2019 Classic Body Ram LED Emergency Lights

Hey, how are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George with Wicked Warnings, your number one source for emergency strobe lights, LED safety lights, truck strobe lights kits, and LED emergency lights. Here with a beautiful Classic body style 2019 Dodge Ram. I can’t get enough of this blue metallic paint. As you can see, we’ve got a full size light bar up on the back of this one. We’ve also got our LED HAW DUO in our HD lens coming up through the high beam headlights. You can see that alternating in white. This is one of my favorite builds and let me show you a little bit more about why. Parked on top of that rack we have in the back, is a Whelen Justice Light Bar, LED, all-amber. Has the take downs and the alley lights in it, if you choose. You saw those on earlier. And there they are again. You can see on the wall there to the left, the left alley doing its job. You can see over on the right by our computers, the driver’s alley, right or driver’s alley, doing its job over there. Now the reason I like this job, not only for the color, is it’s just a very clean, very classic, understated package. Extremely effective without being over the top, or gaudy, and it just looks very professional to me. As you can see, we complimented the front LED HAW DUO in High Dome with another set in the rear. We’ve also got a back rack installed that the Whelen Light Bar is mounted to, as well as our 6-position controller to control all of this. This vehicle also got a Jotto Desk laptop mount. And we’ve added some nice features. As you can see here, the front half of that light bar only is going. Now of course, we can switch it to the rear half only. Or we could choose to illuminate the entire bar. We can also select whatever pattern we want in the front or the rear, as well as another unique pattern for when the entire bar is illuminated. As I said, we also added a few of our cube LED lights to the back rack facing backwards on an angle. So these guys have plenty of work light behind the truck. And we chose to mount all of this to a back rack for ease in case we ever need to remove it and we didn’t want to drill any holes in the roof of this pretty truck. Here’s a little better shot of the back rack, I know it kind of disappears into the dark tinted window. Back rack, brackets, everything was all supplied here at Wicked Warnings. Here you can see a rear view. I’m trying to put a light on it but it’s just not really showing up. Here you can see how we’re just about 3/4 of an inch above the shark fin OEM antenna right there with the roof light bar. So we’re down as low as we can go and that also gives us a nice height on the bar so we can see it from all angles. Pardon my shakes a little while I show you around the interior. Here we can see that Jotto Desk laptop station for the work laptop. And we chose to control this off of our 6-Switch Panel right here. What we’ve done is drilled a hole in the trim behind here and we’ve used the VHB to anchor this panel. It’s not going anywhere. We’ve got our front light bar, rear light bar, our wig-wag corner lights, our main power, a pattern change for the light bar. Then we’ve got our rear flood lights and our take down light bar lights. All set up on our mini controller right there on the dashboard. I like the placement. It’s right by the headlight switch, it’s easy to get to and it’s all labeled nicely. I will put links to what products are available in stock for this video in the description, but there will not be a cart link to purchase this entire build because it’s a vehicle specific back rack and it’s also a custom order light bar. We do not normally stock full size light bars but we can get it for you. So if you want this exact package, email us in. Make sure to mention and include a link to this video, and we can get you pricing on exactly what you need, but the only things that we do not stock are the light bar and the back rack. The controller and the corner lights and the cube lights are all in stock items. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings, your number one source for truck and emergency strobe lights. Be sure to share this video, subscribe, drop a comment and stay tuned for more videos. Just love how this truck looks. If I didn’t own a Ford, I would probably own one of these, or a GMC Denali. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings. Stay tuned fans.

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