2015-2019 F150 Barricade HD Rear Bumper – Textured Black Review & Install

Hey, guys. It’s Joe from AmericanTrucks. And today, we’re gonna be taking a closer
look at the Barricade HD Rear Bumper in Textured Black, fitting all ’15 and newer F-150s, excluding
the Raptor models. Now this is gonna be a great option for you
if you’re looking for an off-road capable, heavy-duty rear bumper that’s gonna pack some
awesome styling as well as a lot of features from the factory rear bumper, while at the
same time adding a few of its own. So what do we have going on here with the
HD rear bumper? Well, first things first, let’s talk about
build quality, and this thing is made out of heavy-duty 5/32-inch steel plate, and that
is going to be able to take some abuse way better than the factory rear bumper would. It’s sealed in that awesome two-stage durable
black powder coat, which is not just there to add to the looks, albeit if you were going
for the blackout look on your truck, this is gonna be a great option for you, even matches
some of that factory plastic really, really nicely. But it’s also going to serve as a nice layer
of protection against corrosion. Now the HD is bringing to the table some great
features that otherwise were not present on the factory rear bumper. One thing I really like about this one, these
steps in the side here, they’re gonna provide a nice, easy, and comfortable way to climb
into the bed of your truck. If you plan on doing any work back there that
is definitely a great, great feature. You see that a lot on the newer Chevy Silverados,
but it is nice to get that over here on the blue oval as well. The kit is also going to include a pair of
these heavy-duty three-quarter-inch D-rings as well as these builtin D-ring mounts, and
that is going to be a great recovery point, whether you’re at the trail or on the worksite,
that is definitely a great piece of utility to have at the rear of your F-150. Now here is what really is going to set the
HD over the top and separate it from some of the other aftermarket bumpers you might
find out there on the website and that is the amount of factory features that this is
going to carry over and we’ll show you how to transfer all of these over from the factory
rear bumper in just a second. We’re talking about the trailer plug, the
spare tire lock, the license plate lights, and most importantly, to probably most of
you guys out there, the 2-inch receiver that is gonna be coming with us as well, no reason
to lose that functionality, and the HD is designed well enough to incorporate that,
which is a really, really nice touch. Now one thing I do sort of want to warn you
guys about and one feature that will not transfer over from the factory rear bumper to the HD,
that’s gonna be proximity sensors. If your truck is option with those, the HD
will not accommodate those, however, Barricade does make some bumpers out there that will,
this one, however, will not. However, if you’re in the situation like I
am today, you’re working with a truck that is not optioned with proximity sensors, this
is gonna be a great option for you. Now if you do like the look of the HD and
you’re gonna go with this bumper, one thing I would highly recommend is to sort of tie
the look together by picking up a front bumper from Barricade as well. Now as far as this rear bumper goes, let’s
talk a little bit about pricing. And the pricing is going to fall right around
that $700 mark, which puts it right in the middle ground, more toward the budget-friendly
side, definitely not the most cost-effective bumper on the website, but it’s definitely
gonna be more toward that end. You can pick up cheaper bumpers if you’re
just looking for D-rings, if you’re just looking to accommodate the hitch, just looking to
accommodate some of these factory features. However, to get one that combines it all together,
the D-rings, the hitch, all those factory features on there, the steps, it’s really
a budget-friendly price and a great return on investment. So let’s get down to the good stuff, how are
you gonna get this thing onto your F-150? I’m gonna give it an easy two out of three
wrenches on our difficulty meter. This is going to bolt right up, no modifications
required. However, we are going to have to take apart
that factory rear bumper and this thing is pretty heavy, so I recommend having a buddy
on hand as well as a case of beer for him. If you bring the right tools, I think this
will take you about two hours in the driveway. Again, using nothing but some hand tools. But without any further ado, let me show you
what tools you will need and how it’s done. Tools we used for this install are going to
include an impact or two, trim panel removal tool, 18-millimeter wrench, 13, 18 and 21-millimeter
sockets as well as a ratchet. So before we go ahead and remove this rear
bumper, there are a few things we’re going to have to disconnect and then scavenge to
transfer over to our new bumper. The first thing we’re gonna take here is the
spare tire lock. Put the key in, give it a turn, and that should
pop right out just like so. We’re also gonna have to disconnect the trailer
plug and then pop that out. The same thing goes with these two license
plate lights, that should be really easy. We’re gonna crawl underneath our bumper and
get those out of the way. So the trailer plug, all we’re gonna do is
unplug it. There’s a release tab on this side towards
me, it’s underneath my thumb, just gonna push that down and work that right out. And then there’s two release tabs, one on
either side, just push those in and that will fall out the front. The license plate light, pretty much gonna
be the same idea. Counter-clockwise twist on the bolt, put that
