2019 F-150 Emergency Strobe Lights and LED Light Bar

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Warnings, your number one source for construction and safety emergency strobe lighting and equipment for cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, buses, bicycles, and tricycles. We’re here with a nice brand-new F-150, I believe this is an STX model. You can see it’s featuring our LIN-6 in the grille. It’s also featuring our Wicked Stick in the 8 head configuration in the back window, as well as our new LED HAWs in the cargo and the reverse and our TIR-3’s out back. There’s a lot going
on on the back of this truck, so let me show you one more version of the front.
Here you can see that LIN-6 in the front grille. Fits very nicely there
horizontally mounted. You can run the wiring right up behind the headlight and
we’ve synchronized both of them to fire amber and white together in an FPM 75
triple flash pattern. There’s a shot of that mounting, right there in that little
pocket on the grille. Many grilles have this area and you can
fit a TIR-3 horizontally or vertically, as well as a LIN-6 horizontally or
vertically. Personally myself, I like to mount the LIN-6 horizontally like
this because I believe it takes better advantage of the optics and spreads the
light out a little nicer. As you can see out back, we’ve got quite a lot going on. We’ve got our LED HAW in the cargo, as well as the reverse. Amber in the reverse
and white up in the cargo. This vehicle had the factory cargo lights, where we
were able to just remount the OEM bulb off to the side. So it’s very easy to
move that OEM bulb over to the side and mount in place the LED HAW strobe. You
can also see our Wicked Stick in the back window there doing its job and I
believe if I darken up the camera, you can kind of see a little bit better the
patterns here, what we’re running. We’ve got an alternation X-pattern in the
third brake light and the reverse. We let the TIR 3’s run on their own alternation
by the rear plate there and then we’ve got a nice pattern set on our Wicked
Stick there. While this truck was in the shop, it also
got a bed cover installed here. Obviously we don’t ship those but if you’re local
to our shop here in the Chicagoland area, we can do your bed cover. We can do your
spray-in bed lining. We can do step bars, whatever else you would need and the
thing I like about this Encore bed cover is that it is key matched to the vehicle.
And what I mean by that is this key that you see right here, this is coded when
you install the cover to your ignition key. So the ignition key for the truck is coded for this and it works out very
good on trucks that still have an ignition key. Obviously on a Lariat or
Platinum, that’s not going to apply. So we would just simply code it to the spare
glove box key, they call it, which you do get when you buy those trucks. You get a
glove box or console key. So you can code it to that. The other nice feature that
we went ahead and incorporated into this truck was the ever-popular flood
mode. No, we did not have that affect the warning. As you can see, the warning here
is unaffected but the flood mode affects only the 8 light bar. We’re controlling everything from the cab right here in our simple two LED rocker
switches right there. We’ve got a simple one for the flashing. Another one for the
flood and that way, you can control everything that you need right here from
in the cab and it is a fleet vehicle, so sometimes somebody else may borrow it.
This way they can see exactly what they’re looking for very quickly and
easily. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings, your number one source for
LED emergency equipment, strobe lighting and safety, Public Safety equipment for
cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, buses, municipalities and private ownership.
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4 thoughts on “2019 F-150 Emergency Strobe Lights and LED Light Bar

  1. Your work is top notch and also I have a question, I own a 2016 f150 and I was wondering if I could put the lights in the area beside the headlights like on this build. I was just wondering if you have done this on that model.

  2. How much would the same set up cost minus the wicked stick in the back window on a 2017 f150

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