#2173 – Hotel Parking Lot Lighting in Tuscaloosa, AL

I’m Neal Thakor with Triad Property Management.
We manage several properties in the state of Alabama. It’s a Family run business you
know. My dad got into it with a mom and pop hotel in Marine, Mississippi. My real name
is Rashmi Thakor, Rashmi, so I’m Ray Thakor. We started our hotel industries and the first
hotel we opened in Tuscaloosa in 1999. First experience in my life. The franchise property
in 1999. We opened that. It was a challenge. We have Carlson, Wyndham, IHG which is Intercontinental
Hotel Group and Hilton. I’ve been with the company for over 10 years, and I’m the principal and also share the director of operations role. This was our first test with LED lighting,
and we’ve been very pleased with it so far. Overall energy saving and less maintenance
day to day. That was…that was one of the biggest issues on the hotel industry. More
maintenance, labor, cost effective and LEDs, that’s what the way to go now, you know. Very
happy with the results. So when we did this and we saw the brightness, uhh, versus the
mercury vapor bulb. The LED bulb, that just made a wow factor to us. Even myself, myself,
I used to go once a month to every hotel site at the night time and just look at them. Is
my all lights are working or not. If I have all LED, I have a peace of mind.

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