22 12 2018 Tsunami in Indonesia — Why 3 disasters hit Indonesia in a row?

The Muslim-majority nation of Indonesia is
hit by the third disaster in year 2018 just days after they expressed anger towards Australian
President Morrison for recognising West Jerusalem as the capital
of Israel. YAHUAH God Almighty had spoken whoever curses
Israel, He would curse the nation concerned for their sins. YAHUAH has sent forth the
Sword of the Spirit like a flying scroll. And He said to Zechariah, “This is the curse
that goes forth over the face of all the earth: ‘everyone who is stealing shall go unpunished,’
on the one side, according to it, and, ‘everyone who has sworn falsely shall go unpunished,’
on the other side, according to it.” “I shall send it out,” declares YAHUAH
of hosts, “and it shall come into the house of the thief and the house of the one
who shall swear falsely by My Name. And it shall remain in the midst of his house and
shall consume it, both its timber and stones. # Zechariah chapter 5 verses 3-4. At least 222 people have been killed and 843
injured after a tsunami hit the coast of Indonesia’s Sunda Strait.
Twenty-eight people are missing and authorities expect the death toll to rise as many affected
areas have not yet been reached. The tsunami hit at about 9.20pm on Saturday
night December 22, 2018. The tsunami is thought to have been caused
by the eruption of the son of Krakatoa volcano, which may have triggered underwater landslides. Indonesian rock band Seventeen were midway
through a performance in a tent at Tanjung Lesung beach resort in west Java when the
wave hit and obliterated the stage, dragging the musicians and audience members
with it. The band’s bassist and road manager both died, while four other band members are
still missing. The tsunami was the third disaster to hit
Indonesia in 2018 in a series of earthquakes. More than 100 people died when an earthquake
devastated the tourist island of Lombok, near Bali in August.
In September, a 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit the area around Palu on the island of Sulawesi
in northern Indonesia. It triggered a tsunami and together the two
natural disasters devastated the region with death toll of more than 2,000.
As there are three disasters in the same year for Indonesia, then the afflicted ones should
know that the protection of the Creator of the universe has been removed.
May YAHUAH God Almighty open the eyes of the Muslims that they have sworn falsely by the
name of Allah which YAHUAH has not spoken. This has fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah
that YAHUAH of Hosts has sent forth the curse to punish those who is stealing the glory
of YAHUAH and gave it to the pagan god Allah as the Creator of the universe and He will
punish anyone or any nation for swearing falsely by His Name on things which He has not spoken
in the Quran. Shalom.

32 thoughts on “22 12 2018 Tsunami in Indonesia — Why 3 disasters hit Indonesia in a row?

  1. Time the arrival of the LORD JESUS was getting closer repent.
    Trust to LORD JESUS right now Indonesian peoples.

  2. Maybe it is hard especially for Christians NOT to point to other believers or better maybe your enemy. Better tell the story about Christ, (Yeshua) to them. Not everybody who says he is a Christian is a Christian what Christ, (Yeshua) said. Even if you healed the sick and casted out demons! He will know ye not.

    There are devout believers in all religions! Please know the Truth Abraham believed also and was visited by ! https://www.gotquestions.org/three-men-Genesis-18.html

    If these devout believers are DRAWN by Elohim to HEAR the Good News about Christ, (Yeshua) and the coming Kingdom of Elohim on earth maybe there is a change that he will change his life and crossover with Christ, (Yeshua) to the Father. Because Christ, (Yeshua) is the ONLY WAY to the Father. For the believer see Christ, (Yeshua) the Son and YHVH the Father. They (Elohim are One) and we will become One with them. Elohim Echad. Believer see the word "Elohim" as a family name and become part of that! That makes much more sense then what current religions are proclaiming!

    Point the believers to the True Scriptures.

    Elohim Echad ( The first of the 10+2 commandments.)


  3. Quran chapter 5:72. (They have certainly disbelieved who say "God is the messiah the son of mary while the messiah said " O children of israel worship Allah (God) my lord and your lord verilly whosoever sets up partners in worship with God then God has forbidden paradise for him and the fire will be his abode and for the wrongdoers there are no helpers))

