2019 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD Safety Strobe Lights for Trucks

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This is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and
safety emergency LED strobe lighting and equipment for cars, trucks, vans, buses,
SUVs, UTV’s and anything in between. As you can see here, we’ve got a very nice
2019 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD. This is the LTZ model and what we have in the grille
is our Razor LED. A little hard to pick up there with the brightness the way it
is. Just to show you what we’re working with, let me go ahead and drop the ISO. As you can see, that’s the pattern that’s actually trying to be shown and it’s
just washing out the camera. We have the alternating amber and white and it goes
into a fast flash, from faster to slower. We’ll return the ISO to auto. This is just
normal viewing, no camera tricks. We’re actually in a fully lit LED shop. You
can see these all-LED over bay lighting. You can see here, we also have our Mirror Mod Kit on the amber mirrors forward-facing. You can order that, it’s the
Auto Flasher for the amber mirror lights or the Mirror Mod Kit. Whatever you prefer,
it’s the same product just two different names. The Mirror Mod was our legacy name when we started with and it’s now being filled with the Auto Flasher module. So
it is listed as either product. We also hit the white reverse facing mirror lights
and we put a bunch of our new LED ECO HAW, our ECO HAW in the backend of this
truck. In the front tow hook- I’m sorry, the fog pocket bezel, you’ll see amber
lights there. That’s our TIR-3 synchronized and we face those primarily
100% sideways for some side vision on this truck. You can see there how they’re
faced right sideways in the fog pocket and they complement the ECO HAW that’s
in the rear step pocket, in the rear bumper. This way, we have a nice forward
and rearward side-firing amber light and a nice rear- or nice center mirror light there in amber and we have the rear-facing white. You
can see here how we’re running both of our kits on the mirror; The white light
kit and the amber light kit. You can see we’ve selected a slower, more subdued
forward amber pattern, while we have a faster, more aggressive rear white
pattern. We also tied in the steady burn feature of that white light. You can see
it here just a little bit better because that’s the only white light facing the
back of this vehicle and I’ve been getting a few comments about white
lights facing the back of vehicles lately. We got a whole slew of hate mail
and there’s protestors outside with big signs like we’re killing babies because
we had some white lights facing the rear of the vehicle. So what we did with this
one, so when you press the cargo switch it’ll override and steady burn that
white light so we don’t have white flashing to the rear. So if you’re gonna
freak out about the white flashing to the rear, don’t. We’ve already fixed it, you can have it or you can’t have it, whatever the user
selects. Alright, so here’s the rear shot. As you can see, we’re running six of our
LED ECO HAWs. These are the low dome version. We’ve got two side-facing in
the step pockets with the included bezel. We’ve got two in the reverse and we’ve
got two in the cargo. We remounted the cargo lights, so you don’t lose any cargo
light functionality on these Chevrolet’s and the reverse is mounted from the side,
so you don’t lose any reverse bulb functionality either. You can see the
white rearward mirror lights doing their job there and you can also see how we
synchronized all six of our ECO HAW into an X-pattern. Both the reverse and the
cargo are X-ing, as well as the taillight and- or the reverse and the lower step
pocket. So once again, thanks for watching Wicked Warnings. This is George, your
number one source for construction and emergency strobe lighting and safety
equipment. Make sure you check the description of the video for links to
each one of these products and a shopping cart full of all the parts that
we used to make this job. If you’d like to get all of the parts that we used for
this vehicle and do the job yourself, you can order
them all by checking the description and clicking on the links individually or
clicking on the cart link for the entire package. That way, you can install and
build your own package. Thanks again for watching. By the way, this truck was
controlled by the overhead snowplow switch that’s integrated from the
factory. I’ve shown you that in other videos. That’s what activates everything and the OEM cargo light switch is what activates
the mirrors, just like factory. Thanks again for watching.

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  1. white rear flashing lights are more effective and really catch people's attention.I think you guys are doing a good job keep up the great work.

  2. What's the cost on something like this to install? Your only located about 2 hrs away from me

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