2019 Highlights – New LED Strobe Lights, LED Light Bars and Builds at Wicked Warnings

We’ve also got ten, yes ten, of our TIR-3’s on the back box. It came in for the police lighting upgrade here at Wicked Warnings. We have our eight head Slick Stick in the grille. If you got a clean eye there, you can catch our shop mascot walking back and forth on the
right side of the screen. This is a single cab F-350 and as you can see by the picture right there, it has a plow and it’s ready to go to work. Here in Milwaukee Wisconsin on an on-site job, we have four brand-new Super Duty F-350s. Here with a couple of brand-new 2019 Chevy Traverses. You can pretty much perform surgery
inside this trailer. We can put it back into warning mode. We can do a variety of any kind of build that you want. In the grille of this 2018, we’ve got four of
our all-new Razor LEDs. So this truck has an extreme flood mode switch. Here with a couple of twins. This is actually a gigantic pressure washing truck. You can see there how our Razors fit very nicely in there. It’s got a great 180-degree lens. This is George here with mom’s minivan that we stole but what you’re seeing right here is the Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher module. Here with another brand-new 2019 Ford Super Duty. Did anyone say flood mode? Every light we did on this vehicle has the flood switch. That is pretty sick. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings, your number one source for LED emergency warning and strobe
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