2019 Dodge Ram 2500 Maintenance Vehicle Strobe Lights

Hi. Thanks for watching. How y’all
doing? Just wanted to take a little bit of advantage of this beautiful weather
we’re having here and as you can see, my shop’s a little full right now, so we’re
doing an outdoor video. I haven’t done an outdoor video in a long time,
so it feels good to get out here in the open. What we’re featuring on this brand
spankin’ new Ram 2500 is our Thin-X LIN series in amber-white. We’ve got 4 of
them mounted in the grille. We’re X-patterning with a cross in the
color from amber to white. This particular truck is going on to the rail
yards for a very well-known large railway company. It’s gonna be a
maintenance vehicle, so it’ll be in and out of train yards all over America and
this was all spec’d exactly how they wanted it. So we’ve got a little bit more
subdued pattern in the front with the alternating colors. We mounted those Thin-X by using a piece of ABS plastic as a backer and we were able to cover up one
of those elongated honeycomb sections and mount the Thin-X right on the grille. Worked out very nicely. As you can see with that head-on shot, you get a nice pop of both colors alternating there in an X-pattern.
Worked out real well. Now you might notice there in front of the front wheel,
we’ve got our Razor tucked in ever so nicely above the bumper and below the
fender in an alternating amber-white triple flash. We’ve got this on each side
for some front corner warning. If you follow my channel and you like
watching the Fords, you see all the time where I put them down in the tow hook
bezel. Of course, this truck didn’t have factory tow hooks. We could have mounted a light where the factory tow hook went but I do like this location right here below
the fender because the Razor tucks in very nicely there and gives you a real
good bright warning right at the front of your truck. It’s a little bit closer
shot of that Razor snuggled in there nicely. Let me spin this thing around show you the rear. So what we’ve done out back, is
I’ve mounted our 28-inch Thin-X Strip on that little lip on the bumper plastic.
The top of the bumper plastic sits almost vertical there. Gives you a nice
little lip. Our 12-inch Thin-X Strip or our 28″, as pictured, will both fit here.
If you do the 28″, it does just slightly go over the license plate and I’ll show
you a still picture of that in a second but as you can see here, we’ve got them
synchronized. We’ve got them in an alternating 2 white, 2 amber pattern
and if you pay close attention, you’ll see every segment not only flashes amber but also white. So it basically goes white, white, amber, amber, white, white,
amber, amber but they all have dual colors. So there’s many different
patterns on the Thin-X, this is just one of them.
I hope this illustrates a little bit of the brightness of our Thin-X light. As
you can see here, this far away we are still steady nice and bright, easily
view-able and you’ll also notice our LED HAW DUO. Now this particular Ram did not
have the factory LED lighting, so we were able to put the hideaways in the reverse
and the marker. However, if you have factory LED, that’s going to be a lot
more difficult. So with this one, we were able to put orange hideaway in the
reverse and white hideaway in the signal.
I just flip-flopped it because I felt like being different. Put the white on
the bottom and the orange up in the reverse. We X-patterned it in a quick
double flash, as you can see and we also put those Thin-X Strips on a steady
white and I’ll show you momentarily. Here you can see those DUO’s a little
bit better, rocking in the taillights and if you’re sneaky, you can also see that
brand-new 2020 F-350 Platinum, tomorrow’s job sitting in the shop there next to
Altom’s great big beast of a box truck. Make sure you check out the video on
that big box truck, that was a cool job and here’s your real close up of those
amber and white LED HAW DUO’s. As you can see here, this is what I mean.
We center wired these so we could easily synchronize them and you could see they
do just cover the plate in a tiny bit. We chose to mount these with VHB
self-adhesive tape and we didn’t put the tape on the last little bit, so if they
did have to slide out the plate, they could. We also relocated the license
plate screws to the edges, as you can see there and that was more than enough room to allow us to put the strips across. Doesn’t impede the registration or
the expiration date and it allows the 28-inch Strip on the back of this truck,
which is very cool and very bright and as I said, we did tie this into steady
burn with the white. As you can see there, we have the full 28-inch Strip steady
burning in white. We’re controlling all this off the aux switches that came
factory on this truck. Let me show you what I’m talking about. So here in the
cab, we’ve got these fancy Mopar aux switches. We’ve programmed them to work with or without the key. All optional. You set them all up here.
You can set these for momentary. You can set them for battery power or ignition
power. All kinds of fun stuff. One and two are left open for future upgrades per
the customer. Three is the front, four is the rear, five is the rear flood, six is
left open for future per the customer. Thanks again for watching. This is
George at Wicked Warnings. This truck also received sidesteps, bed liner and a
bunch of other little goodies that I won’t include links to because they’re
custom order. But you will get a link for every item that Wicked stocks that I
used on this build, as well as a link for the entire build as a kit with the wire
you’ll need and the products you’ll need. You will still need the expertise to put it
together. Thanks for watching Wicked Warnings. We’re your number one source for construction and emergency strobe lights, LED safety lighting and equipment. Make
sure you tune it here first, subscribe, share and do me a favor, drop a comment because I got 400 videos and I don’t see enough comments. So throw a comment up, talk to me a little bit, I’m lonely over here. Hey thanks for hanging with me past the six minute mark if you’re still listening. Take it easy and I’ll see you on
the next one.

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  2. Love the still close up shots at the end of the videos,would like to see more of them.

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