2017 F-150 LED Safety Lights Install by Wicked Warnings

Hi. Thanks for watching. This is George at
Wicked Warnings, here with a nice 2017 F-150 long bed standard cab featuring
our LED HAW DUO. This particular client came in and needed some vehicle warning lights. We took care of them. This truck is done in clear. As you can
see, that’s one of the brightest LED safety lights out there. We’ve back
mounted it in the grille for a nice clean appearance.
We’ve also mounted it in the fog light bezel. So if you need any strobe lights
for trucks or you possibly might be looking for an amber light bar, we can
set you up with that too at Wicked Warnings. There’ll be links in the
description of the vehicle to purchase this entire set up as a kit. So be sure
to check them out. Out back, as you can see, we kept the original cargo light, which
just went off and we’ve added the LED HAW DUO into the reverse and the third brake
light. We’ve X-patterned the rear, just like the front. All of these lights were
the LD version of our LED HAW DUO. Let me show you our flood mode option that’s
available here. This comes standard on our LED HAW DUO’s. With a flick of another switch,
we’ve wired in all four to go on to flood mode. That way, the user can have
some extra backup lighting or just loading a trailer or for that average
tailgater at night on the highway. Let me show you how much they light the shop up. Alright, we’re here in the dark shop. The strobe lights are in off mode. You could see my computers there on the right-hand side. Let me turn them on. There you go. That’s 4 LED HAW DUO’s
in the flood mode and there goes the camera to wash out for them. Now we go
right back to the strobe mode. I’ll show you how I controlled all this inside the
truck. We kept it real simple and sweet. Mounted two of our 3/4 flush mount
switches right there in the AC panel. Since this truck does not have the
lighted mirrors, we were able to put our own switches right there where Ford puts
a couple of their switches on the higher trim lines. We’ve got green on our flood
mode, blue on our strobe mode. I hope you all enjoyed this. Don’t forget to check
the links in the description to purchase this as a kit. Thanks again for watching.
If you need any vehicle strobe lights or emergency strobe lights, be sure to check
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