2015-2017 F150 Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper w/ LED Fog Lights Review & Install

Hey, guys. It’s Joe from AmericanTrucks. And today, we’re going to be taking a closer
look at the Barricade Extreme HD front bumper with LED fog lights, fitting all ’15, ’16,
and ’17 F-150s, excluding your Raptor models. Now, this is going to be a great option for
you if you’re looking for an off-road-capable front bumper that is going to add a little
bit of protection and off-road lighting to the front of your truck at a budget-friendly
price. So what do we have going on here with the
Extreme HD? Well, first off, let’s talk about what this
thing is made out of, and that is going to be three-millimeter thick heavy-duty steel
plating throughout the entire build of this thing. Now, that is going to be some pretty heavy-duty
stuff, especially compared to that factory front bumper. This guy is covered in an awesome two-stage
black powder coating, which is not just there to add to the looks. Albeit, if you were going for the blackout
look, this thing will look pretty good. But it’s also there to serve as a layer of
protection against the elements. So, we have durability, we have looks, but
this thing was also designed with off-roading in mind. As we near the ends of this front bumper,
you can see it tapers up a lot, and that is intended to help with approach angle. Now, when you’re off-roading, you come up
to an obstacle, you need to get your tire on it before you can go over it. And that taper is designed to make that as
easy as possible. One of the biggest selling points about this
kit, though, is the included LED lighting. This kit includes two 5-watt Cree LED cube
lights. They are three inches in diameter, aluminum
housing, polycarbonate lens, basically the industry standard with these. They put out a nice bright white light, around
6,000K in color temperature. It’s going to be leaning very very slightly
toward the blue side rather than yellow side. They’re completely plug and play. So to get these installed, no wiring knowledge
necessary. And also they’re IP67-rated, meaning that
can withstand up to a meter of water for 30 minutes, and that’s more abuse than they should
ever see on the front end of your F-150. Speaking about lighting, you can do more than
just the cube lights that come in the kit. In fact, this hole right in the middle here,
this is intended for up to a 20-inch light bar. All the brackets and hardware you need are
included in the kit if you want to go that route, and these pods on the sides even have
enough room for another cube light of your choosing if you do want to go that way. One thing I do want to state about a light
bar in this middle section here, and this is only going to apply for the EcoBoost owners
out there, that is going to block a little bit of airflow to the intercooler, but Barricade
is one step ahead of you there. These panels right up front here, they are
removable with an Allen key. That’s going to get you the airflow you need
to make sure your engine stays at a normal operating temperature. Now, a couple of other features. If you live in a state that requires a front
plate, the kit does include a bracket for you to mount that up. We skipped that for now. And also the best retain feature, you get
to keep your tow hooks, which isn’t always the case with aftermarket front bumpers. But well-designed Barricade, that recovery
feature is definitely something that most truck owners would like to keep. This bumper you see with just the fog lights
on each side, this is pretty much going to be what I would call the starter model of
the Extreme HD. If you were looking to take it a step further,
Barricade offers this bumper with all of the lighting options already filled in. So that one is going to include a 20-inch
light bar in the middle, and a flood set of lights, as well as a spot set of lights, one
for each end of the bumper. You can also pick up a matching rear bumper
from Barricade with or without LED lights. And if your truck is optioned with adaptive
cruise control, Barricade even offers a relocation bracket so you could keep that feature on
your F-150. Now, the only potential area where this bumper
falls short, and I think this is only going to apply to some you guys out there. If your truck is optioned with proximity sensors
in the front bumper, this does not have any cutouts pre-drilled through those. So if you do go this route, you will lose
that functionality. Now, with that said, this is going to be one
heck of a deal. In fact, this is one of the most cost-effective,
if not the most cost-effective bumper to include LED lights on our website coming in right
around the $590 mark. You do get a lot for your money there, and
this is definitely well worth it. If you don’t believe me, take it from our
customers. This thing has great reviews, and there are
a ton of customer photos on our website for you to take a look at. So moving right along here to the install,
this is going to be really really easy. No modification required to get this installed
on your truck. I’m going to give it an easy two-out-of-three
wrenches on our difficulty meter. Should take you at most two, three hours to
get this installed. And, again, it’s really easy. All the lighting is completely plug and play. So, without any further ado, let me show you
what tools you will need and how it’s done. Tools required for this install are going
