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New inventory rolling in all the
time today! We’ve got a Bighorn by Heartland. This is a 3575EL which is extended
living, I just recently learned. I want to point out a couple of features that
make this unique and such a desirable product for full timer or just looking
to use for business use, maybe as a job site when you travel around, things like
that. But first thing I want to point out is is very popular in this industry
right now; zero dynamics fiberglass cap easy maintenance. Over on this side
you’ve got your push-button actuators for your stabilizers. Now, on the the
Heartland product, what I want to point out one thing I recently learned, is, this
is all three-inch laminated flooring, so in the slide outs, in the basement compartment. If you’re in the market for a residential
style fifth wheel, I want you to do this, take a look at
some of the competition and see what’s under here and sometimes you’re gonna
find aluminum struts and you can find particle board or OSB that’s your
insulation on Heartland product it’s a year-round use product, so this is a
3-inch laminated floor for extra insulation, durability and noise
reduction too. So on the Heartland product you’ve got the OneTouch Lci-1
leveling system, you got this huge basement for storage of things that you
only occasionally need, simple, convenient well-thought-out connections. You gotta level up six-point leveling system here, so when is this is leveled up you got a nice stable foundation. But, at a
year-round unit versus a non- year round unit, what I want to point out is also
you got a thicker door here for better insulation, nice, solid vacuum bonded slides here. Ease of maintenance, this is something back in the day the delamination was an issue, where the wood and the fiberglass would actually separate a little bit due to moisture,
with this it virtually eliminates that. Okay, so we got a high-gloss finish here
for ease of maintenance and also heat reduction because it’s gonna come off
the reflect off of the the finish nice details with the decals outside LED
light and then under here you’ve got your yeah Now, that’s where a generator would go
these don’t necessarily get ordered prep for gen, because there’s a lot of time people who are you using a unit like this are necessarily boondock and
they’re going from park to park, so you got extra storage built in here. Tight turn radius here, so if you’ve got a
shortbed truck, works better that way. Uutdoor entertainment system, slam latch
doors, again one installation. Four step entry with double awnings, so if
you’re out here entertaining and things like that you can keep the sun off you and you’re family. As I stated in the beginning, Heartland products are ready for full
round, year use, so you got a four seasons coach here that’s a great opportunity to
go anywhere you want to go any time of year. Come on in, let’s take a look. So, in this particular model, we got a
nice, wide open, floor plan, with a couple of upgraded features that Heartland puts
into their product. Number one, you’ve got the stadium seating here, you’ve got
sleeping surface there, you’ve got tinted solar glass, lots of window space,
now this comes with the NCD nightshades, so you can use this as a diffuser make
it easy to diffuse the light, but not blind or you can go total blackout. So that’s a nice upgrade. LED lights with
place to put your belongings on the side and it’s pretty common and most units
like this you get plenty of overhead storage so they’ve maximized everything
to give you as much space as possible. If you take a look at the ceiling, we’ve got an upgrade on the design, it’s got a very nice country feel to it, but behind all this you’ve got great insulation
you’ve got your air conditioning vented all the way through, so you can actually
have your a/c unit running here, instead of the one over your bed when you’re
trying to sleep, which is kinda nice, so, it circulates all the way through.
Upgrades like a 46-inch TV, Jensen sound system with Bluetooth, extra media
storage, built-in computer desk, that’s kinda hand,y cool, and then of course your
electric fireplace and heater. Media storage here. great finish on the wood too, this is all
very nice Amish construction, built in wine rack, kind of cool, you don’t
see that all the time. LED lights throughout, nice high large point convection microwave. Now, I like this feature too because when you’re cooking and you get this go on you got a window right here to help it
kind of ventilate everything, keep the coach a little more comfortable. Solid
surface countertops, with steel bearing slides built-in separators here, for your
silverware, great use of space. Even places for larger pots and pans, extra
outlet so if you’ve got a rice cooker, blender, whatever, you got that right
there out of the way for you and then even use under space or under sink
space here. Now this is a 60-40 split stainless sink, again the thing in these
units right now is residential, so it’s got a great residential feel to it. Solid surface countertop, and as you’ve heard me say before on some of my videos, people use these as cutting boards. It’s kind of cool, you just flip it over
to the unfinished edge, and then look at this, Norcold residential style, Polar
Max 18 cubic foot refrigerator. This is bigger than most people’s home
refrigerators so like I said extended living now you don’t have to go to the
grocery store every other day, you can stay stocked up, you can plan ahead.
Again, even more storage space for full-size pots, pans, plates, things like
that. Additional countertop here, to keep the appliances you want to use everyday
but you don’t need to have out everyday or don’t want them in your way and then
your power sources up underneath the cabinetry here with your lighting, to
keep it convenient for you. Nice and thoughtful features like under stair
storage, then we get into this, this is a very
usable residential style shower stall with the triple slide door, place to sit
down if you need to shave your legs or your mobility is challenged. Built in
medicine cabinet, place to put your linens and this is a nice spacious space so instead of being cramped you’ve got a little bit of room
to move. If you want to come around this way. If you’re entertaining, there’s fold
down chairs that are stored underneath the bed platform for your dining room.
But in this slide you got a padded headboard with the nightstand features
of the shells and then this is extra storage for you here, and apparently
we’ve got the mattress coming in. Back over here, you’ve got a built-in wall
safe, nice feature, shoe rack with a built-in Dyson vacuum system and then
you get your your vanity windows here, doors here, travel locks on all these, and
then dual hanging space here, for your hangeables. Then here because a lot of
people who travel want to have their own washer and dryer and not have to go to the laundry mat so this is already pre plown for washer and dryer. Or, you can convert
it into more hanging wardrobe space, but I’m 5’11 and I’m not having any trouble
walking around this unit, very, very, spacious. I’m not clusterphobic at all. Great use of oversized windows and then the windows next to the bed for cross circulation too. Then here, you’ve got your entertainment center already built-in,
and plenty of drawer space for your belongings and also for foldables, things
like that. So Heartland has really done a nice
thoughtful job of creating as much living space as they possibly can
for you, if you like to travel, or your full timer, I would invite you to come down and take a look at the the Heartland product, we carry this and several other brands, we
carry new and pre-owned, used but not abused, as I like to say but let us help
you out and check us out if you have any questions at all you can reach me at my
cell phone which is 541-968-3022 or at Guaranty.com.Thanks for your time and I hope to see you soon!

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