2016 Forest River Cherokee & Grey Wolf Travel Trailer Features (Part 1 of 2) (CC)

Hi I’m Joe Vartuli, RV Lifestyle Consultant,
here at Pete’s RV Center in South Burlington, Vermont. We’re on a nice sunny August day.
we’re going to do a video for you today on the Forest River Cherokee and Grey Wolf product.
it’s a product that we’ve had this year that it’s been really popular, the price points
are terrific. You can get into ’em for, a lot of ’em for under the $20,000.00 range.
There’s a few models like this one, that are a little bit over.
Well, me and Josh are in the the 294 2016 Cherokee Limited. this is a double slide model.
and you’re gonna see, if you look around to your right Josh a little bit, you’ll see the
big U-shaped dinette. Also, the nice baseball stitch, leather sofa that folds out to make
a, a scissor sofa, to make another bed for you. once again this table drops down and
makes a very large bedding area. two adults, pretty much can use this area as well. now
with the bunk beds in the back, you may not have a lot of use for it, but it’s there is
you need it. Some things you’ll notice solid surface counter
tops, okay. Nice cherry stain on the woodwork, roller ball bearing drawer glides, full extension
that come all the way out. And residential looking faucets even though the price point
is lower, once again residential style features lots of storage. Deep cabinets that go all
the way back in here through. One thing on the Cherokee as well, it does have what they
call climate control. So the air conditioning system is ducted. It goes from one end to
the other and you can set the temperature as you want either in a cold climate with
your furnace or you know . When it’s hot the air conditioning system will, will you put
it on the temperature you want the, it will come and go as it needs to no need to hot,
high cool or medium either with your heating system or your air conditioning system because
it’s climate controlled [00:02:00] much, much easier to maintain and it will keep a nice,
nice even ambient temperature in here. something new they’re doing with Forest River
this year at least with this, with this suburban cook top. It is a glass covered cook top it’s,
it’s, it’s all flush mount. And you have your three burner range underneath here so you’re
not losing any of that. But yet they put a nice elegant cover over the top. Also of course,
your Magic Chef microwave in these overhead fan to pull the moisture out when you’re cooking.
Two way Norco refrigerators are in these as well. And this unit here has a nice big pantry
you can see how deep it really is and you’ll find a this in most of the Cherokee’s there
there trying to give you as much storage as they can the floor plans that they offer you
and once again with out stretching your budget the blue accent lighting you can see over
the over the top of the slide out just gives it a little more nicer look, a little more
modern look. U h if we go around to the front in a little
bit before we go to the bunk area. Josh, you have the bedroom area here, you have two shirt-wards
you’ll notice they changed the wallboard a little different color back here it’s a little
darker on the back part, helps you with your sleeping in the evening. Also you’re gonna
notice cloth shades, cloth made shades that go up and down. your safety window is right
there. That might of messed up the camera a little bit. and also hard doors so your
entertainment center is up here with the with the faux wall and also you have hard doors
here that will shut the room right off so it’s very private. And we’ll show ’em this
front entertainment center and there’s a place to clip your TV on these do not come with
a flat screen which you can, they’re ready, they come with a mount that will mount right
on the wall. Here your cable hook-up and everything is right here. Your boostered TV antennae
too as well am FM DVD player that is built in the limited models.
Alright, and the flooring you can see it’s got kind of plank wood look [00:04:00] and
this is a thick rubberized congoleum so it’s very cold weather crack resistant as well.
And stain release carpet. the Cherokee also gives you, you notice how flush floor this
n-, this is not built up so there’s no step up into your slide out system and big drawers
that pull out from underneath your dinette and make getting, make getting to your, to
the extra stuff that you bring very easy. you’re gonna see wooden mini blinds in the
living room here they’re not just using you know a very low cost mini bl-, metal mini
blind they’re using nice residential style wooden ones. And hard, hard valances over
your window as well. And we’re going to go back we’re going to
go back to the bunk room on this unit ’cause it does have the second slide and you’re gonna
see. These two fold out small, small couches or, or seats whatever you want to call ’em
they will fold out to make beds. So you could have one, two, three, with your top bunk which
does fold up and it will actually stay there so if the you have a TV and entertainment
center back here there you go they can sit a wanna do a Playstation, your kids can do
a Playstation or watch a movie, whatever they want to do on a rainy day.
