2018 GMC Acadia Construction Safety Lights

How are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and
emergency strobe lighting and LED safety equipment for cars, vans, SUVs like this
GMC Acadia, trucks, buses, unicycles, bicycles and tricycles. As you can see on
the front of this ’18 Acadia, we have our TIR-3 in amber. This particular
vehicle was built for a construction superintendent, who very rarely visits
job sites but we did want to give him some adequate warning when he is on site. It is a leased vehicle, so we tried to keep the damage to a minimum. In the
front, we were originally going to mount some grille lights on top of the chrome
grille but the client did not care for that, so we mounted them a little bit
lower in the fog light bezel. That way, when the lease is turned in, at the very
worst, we can replace the small plastic fog light bezel and it’ll be as if there
was never an install. Again, that’s our TIR-3 in amber mounted down next to
the OEM fog lights in an alternating 75 FPM triple flash pattern. Out back in this
build, we used our LD hideaway custom mix set. We have an amber and a white. We
elected to add the white to the rear just because here in Chicago, we need to
get a little bit more warning power, especially to the rear. So this client
requested to add a little white and because we’re keeping this very simple,
we just simply used a custom mix, one amber, one white hideaway. Now as you can see by the OEM reverse lights being illuminated because we just moved the
vehicle, we did not remove the OEM reverse lights to install our LED HAW.
We went into the reverse lens because the outer lens mounted to the body is
all red. So if you’re going with a colored strobe, your only option is to go
into the gate mounted reverse lens. It’s not that particularly hard of an
install but it is not for the novice either. So if you have a new Acadia, such
as this and you want some detailed pictures of how we installed that, we’ll
be happy to provide them after purchase so to help you install your own set
similar to this. Again, this is our LED HAW DUO custom mix set, one amber, one white, in the LD dome. Here inside the cab of the vehicle, you can see where we’ve
mounted our switch very similar to some of our other locations, right up there in
the corner of the speedo surround bezel. Without the camera flash, you can see how easily that casts the green LED up here and onto the speedo. So it’s very
difficult to drive around town with your lights on and not know it and on this
particular truck, as you can see, there really isn’t a whole lot of room on the
dashboard to do it anywhere else. So we went with this location, very similar to
what we do on the 2017 Explorers. I’ll show you one other thing about
getting through the firewall on this particular vehicle. So it’s a little
difficult to see but the Chevy vehicles use this very large snap-in grommet for
their wiring harness and if you like, you can drill a hole through the grommet, off
to the side like we did and you can put in some kind of a weather stop. Whether
it be some gasket material caulking or like we did, the finger grommet gasket
there to stop the airflow and you could also if you wanted to, just drill a hole
into the metal here. Here you could do that as well but you can see how we
penetrated the firewall in the Acadia to get the wiring from the front to the
back. We powered off the battery on this, so he can use it with or without the key, per the client’s request. So I hope this information was helpful. Be sure to give
us a shout and a like. Once again, this is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and emergency LED lighting and strobe lighting
equipment. Thanks again for watching.

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