aside, and then there’s a release tab toward the front of the truck that you can push in
and then that’ll fall right up the front. We’re gonna go ahead and do the same exact
thing over here on this side as well. So everything is now disconnected, we’re gonna
go ahead and remove the bumper. It’s held on by three 21-millimeter nuts on
the end of each frame rail. We’re gonna go ahead and get those out of
the way and this should fall right off. One thing to note is we are gonna thread one
back on just so this thing doesn’t come toppling right off of our F-150. And then once we get a good grip on it we
can remove that nut that’s finger tight and then remove the bumper. Now we can go ahead and pull off those two
nuts and get this bumper out of here. So now that we have our factory rear bumper
off of our F-150, now we can go ahead and pull in the Barricade, we’re gonna build this
up a little bit. We’re gonna start with the trailer plug here,
that is just gonna pop right in place. And then our lights, which are gonna slide
it in the same way that they came out. And lastly, the spare lock which is just gonna
drop right in. And we have pull the key out to lock that
in place. Now we are gonna have to transfer over basically
the frame from that rear bumper, we’re gonna show you how that’s done in just a second. Before we do that, though, while we have these
two bumpers next to each other, it’s definitely worth talking a little bit about the differences
between these two rear bumpers and basically what is gonna make that Barricade so much
better than the factory stuff. Now the first and the biggest difference between
these two, it’s gonna come in the looks department. We’re losing all of that plastic with that
body color metal in exchange for some heavy-duty 5/32-inch steel sealed in that black powder
coating which is gonna give you that off-roader aggressive look and it’s gonna look way better
on the rear of our blue EcoBoost F-150. The Barricade is not all looks though, there
are definitely some new features that this guy is bringing to the table as well as some
old ones. You can see those steps on either side and
you see that a lot in the newer generation of Silverado, that’s really convenient way
to get into the bed of your truck that provides a nice little step if you need to do any work
in the bed of your truck, that is definitely great to have. On top of that, we do get a brand new recovery
point with these D-ring mounts and there are three-quarter-inch D-rings included in the
kit. We’re gonna install those a little bit later
on. What’s really gonna set the Barricade over
the edge though, how many factory features this is going to retain from that factory
rear bumper. We just put a lot of them in, the rear plate
lights, the trailer plug, the spare lock, there’s two pre-drilled holes right here for
a plate as well, that is a really nice touch. Now the biggest feature it is gonna retain
that factory receiver, again, we’re gonna transfer that over in just a second here. Now there is one feature that you are losing
and this is only going to apply to the F-150 owners out there whose trucks have this option. Rear proximity sensors, if you have those
installed on your factory rear bumper, unfortunately, there are no holes in this Barricade to accommodate
transferring them over. So again, if your truck is optioned with that
feature, you are effectively going to lose that. But if your F-150 is anything like ours doesn’t
have that option to anyways, so no love lost. So now what we’re gonna do is get that factory
rear bumper up on table. We’re gonna steal the frame out of that, transfer
it over to our Barricade, and then we can hang this new rear bumper up on our F-150. To allow us access to all the hardware we
need to remove to get this apart, we’re gonna have to peel off this big plastic piece. I’m gonna use a trim panel removal tool, if
you don’t have one of these, a flat head screwdriver will work. So now we can go ahead and get rid of this
plastic piece that is a little bit of a pain to remove. Yours is probably a little bit binged up,
so we’re gonna go ahead and take that to the dump a little bit later on. But with that out of the way, we have clear
access to the two bolts we need to remove 13-millimeters. We’re gonna go ahead and get those out of
the way and then we can start on the bolts back here. Now that we have everything removed, we’re
just gonna drop our receiver on top of our Barricade bumper and then we’re gonna bolt
the two together using the 18-millimeter hardware included in the kit. Now our bumper is ready to go, all we have
to do is get these studs to line up with our frame rails and that’s gonna go right back
onto the truck with the factory 21-millimeter nuts. And to wrap things up here, we’re just gonna
plug everything back in. The license plate lights are going to get
a clockwise turn, and don’t forget about the trailer plug. Now last but not least are D-rings, and these
do come with a few rubber isolators for not only the tongue of the D-ring but the mount
itself. Now, guys, that is gonna do it for me. It’s also gonna do it for the Barricade HD
Rear Bumper in Textured Black, fitting all ’15 and newer F-150s, excluding the Raptor
models. As always, thank you guys so much for watching. Subscribe for more like this one. Keep it right here at AmericanTrucks for all
things F-150.

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    Ga. =5/32 = .15625 pretty good stuff. I like this bumper, can you also get it color match to your truck?

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  4. Now they need a matching Front Bumper with the D Rings and Hooks
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