2019 San Pablo Dam Reservoir Angler’s Press Trout Tournament. Let’s Go!!

He was second in 2019 and we’re at some Pablo dam reservoir. We’re getting ready to go to this tournament today Let’s see how we do today. Let’s go guys. Let’s go fishing. Yo Briana what’s up? What’s up? You ready to kill it today? Oh man, it’s all shaded up like that Do that for Tots didn’t give you that let me get fine. I love getting spooled man Guys guys, look at that storm front, man This is really crappy weather to be launched Wow it’s windy Bosses Channel right in the middle guys. What’s up? We got the boat It’s a freaking mess dude little sketchy man, but ice man Dude Although you know what I’ve been on this Lake when it’s a little bit more windier than this so you know what? I think it’s about your comfort level and I Would say this is probably at the edge of my comfort level because this is uh, it’s pretty sketchy. Look at that. I Got water coming over the bow Yeah, man, so I’m more pissed off at look at my boat man. It’s a freaking mess dude. Um I gotta clean this up. What I should have done was I should just wet the lake temazcal Oh, oh, you guys don’t know about that. Oh, I was there yesterday afternoon, man I was getting my rod ready and just testing it out on the waters and a couple of subscribers uh limited out and then left and Canlis there Ken was there for about an hour or so a couple of hours and he could go home And it was just me my goodness man. Check out the footage guys check out this video. This video is pretty whacked I’ve never had a day like that. So check this out guys check out this video That’s the nitrogen. Yeah. Yeah, nice dude catch and released today guys catch and release Fish on oh, it’s a big one. Oh, yeah Double up dump. This guy’s a jumper Double up, let’s go. Let’s go get Jen’s on I’m on nice nice Nice nice You see if I can lift this guy Okay, guys guys catch me release today Y’all on again dang. It’s on fire right now. There we go. See you later, buddy There you go Might as well just leave all this gear out this we’re gonna need it Yeah, baby, yeah, man, whoo number two you and the scoreboard Sometimes is about the right place and the right time No, oh we got a nibble on there there you go fire this is gonna be one long video No cuts man no cuts on this video It’s gonna be one just one video one long MPEG oh Yeah, oh He’s not done Oh Oh Man this is a this is a Hooksett party here guys, and Ken and I were the only people invited I guess. Oh, yeah Don’t miss the invite Oh Yeah Let’s go buddy you done Which said guys hooks that flopping him in like bass That was a bad cast I’ll leave it right there and see what happens There’s a really bad cast, you know Well, it looks like a lassen, dude Whoo Oh guys check that out check that out. That’s fascinating dude. That’s you think that’s a holdover. Oh The mail, okay Gotcha Oh missed that Let’s go Whoa, baby, let’s go. Yeah The Hooksett party does so hooks that party Low-pressure system to helps I bet what are you going come back? Easy cowboy Oh We do take a break Yeah, take a break right now You can pay by the pound I’m getting paid by the adrenaline Up there and no one’s here Oh he spit it out, it’s cool sitting a little work Right, I Know lasses are all coming up, huh? This competition for food Hick Like 10-feet is it dinkar nose hook them Every cat guys These guys are hungry during hailing it I’m afraid I’m gonna like wake up like in my house somewhere like in my pajamas like oh what the hell? Yeah, I’d like I’m like hallucinating from from like all the other medicine or something I Might not go to sound pop. Well, I might just come here because we’re not pulling any out. They’re still gonna be hungry On the drop I Should drop dude. This is ridiculous hot tub Batman. I Was boring I’m going home I’ll see you guys later just kidding I Know I almost didn’t come either I was a bogged down with work Yeah I’m putting this up straight. You know, that’s what I’m gonna tell them Okay, that’s a fish That’s a fish. That’s a fish a minute. Oh There’s a fatty just cruising in right here. Look at that way. I’m just waiting for my line to break I’m waiting to lose his lure Wow this little guy and a lot of spunk Oh, let’s go how many double ups are there We didn’t have this video no one would believe us they’re like sure sure you caught 25, I don’t believe you I lost count I Have to I’m gonna count it in the video number 56 Go get a filet-o-fish No, I go we need like this I want to go home and have a steak I think we caught it all Yes, we didn’t catch them all Yeah, I’m a little busy dude what happened What happened? You found it you found a GoPro