  4. Your proplem is jewsh considered you are paganism you are conser for their religion they dont belief pagan god. They dont even belif jesus is christ but muslims did the fact is the real pagan is christianty they worship 3 god father son and sprit what a shame christianty pleas pleas take idol if you want but leave our prophet jesus peac be upen him pleas pleas pleas pleas leave our prophet jesus jesus was a muslim and his mother was a muslim his grand mother was a muslim i love jesus christ more then my father my mother and my brothers and sisters i love jesus more then any one pleas pleas hindus have more gods take the one idol if you want but leave our prophet jesus my god is one he has no son he has no doughter he has no mother he has no father the consept of God in islam pure and clear God is one he has no son what beutfull manotheism in islam Masha allah masha allah masha allah the life with out islam nothing nothing every thing i can loss but islam i cannot yes the live with out islam nothing becouse islam is the only religion all in the world manothiesm if you say father and son and hollly sprit and you say they are not 3 they are one what logic is that you are not the religion of abraham abraham was pure manothiesm he was not paganism he worship the one and only true god again pleas pleas leave our prophet jesus

  5. Positron Chanel

    Wake up ..dude !!
    YOUR GOD YHWH will be born soon , Dec 25 . I suggest to you be prepare . Guitar . Piano .Sing A long and clap your hands to welcome Him.
    Be happy ..!! You will have a GOD IDOLATRY to bear you sin. As a RANSOM SACRIFAID.
    Well …As long as I know since Allah Almighty created the universe Indonesia located on the Ring Of Fire.
    However, beautiful nature the land is very fertile and rich in mining products. I went there 2 years ago.
    All of disaster on earth : Tsunami. Earthquake. Flooding. Landslide are very common in Indonesia.

    For those who believe to strengthen their faith.
    For disbeliever is punishment.

    What is the matter ?
    What is your point ?


  6. I am an Indonesian nation that is Catholic, I beg the manager of this account not to connect natural disasters that occur in my country with religion, in the Bible it is written, God will never again destroy humans, because humans have a character that can destroy itself, accept for your attention

  7. im watch the coments and the truth its ISLAM its 1 who come in this place and peoples left their faith and GOD so much times he bring his atention to peoples to back to their faith but they left and they go after dancing,drogs,homoseksual and say its democraty they forget who create this WORLD…and now they cry….GOD punish its so big and high dont make war with GOD ..BACK TO FAITH and then GOD wil bring his love to peoples, if not belive GOD wil bring new punish and higher biger then this..i wil pray to GOD(ALLAH XH.SH) to forgive but id we not change our situation to back to our faith then dont wait GOD blesing..GOD create world he have his rules we cant make our rules lets go after his rules and we wil be blessed if not then prepare for new punish from GOD….

  8. Malapit na ang pag tatapos ng panahon sobrang napaka lapit na at sadyang di maiiwasan pa

  9. No religion will ever preach death and destruction. Regardless of whether which religion is the truth, making a video to mock and condemn other's death makes you more misguided than you claim others to be. Peace out.

  10. Moslems have eyes but they can't see ears but they can't hear . The violent wind that uncovered the kaaba 20/8/2018 should give them lesson , but eyes but can't see ears but can't hear . They still defend their allah even though he tells them that he is the greatest of all deceivers koran 3:54 ,koran 7:99 , koran 8:30 . In the Bible Rev.12:9 Rev 20:10 and the devil that deceive them . It is a pity .

  11. You guys are pathetic stop fighting about religion this is about 200 people dying 200 PEOPLE. and we're probably the reason to global warming so just stop being useless idiots on the Internet and something real with your life if you guys were real humans and actually cared pray that others are safe and it doesn't happen again or go donate to them because as you don't know it's a LIC and needs money to recover

  12. And what about the various disasters like sea storms, forest fires. Tornado etc coming time to time in Christen countries like America and others , The humans are equal before God , it is shameful to preach like this, Jesus Christ is the mercy for mankind not only for the Christens ! Sham on this sort
    of mentality!

  13. This doesn´t have anything to do with any god. These events have been happening since the dawn of time. Using the this unfortunate event to sell your concept of beliefs is disgusting.
    Islam as we all know is the most hideous filth ever concieved by humans. Christianity, although a better than islam, doesn´t mean it´s a good idea to announcing some pie in the sky nutjob is calling the shots for retribution against the muslims.

  14. Like no one know about haarp technology and anti Christ's capabilities and propaganda.

  15. Why is this about religion? How in the world are they powerful with curse and shit. Are they God? Many disasters are happening around the World and this is where you recognize and emphasize superstitions? How powerful. Eat my shit

  16. Australia doesn't have a president. Right of the bat your facts are wrong. Fiction, lies and narrowmindedness breeds absolute crap.

  17. There isn’t God or Allah, there are only people with love or hate. And I always see how Muslims hate christens and western people always going and helping them. Why? They are brainwashed from early age and they’re never change. Christians paying for their naivety.

  18. Ok Zionist kill 2/3 of humans of and welcome ur biblical jesus. Ur jesus will come and hug the remaining 1/3 and say "I love u" .what type of god it shd be who love those who killed 2/3 humans. Amazing Zionist

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