2020 Ford Explorer Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights Install

Hi everybody. Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings coming at you with a brand spanking new 2020 Ford
Explorer and what we’ve got here in the front is our Razor LED, mounted under the
grille, in an alternating amber and white quick flip-flop pattern. We mounted this
with the 3M VHB tape, with the primer 94 adhesion promoter, as well as a
little bit of extra bond glue on the back. Here you can see how good of a
spread that Razor really does put out. It is almost 180-degrees on that light
being the lens that we chose. It’s a very effective, very slim light. You can also
see how they almost disappear when they’re off. They’re very sleek, very hard
to notice there on the front of the truck, very inconspicuous. Here you can
see a little bit of the squirrel shot of how we mounted them. We didn’t want to
drill any holes in this particular vehicle. It may be resold or turned in
after a lease, so we went with the VHB tape mount here. I’m gonna tell you, if your local to
Chicago you’ll understand why that fan is spinning. Gosh it’s hot. So as you can
see around the back, we’ve got something going on as well. In the back of this
vehicle, we are featuring our all-new Slick Stick by Wicked Warnings. We have
put a 6-head on the rear of this vehicle and that is the all-new Slick
Stick, as well as our LED HAW DUO. We went with a white and an amber.
Let me flip around and show you. Alright, pardon my messy, messy shop. It’s been kind of a busy hot sweaty week. On the back there, mounted on the OEM Ford luggage crossbar is our Slick Stick, 6-head and we also have the LED Hideaway DUO’s mounted inside the reverse, as well as the turn signal. That’s just one of
the awesome patterns available on the new Slick Stick. Here’s a little close-up
shot for you, just to show you how blindingly bright that stick is. You can also see the hideaways in our
classic X-pattern. We chose to flip-flop the color, so we’ve got an amber and a
white X-ing out back and forth on the back. Let me show you what else this
particular build has. *the sound of angels singing* It’s the flood light everybody wants. The “big F-U” light if somebody’s tailgating you. The “I can’t see to back up in my driveway”
light. The “I’ve got a boat but I still can’t see at night to get into the
harbor” light. Any other uses, throw a comment up but as you can see, we’ve
integrated the flood feature in our Slick Stick, so we can have a tremendous
amount of white light to the back of the vehicle and I know your next question.
How bright is it? Well let’s go ahead and show you. Flipping around. Okay, so here’s our shot with the shop lights off and this is just to the back of the vehicle.
You can see how the colors keep changing. That’s the Slick Stick. We’ll go ahead
and turn off the warning. You can see the shop go dark. Now I’m gonna turn on the
flood white Slick Stick. I’ll turn the warning back on and you can see our
corner lights are illuminating because of course our LED HAW’s, we did not
affect with the flood on the Slick Stick because we wanted to have a little bit
of warning still in the tails if you decided to use the flood. But as you can
see, when you turn the flood off, you go back to full warning. That’ll be nothing and that’s the flood
on the Slick Stick. I hope it puts out enough light. I mean it lights my entire
shop and there’s just an awesome shot of it with all the lights on. You can still
see the corner lights going but you can definitely see how bright white that is.
Just to touch base on how we mounted it. Sorry if that flipped the screen on you.
Here you can see, we’ve utilized the factory cross-member luggage rack. We take the wire down here and it goes into the hatch area. Email if you need better
specifics but you can see here, it doesn’t stick up any higher than the
cross rack. It should definitely be car wash friendly and it certainly shows
quite well to the rear of the vehicle just like this. I’ve done probably 100 of these Explorers like this and everybody loves it. Let me show you
inside. So here in the back, just for fun I put a little momentary switch right
there. You can see it right there poking out. I didn’t want to drill a hole in
this nice panel again, in case we turn this in for lease but that little
momentary switch right there, that’s to adjust the pattern on the Slick Stick.
Well why would he put it back there? I mean geez, wouldn’t you want it on the
dashboard? Well not really and let me show you why because when you turn the
Slick Stick on, you can stand right here where I am and you can reach your right
hand right in and touch that momentary while you look at the pattern. And that
way, you can adjust it real easily to the pattern that you like and you don’t have
to back up to a mirror or a window to try to see what pattern you’re actually
choosing and it was just easy and quick. And like I said, we didn’t want to drill
holes in something that was brand-new that may be turned in or resold.
Oh, here on the dashboard, 327 miles on this little brand-new vehicle. As you can
see, on the left side of the dash there, that’s where we mounted our switches. A
couple reasons. One, you can totally see them when they’re on. It’s quite
impossible to drive away with your strobe lights on and not realize it. That
was one thing because when you put the switch way down here, you can’t see it
and you happen to drive all over the city with your lights on. So we started
putting them up here in the Explorers and that way, you can see them. We’ve got two switches. We’ve got our warning. We’ve got our rear flood flush mounted,
beautiful, they almost disappear when they’re off and we did that for our
switching inside this vehicle. Kept it very clean, very simple. Thanks again for
watching Wicked Warnings. Be sure to check out the description of this
vehicle for links to all of the parts, as well as a link for everything you might
need to buy this, except the roof rack crossbar. You will need to get your roof
rack at your local Ford dealer. We do not ship the large roof rack crossbars.
They’re just available at the Ford dealer but we can get everything else to
you to mimic this package in the description, as well as links to all of
the individual parts. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and emergency safety strobe lighting and equipment for
cars, trucks, SUVs, cabs, buses, bikes, motorcycles, scooters and wheelchairs.
I’ll see you guys on the next one. Thanks for watching.

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