolts. Those bolts are located across the top here
right underneath of where we took off our shroud, so grab your 10 millimeter socket
and your ratchet or power tool and get those off. In order to get that upper grille off you
have to remove one more piece, the plastic trim between the lower bumper and the upper
grille. Now, that’s held on by one simple bolt and
a wheel well, which you’ll see is a seven millimeter, so grab your socket, remove those
bolts, then you’ll be able to pop off that connecting to the upper grille all in one
piece. With our upper grille out of place, we can
start removing the bolts holding on our factory bumper. Now, there’s four bolts in the front here,
two underneath, and of course, the fog light harness we have to disconnect. So we’ll disconnect the harness first, then
we’re gonna work on our 18 millimeter bolts, 2 of them up top, 2 of them down low which
we’ll need our extension for, so grab your 18 mil socket, grab your extension, power
tool, and/or ratchet, and then of course, disconnect your harness. Now, the bolts underneath the front bumper
are 15 millimeter, so grab your 15 millimeter socket, power tool, or ratchet and get those
removed. All of our bumper bolts are removed, so let’s
get this off our truck. Just to wrap up our uninstall, all we have
to do is take off the faceplates right above our factory tow hooks, so let’s get to it. With our factory faceplates above our tow
hooks and our tow hooks themselves removed, we can start installing the bracketing system
for our Barricade HD front bumper. Now, the brackets are gonna replace those
factory faceplates we just took off, but we’re gonna reuse that factory hardware, so let’s
get these installed. The next step for the brackets for our HD
bumper from Barricade is to install this bracket to where the factory tow hook just sat. Now, it’s gonna install into the bolt holes
that we removed from the factory tow hooks, and then we’re gonna install the tow hooks
to the new holes in this bracket itself. So you are gonna retain your factory tow hooks,
they’re just going to install to this bracket instead of the factory location. The bracket goes in that factory location. You’ll use a double-bolt faceplate on this
side and a single faceplate on this side, as provided in the kit. Spacers will be used during the tow hook installation
onto the bracket itself, so let’s get this installed. So with your next bracket sitting on the outside
of the tow hook area, you’ll take your double-bolt faceplate and feed inside onto the left of
your driver’s side with the longer plate facing toward the inside of the vehicle. You’ll take your nuts provided in the kit
here and cap them off on the outside. Do the same thing with the single-bolt faceplate
on the right side. All right, and then tighten those down. Now, your factory tow hook is gonna sit inside
of this bracket. You want to use these spacers included in
the kit here on each side as they sit in the middle. Those are gonna be a little bit of a gap,
so these spacers will close off, and you can put your factory hardware through and tighten
everything down. All right, we’re gonna do the same thing for
the opposite side. As you can see, it’s time to get our Barricade
bumper onto our 2014 Silverado LTZ. Now, this is definitely something I’d recommend
having a helping hand to do, since the bumper is pretty heavy. You’re gonna want to have somebody holding
it up into place while you work the ratchet from underneath. Now, that’s gonna be definitely a little bit
dangerous, so you want to make sure that somebody’s there, going to be securing the bumper into
place. You can also use jack stands and a jack if
you think that’s a little bit easier for you, but having a helping hand on deck goes a long
way. And when you’re putting the bumper into place,
you want to make sure you’re feeding it over the plastic trim underneath your headlights
just like this, otherwise that can be a little bit of an ugly sight from the outside here,
and it will affect the appearance. So you want to make sure you’re feeding that
over-top, and it’ll sit flush against your body. Now, with this in place on one side, we’ve
already got the bolts down, we’re gonna use the three bolts provided in the kit along
with lock washers and flat washers to get this bolted down to the brackets we installed
on our tow hooks. All right, so now that we have our bolts and
nuts tightened down by hand, we can use our 16 millimeter socket to tighten everything
down. So the last step in our process, now that
we have our bumper bolted down to our vehicle here, is just to add our light cubes included
in the kit for you from Barricade. This is a really nice touch that not a lot
of the brands out there offer, so you don’t have to pick them up individually if you’re
looking for auxiliary lighting for your front end. Now, all we have to do is bolt down our brackets
to the back of our lighting cubes, which we’ve already done here, just a simple Allen bolt
provided in the kit. Now, we’re gonna bolt this down to the honeycomb
backing in our slots on each side of the bumper, feed our wiring through the back, and then
plug it into the harness included in the kit. Now, there’s a number of different ways you
can do the wiring. Barricade does include an individual switch
for you to run up your firewall and into the cabin there so you have that available within
arm’s reach of the driver’s side. So now again, all we have to do is bolt down
the cube, plug it into our wiring harness, and we’ll be good to go. All right, so we can take our wiring and feed
it through this top slot here, big enough to fit that harness. Feed it through the bottom, and we’re gonna
bolt our light cube to the top. You can move this bracket up and down. You want to make sure it’s on the top of the
light cube. All right, we got our LED cube lights installed
under the bumper here. We’ve got the wiring harness ran to our battery. You want to make sure you get a good ground,
you get a good positive. And then of course, you want to ground your
resistors here when you can, just to bolt it down to the sides so it’s not in the way. Now, you’re given a lot of excess wiring here,
so you’ll be able to tuck that up once you’re finished up with the installation. We’ve still got to put on our factory front
grille, so we’ll take care of that in just a second. You are given this individual switch here
to control those cube light accent lights. You can run this individual switch up your
firewall into your dashboard. You can drill it in and make sure that it’s
permanently mounted. You can peel off the 3M tape on the back and
stick it somewhere so it’s not so much permanent. There’s a lot of different ways you can handle
this wiring, so it’s up to your personal preference. At the end of the day, once you have it wired
down properly, all it takes is once click of a button and your LED accent lights are
coming on. Now, these are Cree LED 6000K color output. They are very, very powerful, very, very bright,
so there’s no problem with this lighting up your road at night when you’re hitting the
trails or the worksite. So now that we’ve got our LEDs taken care
of, all we have to do now is reinstall our factory upper grille, throw on our top radiator
shroud, and we’ll be good to go. All right, and that’s gonna wrap up my installation
and review for the Barricade Extreme HD front bumper with LED fog lights. Now, if you’re interested in getting some
really good protection for your front end, an aggressive off-road look, and some LED
accent lighting with opportunities for recovery additions, then you might want to check out
this bumper, which you can find right here at americantrucks.com.

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