2015-2017 Mustang RTR Grille W/ LED Accent Vent Lights Review & Install (GT, EcoBoost, V6)

Hey guys, Stephanie with americanmuscle.com,
and this is my overview of the RTR Grille with LED Accent Vent Lights that’s available
for all 2015 or newer S550 Mustangs. This overview is gonna cover a few topics
with the RTR Grille, like the different options with this Grill as well as the install. The install for this one is a simple one. It’s a one out of three wrenches but we’ll
talk more about that later on. The RTR Grille with LED Accent Vent Lighting
is gonna be something that an S550 owner should check out if they’re looking to do something
a little bit different styling wise, or if they’re just looking for some of that RTR
statement styling. I mentioned some options earlier and I wanted
to explain that before I got into any details with the grille. There a few different ways that you can purchase
this grille. You can purchase just the upper with the lights,
just the lower, or a combo of the upper with the lights and the lower so you match all
the way around and complete the package. There’s another option too which may be very
good news to some of you. You also have the option of purchasing just
the lights if you want to. If you’ve already purchased the RTR Grille
without the LED lighting, you can just pick up the lighting and complete the look. This is the same upper grille with accent
LED lighting that’s included as original equipment on the RTR Mustangs. You can see it’s the same three window design
and it’s gonna eliminate the stock pony that’s normally in the grille. Both the upper and lower grilles are complete
replacements of the factory grille, not overlays, and they’re both actually gonna help increase
some airflow to the ride if you compare them to the stock grilles. Getting into the LED accent lighting some
more, obviously, there’s gonna be lighting around the vent openings and the accent lights
are gonna plug into the factory headlight harness. You won’t have to cut or splice, but i’ll
get more into the install later. Plug in the accent lighting into the factory
harness means that’ll be automatically activated with the daytime running lights. If the car is on, the accent lights will be
on. This grille is gonna work with the stock front
fascia, so it’ll work for the V6, the EcoBoost, and the GT as long as you have the stock frontend. One thing that I did wanna note though, is
that the lower grille, just the lower, is not gonna work on cars that have the Adaptive
Cruise Control. This is because the control is mounted in
the lower grille and the RTR Grille would interfere with it. When it comes to price, it really all depends
what you end up looking for. The combo kit of the upper with the lights
and the lower grille together is gonna cost pretty close to the $750 mark. If you wanted just the upper grille, that’s
about $550 by itself and about $200 for just the lower grille. The lights by themselves are gonna cost close
with the $300 mark, so it’s safe to say that you definitely save a few bucks by purchasing
the kit and then if you wanted to purchase just the light, you’re gonna be paying a pretty
penny for them. The install here isn’t easy one. It’s a one outta three wrenches in the difficulty
meter and the time for the install will change a little bit depending on if you’re installing
both the upper and the lower grille, or just one or the other. Assuming that you’re installing both, I’m
going to say that this will take about two hours to complete. You will need to drill in a bit to drill up
three mounting holes for the lights in the grille and that’s really easy and simple,
so nothing you have to worry about. If you want, you can start by getting the
RTR grille ready to install. You drill three mounting locations for the
accent lights, but RTR has the locations pre-marked for you already. The accent lights are held in by the supplied
hardware and then you’ll need to mount the control box to the backside of the grille. There’s double-sided tape on the back so it
just sticks in a place. You will need to remove the front fascia to
complete the install. You just want to jack in some stands or lift
to elevate the car some. Removing the front fascia isn’t hard. There are a lot of clips and some screws that
hold it into place. The fascia will then just pop off and you
pull the sides near the headlight. Getting the top factory grille out isn’t as
hard as you might think it is. There’s a soft gasket that comes out with
the screwdriver, and then you can remove the plastic clips that are along the edge, the
new grille will pop into place using the supplied hardware from RTR and then the center bumper
soft gasket goes right back in after the new grille. To integrate the lights, you just need to
unplug the headlight harness from the back of the headlight, plug the supplied harness
into the headlight, and then piggy-back the factory harness on to that. You might need to tuck the harness up into
the frame rail to keep it all up and safe, and that’s all it’s gonna take. Wrapping things up here with the RTR Grille,
this is the OE Grille for the RTR Mustang and it comes complete with the LED Accent
Lighting around the vents. The lighting is completely plug and play and
the accent lights will illuminate when the car and the running lights are active. This is very easy to install. You can check it out more online right here
at americanmuscle.com.

43 thoughts on “2015-2017 Mustang RTR Grille W/ LED Accent Vent Lights Review & Install (GT, EcoBoost, V6)

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  2. I accidentally forgot to put the Center Piece Soft Gasket back in after putting the new grilles on. Do I absolutely have to put that back on? I don’t wanna have to take off the entire thing if I don’t have to

  3. Does RTR make the lower grille lights as well or do they only make the uppers?

  4. I purchased my RTR grille with the accent vent lights and two months later in the passenger side accent lights it has condensation inside and half of the lights are out I was wondering what I could do I dont feel like taking my whole front bumper off again

  5. what is the cable to tap into the low beam instead of the daytime lights?

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