2019 Ford F-350 Construction Vehicle Strobe Lights

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This is George here again at Wicked Warnings with another brand-new 2019
Ford Super Duty. On this build, we’re featuring our LIN-6, our TIR-3, our Auto Flasher module on the 5 roof lights, as well as our Mirror Mod Kit. We have our Thin-X in the back, as well as another Auto Flasher, with some more
TIR-3’s, as well as our LED HAW DUO with the steady burn option, in a low
dome white in the third brake light in the back. As you can see up front, we’ve
got three of our LIN-6 and I do apologize, it’s extremely bright. This
truck is one of the brightest, so I’m gonna go ahead and get off camera here, a little bit off off angle. So you can see a little bit better, we’ve got our LIN-6 in clear in the front, alternating. We’ve sync’d them up with a couple of
TIR-3’s mounted down by the tow hook, right on the coverage bezel for the
bolts on this very beautiful Platinum Super Duty F-350. You can also see we’ve
synchronized a pair of amber TIR-3’s on a faster quad flash pattern down in the
fog light bezel. That’s for primarily side warning on the front of this truck
but you do see a little bit of that facing the front, a little reflection
coming back from the fog lights in the corner of the bumper there. We also have
white Thin-X in the side badges. This was a build to order project. This
particular owner is a favorite fan of white LED and it’s a white truck, so we
did it exactly to his spec’s. As you can see, the roof lights kind of flickering there, they’re on a very fast flash and the camera’s just having a real hard time
picking it up but I guarantee they are flashing in real life, as well as the
mirrors, which the mirror seemed to pick up just fine. It’s those little amber’s
that our cameras having a problem. By the way, Wicked Warnings needs a
better camera. I know. I’m getting one. I turned off all the shop lights now and I
can see a little bit better there, as far as the flashing roof lights. You can
definitely see that Thin-X in an alternating triple flash split pattern
in the F-350 badge there, that we do so often on the sides. Let me pull it
forward and show you a little bit about what we did in the back. I will put a fair warning in right now, that the back of this truck is
very flashy. I mean it’s really flashy. So hang tight.
Well here’s your unobstructed view. Let me close that door and turn the light on
and see if I can kind of tone this down a little bit. As I said, this guy’s a fan
of white and we built it to his spec and oh my God, it is bright. We’ve got the Auto Flasher wig-wagging those OEM platinum LED tails, as you can see the reverse. We’ve also got two LED HAW DUO’s in each side of that
cargo light. 4 total hideaways firing two by two up in the third brake light
in white, as well as 4, yes 4 of our Thin-X underneath the tailgate and 4
of our amber TIR-3’s. 2 by the plate synchronized to fire together, which you
can see mainly the reflection on the floor more than straight on and 2 on
the tow- I’m sorry, the side bezel underneath the factory tail lights. So
now everything’s a little bit brighter. You can get a little bit better view. Let
me close up a little bit. Now you can see what I’m talking about. We got them
ambers and in person, in real life, the ambers do stick out. It’s just got so
much white going on right now, that the camera is having a little hard time
differentiating but in real life, you can certainly see both of those amber TIR’s
by the license plate, firing together and you certainly cannot
miss all the Thin-X in white underneath the gate down here. We also of course, did a steady burn on another switch for the cargo because we had to delete the
factory cargo lights. So we’ve added that flood mode on the cargo light, per the
customer request, onto a separate switch. So you can see it’s steady right now and
once we turn off auxiliary switch number 3, it goes back to flashing. Auxiliary switch number one is
flashing the front of the truck. Auxiliary switch number two is flashing
the back of the truck and auxiliary switch number three, is your steady burn
cargo light. Again, all spec’d out by the owner exactly to match a couple of other
trucks that he has done relatively the same way. This one is a little bit
brighter with a little bit more LED than last. Here you can see the taillight bezel TIR-3’s to complement those front ones that were in the fog lights. You can see how we’ve synchronized all 4 of the TIR-3’s in the back together to flash. It’s also sync’d up with the front of the
truck, so we’ve got all 6 of those ambers flashing at once and looks very
good. If I don’t say so myself, I think this might be one of the brightest
trucks I’ve done in white and what the customer wants, the customer gets. So
thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings. Check the video description for
links to all these products. We’re your number one source for construction and
safety and emergency equipment. Give us a call for any of your LED lighting needs
for boats, vans, trucks, buses, wheelchairs, cars, scooters. Anything that you need to
flash, we can flash it. Thanks again for watching. Stay tuned for more cool videos like this.

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