Also a big oversized bunk with a skylight over it so you get some natural light back
here you have a built in ladder to get to this bunk and also storage you have a place
where the TV with the hook-ups here and you also have tons of storage over here as well.
So clothes, entertainment center, nice bright windows, nice airy open feel to this this
294 Cherokee eh we’ll open up the a the bathroom here for ya and you can see there’s a second
door to the outside. Your fluid flush toilet is standard on these [00:06:00] you’ll also
have your medicine cabinet that’s actually usable. And nice nickel plated pulls here
on all the doors so it’s nice and sturdy (cough) excuse me. We’ll shut that. Once again the
construction underneath this floor underneath the boufloor is actually it’s, it’s tongue
and groove plywood marine grade so its 5/8 inches it’s very thick. There’s not a lot
of give the trailer will last a long time between your thick floor decking and your
nice thick roof decking which is fully walk-able it gives you a nice sturdy built … travel
trailer. Inside the Grey Wolf this is a 2016 23DBH
and folks you want to talk about a great value for a young family that’s starting out camping?
this unit gives you large second, lar … (chuckles) two large bunks on the back. oversize it gives
you a slide out it gives you all the power stuff we pointed to you on outside plus some
of the neat features. And you can notice we have a raised up dinette here. It’s all U
shaped wooden blinds here behind it. You still have a place to get underneath your dinette
even with the Grey Wolf price point to slide your extra drinks in or whatever you need
to clothes. Blankets. whatever you need. Also the bow style flooring the thick rubberized
congoleum. you’ll also notice in the galley here you’re not losing anything with the Grey
Wolf you actually have solid surface counter tops you have the flush mount gas Suburban
cook top you have your Norcold gas electric refrigerator, your magic chef microwave, the
same as the Cherokee with the nickel pulls on it so you’re not losing any of this in
this price point. It just these are just a little bit more affordable.
Like I said for the young families [00:08:00] that want to start out camping and have a
little bit of extra room. Slide outs and this unit, the larger bunks. Now all the Grey Wolf’s
have these features. We just happen to be demonstrating this one today but the woodwork,
the flooring, the countertops, the stone in the front by the entertainment center, the
bedroom setups with the wardrobes, they all have that stuff. It’s just, we’re in this
floor plan today. Okay, so it sho … shows you the double bunks. Also in the bathroom
you have your fluid flush toilet. skylight over your tub as well which you will not see
in these price points in almost any other brand. And full medicine cabinet and excuse
me. This Grey Wolf also has ducted a/c and it’s
all climate controlled. And here is the here is the control unit right here. You put it
on furnace. you put it on a/c whatever temperature you want it’ll come and go as you need it
too. Once again, it makes your camping experience great. not a lot to play around with just
enjoy yourself. Also I didn’t go over the wallboard and the
the, the floor the, the wallboard and the ceiling board they are both vinyl. You can
use Windex or 409 or a good cleaner that’s mild you won’t take any of the color off on
it, okay. Josh show ’em both windows, safety window on the bottom and you have another
skylight on top so you get a lot of natural light in on these campers. I’ll go around
to the and of course your, your faux stone walls. A place for your TV all your cable
and satellite hook-ups are all set to go. Your am FM DVD system which comes on the limited
models. And of course your bedroom once again with your shirt-wards on each side and nice
deep cabinets over the top for more clothes storage hard doors for privacy [00:10:00]
all right and they also give you a nice comforter on all the beds and that’s kind of a quick
overview inside of the Grey Wolf.

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