to include an impact, ratchet, extension, u-joint, basic socket set ranging from eight
millimeters all the way up to 21 millimeters, Allen keys, which do come included in the
kit, and lastly, a trim panel removal tool. Before we start the install, I do want to
state that we got our truck on a lift. That’s just to make the video a little bit
easier to shoot. If you guys don’t have a lift or a jack, you
can definitely get this done on the ground. With that out of the way through, grab a trim
power removal tool or a flathead screwdriver, maybe one wrapped in some electrical tape
so you don’t mess up the plastic on the front of your F-150. We’re going to peel away these caps on our
front bumper. That’s going to reveal some hardware for us
to remove so we can get this bumper out of the way. So with that plastic piece off, you can see
these two 21-millimeter nuts here. We’re going to remove both of those. However, I am going to thread one back on
just to hold the bumper on while we remove the rest of the hardware. Then once this is ready to come off, that’ll
be easy to reach because it’s on the front. And we’re going to do the same exact thing
on this side as well. So, now we’re going to crawl underneath of
our truck. And on the outside of the frame rail, we’re
going to find another 21-millimeter bolt. We’re going to take that off with the impact. And obviously, we’re going to do the same
thing on the other side as well. Now, before we pull this bumper off, one thing
you want to make sure of, you want to disconnect any electronics, any parking centers, adaptive
cruise control, stuff like that. But most of you will probably have this one,
and it’s the fog lights. You want to do that on both sides. Now, all of the hardware should be disconnected,
all the electronics should be disconnected. One last thing we have to do is just remove
the nuts we left on here just for safety sake, and then we can pull this bumper off the truck. Before we drop our fog lights in, we are going
to have to get these mounting brackets installed. Now, that is pretty easy. If I hold it up like this, you could see one
side has a notch cut out of it. You want that to face toward the front of
the light. So we’re just going to grab that and orient
it properly, and slide it in between the fins. Now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to
bring that straight back, and the idea there is it’s going to provide a little bit of a
slide. You can drop a nut in. And, in theory, that fin is cut out to hold
that nut still. So with that not being held still, we can
come in from the side with the bolt, and thread the two together. Now, once you have the thread started, you
can use the Allen included in the kit to snug that up. We’re going to do that for the other side
of the mounting bracket, and then we’re going to do the same exact thing on the other light
as well. So with the hardware in place, we could put
our mounting bracket where it needs to be, and that can go off to the side for now. We’re going to do the same thing for this
light as well. And, again, you just want to make sure that
notch is toward the front of the light. That’s going to give you the range of motion
you need. Then we could drop the nut down the fin and
get the hardware started through the side of the light. And same thing goes for the other side too. So now we can start to build up our bumper. Our fog lights are going to be the most obvious
thing. We’re going to start there. But if you need to, you can also install that
front plate mounting bracket as well as the light bar mounting brackets if you have a
light bar to put in this thing. And lastly, we’re going to be installing the
hardware that we scavenged off the front end of our F-150. So, now we can grab a fog light. We’re going to grab the 13-millimeter bolts
that come into kit with the light, and we’re going to get this installed in the pods on
each side. So we’re going to put the bolt in the mounting
bracket, and you can see here those cutouts on the top of the bracket are going to hold
the bolt head still for us, and then we can just basically put that in the pod. Now, before you install it, you want to make
sure that you push the plug through. And you got three positions to install this
in, so your choice. We’re going to go for the middle this time. Now, once you have that lined up, you could
drop on the lock washer and 13-millimeter nut. Then you can align this and tighten it down
with the 13-millimeter socket. And just like the other side, put the bolt
in, followed by the wire, and then the hardware on top. Now, I mentioned earlier that the light bar
bracket and front plate mount are optional. If you wanted to install those, now would
be the time. Once you get those out of the way, though,
you can grab that hardware from Ford, and that’s just going to sit in there right like
that, and then this smaller bolt plate is going to go in the corner here like so. Now, we’re going to use the factory hardware
to the tighten this down to the truck. So this bumper is ready to be installed on
our F-150. But before we drop it on, I figured now would
be the perfect time to put it down next to our factory bumper and point out some of the
key differences between these two, but mainly how this Barricade bumper is going to improve
the front end of our F-150. Now, the first one is the most obvious one,
