2019 Chevy Traverse Green & White LED Light Bars and Strobe Lights

Hi and thanks for watching. This is
George at Wicked Warnings here with a couple of brand new 2019 Chevy Traverses.
These were outfitted with green and white for a local college security firm.
We’ve done a couple of other cars as well. The lights that we’re featuring on
this build are our Linear-6. They are down there on the rear bumper lower and
on the front bumper lower, in green. We also have our LED HAW DUO hideaway in
the reverse lens on the left side there, and also back-mounted in the top of the
grille on the right side. These are twin builds, so I’m showing you the back and
the front of one at the exact same time. We have a Feniex GPL light bar on the
roof, as well as a Feniex Fusion 600 in all green in the back window on each
build. We’re running our 42 mini six switch as well, to control everything. We
are also featuring, in the side opera windows, our Thin-X LED in a green and
white. Here you can see how we’ve mounted the Thin-X side fire in the rear opera
windows. Let me show you a little bit about the install. As you can see, those
rooftop light bars are amazing but being a security outfit, they will be in and
out of the back of these vehicles. So we elected to mount that fusion bar inside
the vehicle. That way, when they raise the hatch and they lose the warning from the
white LED HAW DUO in the reverse lens, and it blocks the rooftop light bar, they
still have very adequate rear warning from that light stick that you can see
shining straight backwards. We’ve also added a feature on both of these
vehicles called takedown and you can see on the right-hand side there, where it
steady burns the take down lights in the roof light bar, as well as
the front LED hideaways. And you can see here also, without warning, the takedown
feature will still work steady burning the white hideaways in the front as well
as both alleys on the light bar and the four forward facing takedown lights. And
if you were to put the warning back on, it will activate all of the rest of the
warning, and when you take the takedown feature off, you can see how the lights
bounce back into the warning pattern. These two vehicles also got the 100-watt Whelen PA system with the air horn feature, and they as well have the
microphone with the 100-watt speaker, as you can hear with the PA system. They’ve got a 100-watt speaker
mounted behind the front grille area there and that allows them a PA system,
as well as the air horn that they need. Here you can see that Feniex Fusion 600
bar mounted up in the headliner there. In here, inside the vehicle, you can see
our Thin-X mounted right up against the rear opera glass there. We had to
customize the strap mount just a slight, to fit this new vehicle because there
aren’t any mounts made for a Traverse, but Feniex did have a strap mount that we
were able to use, that mounts right there in the rain guard. So we didn’t have to
drill more than one hole in the roof. However, we did drill one hole for the
wiring for the light bar. Here you can see how we back-mounted those LED HAW DUO. The reason I chose to do that instead of a hidden light inside the parking area
of this vehicle, is because as you can see, Chevrolet stepped up their headlight
game and these have factory HID headlights and they are extremely bright.
You can see how easily they wash out the whole lens in white. So we did test some LED hideaways in these headlights and they were highly
ineffective. So we decided to mount them right next to the headlight, so as you
can see, the headlights do not affect the warning. Had we put that strobe light in
the headlight, he really wouldn’t have gotten much effect from it at all. Out back
here, you can see our Linear-6 mounted down low, very much the same way that the Illinois State Police mount on their squads and inside there you can see our
white LED HAW. By the customer’s request, we have mounted the microphone for the
PA air horn system right here. Lays nicely in the center console. We’ve also
mounted that six switch controller right here. You can see the features that we
gave him. This will be for the front half of the vehicle. This will be for the rear
half of the vehicle. This is your air horn. That’s a momentary program now. This is a cruise light, which I will show you in a moment, and this is a center out
arrow stick feature, which I will show you in a moment, and here is the takedown we’ve already shown you. That’s the feature set that we chose to use on that
after we communicated with the customer. This is exactly how they wanted their interior done. Very minimal damage. Very small hole there for the wiring to
go through, back behind there you will never see it, and there is a rubber mat
that we took out when we drilled the hole. So if they ever decommissioned the
vehicle, that rubber mat would hide the hole from the wiring and it would
basically be like nothing was ever installed. Let me show you that arrow
stick feature and the cruise lights. Here you can see the Feniex GPL bar’s cruise
light feature. It basically steady burns the corners of the light bar. This again
was put in by the customer’s request. The Taurus and the Minivan that we did for them previously, also have the green cruise
light feature. The particular client really likes that, so we decided it would be no
problem to incorporate that, and he also asked for an arrow stick center out for
the very mild occasion where he might have to direct some traffic. So what we
did, is we programmed the light bar on the roof, as well as the light bar in the
rear window, to do the center out arrow stick feature. Now it’s not a security
company’s primary duty to be directing traffic, but once in a while you do need
to get the flow of traffic around an incident, and that’s exactly what the
center out arrow is meant to do. Again by request to the customer, this was a
customized build specific to the customer’s needs.
I had a little bit of choice in the matter but this was styled totally by
what the customer wanted. I hope you enjoyed watching this video.
The Feniex light bar and Fusion 600s are special order. However, you can
check the link below for links to the LED HAW DUO we’ve used in this build
in white, as well as our Linear-6 we’ve used in the build in green, and our Thin-X in green-white. All of which are in stock daily at Wicked Warnings and if
you do need a light bar or a rear stick, something like this, just give us a call
and we’ll order it up for you no problem. Thanks again for watching Wicked
Warnings. We’ll speak at you soon.

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