2015 Ford F-550 Custom Construction Truck Strobe Lights Install

How are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings with a little bit of construction strobe lights for
trucks. Your number one source for LED emergency equipment and strobe lights, like what you see here in this video. What we’ve got here is a 2015 Ford F-550 cab and chassis for a very popular mining company that we do a lot of work for.
They’re nationwide. It’s got a boom arm on the back with a man basket. Mounted to the roof of that truck, we’ve got our Whelen Century Mini LED Bar in 23 inch
size, permanent mounted. In the grille, we have our W66 Wicked Warnings grille
light in an amber and white, as well as the 20-inch Bumper Grille Bar and Mount
in white. As you can see, we’ve got that awesome flood of white light, so if they
have any kind of emergency where they need some extra light on the road,
they’ve got it. Along the side of the truck here, we’ve also mounted our TIR-3’s
on the badge. Let me show you a little closer. Here you can see how we’ve
mounted the TIR-3’s, that right in front of the F-550, fits nice in the eagles beak of that badge on both sides. Gives you a little
bit of side warning in a very easy installation. Here you can see how our
perfect fit grille bar there takes the entire top opening of that grille. We went
with an interlaced amber-white bar on this particular build. And out back there,
we’ve elected to use vertically mounted our Thin-X TIR series. They appear to be
steady but they’re actually not. They’re on an extremely fast pattern, that it
almost looks steady with the camera, but it but it really isn’t.
I can guarantee you, and as you can see there, they are flashing. This truck, we
wanted to give it the loudest, most aggressive warning we really could, because when the man is up in the basket and there’s danger down below, some of these
mines have some very big dump trucks, very big end loaders, front end loaders,
and we wanted to protect the guy up in the man basket. They had some real
concerns about getting injured from collisions from larger pieces of
equipment. So we tried to give him the best package we could within the budget.
Make this truck as effective as possible. Here you can see that 23-inch Mini Bar
sneaking through and it’s actually a lot brighter in person. I’m gonna do a little
360 outside, so you can see what this truck really looks like driving around.
It’s a little hard to get the scope of it. Big truck like this makes a shop look
small. Stand by. Alright, so here we have the truck outside. We’re just gonna go ahead and drive it around a little bit, show you what this looks like. Definitely adequate warning. Hey thanks
again for watching Wicked Warnings. You got a fleet truck like this and you need
to get some more adequate warning on it, give us a call and we’ll take care of it.
You’ll look just as good as this truck here. Thanks again for watching.

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  1. How long is the build take and cost of labor? live in milwaukee just bought a 2019 f250?

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