that’s going to come in the looks department. We’re ditching that body color and plastic
front bumper in exchange for some heavy-duty steel plate finished in that black powder
coating, which is going to look awesome when paired with the matte black grille on our
F-150. Another big difference, again, it’s just going
to come in the design. I said earlier we were going to get these
two side-by-side. Here they are, and you could better see the
approach angle that’s built into this Barricade Extreme HD. You can see just how much that tapers up over
the factory front bumper. That’s going to improve the off-roading experience
just that much more. Now, on top of that, you’re adding some more
utility as well. Our LED lights are going to be a little bit
brighter and the color temperature is going to be a little bit more modern than that factory
reflector style yellow fog light on the factory front bumper. Now, on top of all that, you are keeping a
lot of the features from that factory front bumper, mainly the tow hooks. And if you have a front plate, again, the
mount is included in the kit, so you get to keep those features. Again, if you were looking to add some features,
you can pick up a light bar for the middle as well as two more cube lights for the outside. Or, again, if you were looking to just pick
that up from us, we offer that as an option as well. So that’s pretty much it. We’re keeping a lot of features from that
factory front bumper, again, plate mount and tow hooks. We’re upping the looks a little bit with that
black powder coating and the modern LED lighting, at least in my opinion, and we’re even making
some off-road improvements when it comes to approach angle. Now, we’re pretty much ready to go. All we’re going to do is line up the hardware
that we installed on the back of our new bumper with the holes on the frame rails, and we’re
going to secure it with the factory 21-millimeter nuts. So now we can put on the other nuts. So I put one nut on there just to hold this
in place. Now, I’m just going to put on the other two
nuts on this side. Now we can align this bumper and tighten it
back down with the 21-millimeter socket. You might need a u-joint to get to this one
on the bottom, but we’re just gonna push up and tighten down. Now, to get to the one above that, I’m just
going to use a ratchet and a small extension just so we can clear the bumper. And for the one on the inside, I’m just going
to ditch the extension because we don’t have enough room and just run with the ratchet
and the socket. And we’re going to do the same exact thing
on the other side too. Going to thread the nuts on there, and we’ll
push up on this, lock in our alignment, and tighten down these top too with the ratchet. So, before we call this one, we do have to
do a little bit of wiring. And that is going to be pretty simple considering
this harness is completely plug and play. First thing we’re going to do is apply our
contacts to the terminals on the battery. And I’m going to use a 10-millimeter socket
to remove this nut. We’ll install the contact and then reinstall. Now, for the positive side, we’re going to
do the same thing, but you’re going to need an 11-millimeter socket to open up this nut. And then we can reinstall that cover. So next up, we’re going to install this relay,
and we’re going to do it under this ground. Doesn’t need to be a ground. This is just a regular old mounting tab, but
they make an easy spot to install the relay. Now, to loosen this up, it’s going to be an
8-millimeter socket. Now, we need to get our plug and play connectors
down to our lights, and the best spot I’ve found to do that is right in front of the
battery. You get a clear shot to below the truck here,
and this is pretty much going to be as far as you could possibly be from any hot or moving
parts. So now we need to get our switch across the
engine bay. And we’re just going to bring this across
the engine, and you can route that across the firewall. But our next step, we’re going to need to
be right here to feed the switch into the cabin. So, right here you can see the rubber grommet. We’re just going to pull that out, feed our
switch in, and then reinstall. Now, on the other side, you should be able
to fish that switch through, and this has a little bit of adhesive on the back. So, we’re just gonna peel that away, and you
can mount this up wherever you want. I’m gonna go to this smooth plastic right
here to make sure that gets the best stick possible. So, to wrap up this install, we can just plug
in our fog lights with the waterproof connectors. And then the kit includes a bunch of zip ties
for you to wire manage all the wiring. Well, guys, that is going to do it for me. It’s also going to do it for the Barricade
Extreme HD front bumper with LED fog lights, fitting all ’15, ’16 and ’17 F-150s, excluding
the Raptor models. Thank you, guys, for watching. Subscribe for more videos like this one. Keep it right here at AmericanTrucks for all
things Ford.

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  2. With all the ice I've been looking to get a better bumper in case I end up running into something… surprised how much momentum the ford has vs my subie. I saw another bumper on the channel, raptor style, with the 2" receiver on the front. Would probably go for that, I put my winches on a 2" receiver so I can move between vehicles and front/back

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