to bring you by around 3:30 Thank You Man I lost a GoPro here. I told you that now they returned it. Wow. What a good day. What a good day I got my GoPro back four hundred and fifty dollar GoPro and We just slaying him Come on, double up double up Oh double up. Come on, double up buddy. I’m waiting for you Okay, one more. There’s always one more left Double is still on the hook It’s a it’s also the pressure system, you know, they’re feeling they’re feeling that need to eat Well can I’ll keep them in good company man, I’ll take care of our pet fish a good time you see you later All right, bro Say hi on the channel You know, that’s what broke guys a shout out to man you guys this place would not be this place if without you guys working so hard Thank you so much Okay, just Kept it. Yeah, yeah You know today’s a day man GoPro comes back caught 30 fish yeah the race coming in oh yeah, I’m um Um, can I just put my tent right here? What time you open three in the morning Yeehaw thanks guys Every task Ridiculous, oh my god guys It’s fire guys, it’s fire. Let’s go Dude he’s such a nice guy This one all the sensitivity Bad Trick is to keep them in the water. Don’t let him jump but they can’t kick the hook out Wow. Wow, what a beautiful fish Caught like 30 Got him in the gill so he’s a he’s coming home. But most of them are lips. It’s like a video game I’m the only one here. Everybody’s just left. I was like one calf after the other just cause I’m not getting one right now Okay, they were there and they moved over here. Oh I know you’re gonna be beautiful my frying pan. I’ll probably just fillet. Oh Yeah, oh, I’m getting bit stick up here. There we go You thought I was joking, huh? I’m surprised it. I’m not getting it every time Someone pinched me because I’m afraid I’m gonna wake up in my living room these are small ones still holdovers from Lassen trowel in here that hasn’t been caught because of the storm. It’s been so muddy I’m using it I’m using a spoon below. Yeah, I had to stop counting. Okay, buddy There you go, but yeah, I just using a single hook and using two pound tests Really light line to give them a little chance, you know these fish feel like Moby Dick when they’re on this on this light setup All right, well today like this I look look at this guy this guy’s big this guy’s a big one there’s a big one, yeah You thought I was making that huh? Holding go get your rod is what you should be doing. Oh he got off Probably ripped his lip Yeah, this is a single hook. It’s not a treble. So Well, it’s more sporty, you know, give him a chance okay new not guys and you not Wow Oh Bail oh snap. I think that went out of the water Yeah, Oh Oh daddy yeah guys What the heck yo dude look at this fatty This guy’s coming home I Don’t have mice yeah We are gonna retie after that guy Another one guys, there you go. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe this is three pounds There’s a bigger one there. I’m gonna release them That’s cold Holy moly guys, I don’t know what that checked out with quite an incredible afternoon, man Hey, don’t forget about the 1000 subscriber giveaway. The links right here Click on this watch it for details and make sure you’re entered guys. We’re almost there. We’re past 900 and we’re pushing on Thank you for subscribing guys. I really appreciate it. Keep your lines tight and fish on

23 thoughts on “2019 San Pablo Dam Reservoir Angler’s Press Trout Tournament. Let’s Go!!

  1. Let’s Go!! I was there in September and caught 3 dink largemouth on a dropshot. I gotta get back on the YouTube grind! Nice vid!

  2. Wow, that was a beaute of a day at temescal. We both are running the same exact setup… phenix elixir x shimano stradic! Have you tried the phenix mirage at all? I'm in the market for another trout rod and instead of another elixir I was looking at the mirage, but have yet to put my hands on one. Tight lines!

  3. Bro that action at Temescal was amazing! You guys straight killed it! Do you think you got more Lassen trout or dfg's with the lure?

  4. Back to back attacks💪👊💥🎣🎣slammed em brother good video💯💯👍

  5. Nice fishing at Temescal, but was hoping to see some footage from the tournament at San Pablo since your title mentioned it.

  6. I hate doing catch and release for trout. They are too damn sensitive, and taste too damn good!

  7. hey man its nice to meet you here, i live really close to you maybe we can fight together someday! Do you have instagram or facebook that we can keep in touch? thank you!

  8. Hey bro what spot did you go going there soon for trout!!! Please reply soon spot was 🔥🔥🔥

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